My Sweet Little Village – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

6 Dec

Lupus Dreams; MF/fm; year: 2011; time: 43 minutes

This LUPUSDREAMS  series takes the company into more complete adult film category, where conventional sex often consummates corporal punishment.

A pleasant farmhouse-setting conveys the images of rural people. the film opens with a vigorous blowjob underway in the barn. A young redheaded girl is hard at work on her boyfriend, and it looks like they just started. But she succeeds and is soon bent over for a jolly good fucking from the rear. They work together–he rams it home and she moves back and forth also. The actors are identified as Jakub Hejduk and Jarmila Hejdukova.

Her mother hears the commotion, catches them, and the boy runs off. The girl is dragged by her ear into the house, turned over to her father: down come her pants–she is spanked over his knee as he stands. The mother seems to curse him out–he is not spanking his daughter with the intensity she wants.

The girl is given a kitchen knife and sent outside to cut a switch to be used for giving her a whipping. We’ve seen several examples of the victim gathering her own birches. We wait for the girl who collects weak twigs and then earns double. Her father takes her into an adjoining room, where they fake a loud and colorful whipping while the mother sips tea in the kitchen within earshot.

The vengeful mother stays on the attack and drags the boy and his mother and her own daughter into the kitchen. The girl’s mother demands the boy be spanked in front of all; down come his pants, but the spanking is weak and the mother and son are chased off the proerty, the farm-mother wielding her handbag as a weapon.

Time passes; the girl grieves for her boyfirend; we see her parents–the father eating phallic sausage and the mother pickles.

The boy has reappeared; he kisses the girl and fondles her bottom. the screen reads ‘Sunday Afternoon.’ The young couple is alone at the farmhouse. There follows a long conventional male-female sex scene, almost 10 minutes, where the couple foreplay, get mostly naked, and quite expertly fuck in several positions, but not with the melodramatic acrobatics of a more explicit porn film. This is Lupus, and the film is only half-complete so far, so we know there will be a knock on the door of some kind.

We do admire this scene;  the male actor is quite a cocksman, and the redheaded girl is an enthusiastic partner. She has  kept her girdle on, rucked up, and he retained his black socks and shoes, both much in the style of a porno-smoker film. In the missionary position, he pumps to completion in a colorful flurry filmed from overhead. The girl’s mother bursts in at this point, as if she were courteously awaiting an orgasm.

She proceeds to spank and cane the naked couple, then parades their naked bottoms in the kitchen for the boy’s mother again; they are chased off again, this time with the symbolic rolling pin.

In the concluding scene, some time has passed in the village. The young couple has replaced the parents at the farm kitchen table; he eats sausage;  she is pregnant and eats pickles.

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