Spanking, Spanking, and More Spanking – B&D PLEASURES

13 Dec

M 3F/3f; year: 1990; time: 55 minutes

Largely a trifle but for the appearance of 4 CP/B&D regulars, and our fascination with the unwrapped Tanya Fox.

Actor Jay Dee and blond actress Kiri Kelly (who also directed this film, which we’d guess was not screened in Cannes) sit on a couch discussing CP. Jay has given her a copy of Anne Rice’s ‘Beauty’s Punishment,’ an erotic exploration into spanking and discipline. The set is the same as used in a number of Jay Dee/Tanya/Kiri films.

In another scene, Kiri has become aroused by the book, bares her bottom, and plays with herself on her bed. Her roommate Tanya Fox enters. “What are you dong?” Tanya assuages her embarrassment and suggests she spank her. A cute OTK scene follows, giggling and fun making, mostly a tribute to Kiri’s photogenic hindquarters.

Tanya and Kiri switch places. Tanya quickly takes her own panties off and cocks her estimable bottom up in Kiri’s lap. We pause to recall our favorite spanking on this breathtaking target. Maybe any one of her Nu West appearances, where the acting is subordinated to the action. Pretty facials, closeups, fondling, fingernails. The girls switch off a few times before this segment concludes.

The third roommate, brunette ‘Sloane Winters,’ overhears this salacious scene and joins. Kiri shows her the book and Sloane volunteers her bottom. She kneels on the bed; both spank her–all bottoms bare.

In the next scene–the film really is a sequence of short spanking segments, Kiri returns the book to Jay and describes the three-way with her roommates. He suggests she and Tanya set up some scenarios for Sloane (makes for more scenes). The girls plant some jewelry and accuse Sloane of theft. They are wearing silly B&D costumes of bustier, bra, stockings,heels. They grab hapless Sloane, Tanya sits on her, skirt up, white thong.

Somehow the girls turn on Kiri, the plotter, they get her blue panties down, for a kicking, fun-spanking.

“A Few Days Later”: It seems to be Tanya’s birthday, with the guaranteed implications. The girls gift her with a paddle. Enjoy that melodramatic look on her face when she recognizes the item. She is bent over a chair, pink panties down for the world-class view she can provide, but the paddling is a silly pulling-of-punches.

Jay and Kiri discuss how the games went. Almost at the end of the film, Jay will get at that bottom of hers. He drops her jodphurs and panties and gazes at length at her pussy. A long handspanking, riding crop, fondle, grope. Full-frontal flash at the conclusion. No shaving in this era.

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