Reform School #1 – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

19 Dec

MF/2f;  time:  58 minutes

This title carries the catalogue number #002, and it certainly communicates the portent for where Rigid East would go in the future. A tall, thin, young blond girl, carrying a cardboard suitcase and wearing a simple peasant rural dress, walks slowly and hopelessly with a sense of doom to an isolated house in a gorgeous countryside setting Rigid East took some trouble to film.

An older man,actor Jan Z., admits her to the house and takes her upstairs to be turned  over to another older woman–the processof being checked into this ‘reform school,’  really like a halfway house for rehabilitation, except we expect there will be little compassion expressed at this house. While the blonde is being interviewed, a short cute brunette enters the room and unhesitatingly pulls up her skirt to have her bottom inspected–it is blotched and bruised. The blonde sees what goes on at this place.

For starters, the woman bends the blonde over, throws up the skirt of her cotton dress, bunches her loose white panties and begins smacking the girl’s twitching buttocks. The girl must contemplate the crucifix on the wall, hold up her skirt, and allow the woman to pull down her knickers. The camera does invasive closeups of this shaved girl. She is taken OTK, for a moderate but humiliating handspanking, treatment she does a nice job of being shocked by.

Jan checks in to see how her ‘welcoming’  is progressing, then takes her away with him. The woman calls in the pigtailed brunette, who has been left  kneeling in the corridor, nose to the wall. More action coming for her.

The second scene shifts to a basement-like examining room; just the fixturing and lighting suggest that very unpleasant things happen here. With a cane, Jan keeps poking the blonde and directs her to take her clothes off. This happens slowly; he pinches her small breasts when they become exposed;  it takes her a while to muster the courage to drop her panties. She doesn’t know where to cover her nakedness with her hands. Jan pinches, fondles, and explores, certainly not the behavior of a doctor or school official, but in keeping with basement rooms and the tone RGE will establish.

Her checks her hair for lice and her ears and teeth, like this is a horse auction. She shies away as she is urged toward an old-fashioned gynocology chair, whose purpose she instantly recognizes. She climbs up, slides forward and puts her feet in the sitrrups. Jan investigates between her legs and takes some pleasure in showing her an enema clyster and nozzle. She shrinks in fear; the scene fades before fruition. It will be some years before RGE shows us a complete enema, but when they do, they move the bar for CP films.

Back upstairs, the woman has turned her full attentions to the scrumptious little brunette who is back OTK getting a very hard handspanking, RGE setting its early standard for realistic severity. Jan brings the blonde upstairs but the woman is not ready for her;  the brunette has to strip nude–she has a hot and compact little body, good boobs, powerful thighs, a round bottom. She gets a brief caning, wild short strokes, before she is sent running off naked.

In another room, Jan has stretched the blonde out on a daybed. He is playing with her in a semi-seduction, what is happening not lost on her, handspanking, strap, OTK, pants-down, fondling, palm slaps, humiliation on her knees, her panties pulled tight across her thighs.

We next see the two girls in their dorm room, comparing the respective conditions of their spanked bottoms. Jan enters with a cane; the girls strip to just panties and bed down for the night.

There follow several confusing scenes in this room, because we don’t have subtitles. Jan wakes the girls, has them remove panties and return to bed nude; he then returns and slaps and canes both girls.

He takes the naked curvaceous brunette wuth him to the daybed set, where he begins a full-scale seduction, encouraging her to open his fly. She struggles, he advances,  he spanks and slaps, and pries her thighs apart. She seems to be finally working the zipper on his pants when the scene fades. These scenes will be brought to fruition in the ‘Lupus Dreams’ episodes and some full-length films dozens of productions into the catalogue future.

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