The Recognition of the Great Marquis – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

6 Dec

M/3f; year: 2005; time: 35 minutes

This is a silly costume drama from the days of yore, silly except of course for the CP. Candlelight, powdered wigs, pantaloons, pomp, wine, a string quartet, and hanks of meat. The Great Marquis and his male companions are tended hand and foot by three young maids. This being a Lupus enterprise, we know what is in store for these girls. Lupus keeps pumping out the films, some better than others.

The men watch a boring harem dance–the undulating female performer is naked but for a sequined waistband. The Great Marquis fails to become sexually aroused. His male servant recommends he try some severe bondage on one of the maids. He grabs one girl and heads off for the night.

Next morning it is apparent he couldn’t measure up. The Great Marquis gets some more advice. His brother reports he gets his own wife pregnant regularly by resorting to an aphrodisiac of first flogging a naked maid or two. The Marquis’ stepdaughter comes by for a visit at this point with her fiance, who happens to be named the Marquis de Sade. the group decides to have a “trial” that evening for the three maids, on the pretense that some silverware is missing.

The maids are hustled in, stark naked but for frilly molly maid’s caps. They cower, frontally exposed, their wrists are manacled, and they are gagged horse-bit style with a wood peg jammed between their teeth, tied tightly behind their heads. The usual Lupus erotic detail, and the stage is set.

The first maid is positioned riding an elaborately draped bench, her bottom elevated by a satin bolster under her hips and her legs spread to staddle the bench, her wrists manacled to the legs of the bench, a most embarrassing and revealing pose she won’t be telling her friends about.

One of the male staff starts with silly swipes of the birch. Pavel Stastny, who is playing a violinist providing the dinner music, jumps in, takes the bit out of the girl’s mouth so she can be heard from, and commences a most effective caning with his bow. The maid sets up an entertaining screaming and crying. Pavel encourages her to hit musical notes with her screams. He birches her beautifully positioned bottom much harder, and her exposed posture provides many crevices for the inqjuiring birch twigs. The Marquis de Sade is at first shocked, but begins his lascivious transformation, and his wife the Marquisa becomes amorous.

The second naked maid is being positioned while we endure silly dialogue among the nobles. She is caned and birched in the same way and sets up her own fearsome wailing, The specific ingredient recommended to put lead in the pencils present. The Great Marquis must have achieved his goal, because he has left the birching and can be heard ramming it home outside with the first maid, who was so contemptuous of his performance the previous night but who is now being taught some respect. The de Sade couple are fondling each other in lust.

The third maid’s punishment is the most entertaining. She is strung up by the wrists, naked, and caned and birched simultaneously by the Marquis and the Marquisa. They swipe at the girl as she twists to avoid the strokes, affording us a leisurely and total view of her spinning body, thin, young, and unmarked .She develops a red glow on her buttocks, as well as the front and back of her thighs.

The Marquis (actually both of them) has had his epiphany;  we presume his “art” career back in Paris will be redirected; he and the Marquisa order the last two naked maids, along with the spanking equipment, be taken upstairs to the bedrooms for events to be continued.



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