6 Dec

Lupus Dreams;  year: 2009; M/f; time: 12 minutes


Vivid dreams; Lupus branches out to compete with other Eastern European producers, who have diluted the classic CP fantasies with bondage, conventional and lesbian sex, and harsh punishment in lieu of the naughty romps, where older gentlemen victimize helpless damsels. Lupus gets a lot accomplished in 12 minutes in one of their brief ‘dreams’ features.

A  scruffy guy daydreams in a lawn chair of tormenting a girl, pony-girl style. We see a completely naked brunette in conventional bondage outfit–hands fastened behind her back, a wood-bar bit firmly wedged in her mouth and strapped behind her head, a butt plug in place with the horse’s tail, leather collar, and the criss-crossed leather straps forming a body harness.

The guy has fastened clips with little bells to her nipples. She plays the game–snorting and pawing the ground. Leashed, she runs in the traditional circle, knees kicking high, as her handler snaps at her bottom with a long crop, on the well-manicured  grounds of a country estate. Her buttocks are already red and bruised from encounters we didn’t see. Not to be overly critical of this erotic and carefully crafted scene, but her manacled hands should have been fastened higher so her bottom was more accessible.

In the best scene for us, her handler inserts a new larger butt plug, which doesn’t want to go in and takes a little manipulating, then it is held in place with straps. Full-screen naked cantering. After a brief scene where she is encouraged but fails to jump traditional horse hurdles, we transition to a new segment where the pony-girl gear has been removed. She is strung up quite naked in a courtyard and being whipped. All of her body is on full display here.

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