School Trip Disgrace – XEROTICS

19 Dec

M/f;  14 minutes

A brief exercise and a common theme; we think this company ‘Xerotics’  has acquired and distributed CP products from the vaults of other producers,because we occasionally see extablished CP stars.. All the better. Need any editing help?

An older guy, one of those lucky actors who has a friend who makes CP films, plays a school administrator. He has a report that student Anita was drunk on a school trip and failed to supervise the younger children she was in charge of.

Anita, a trim pigtailed brunette in blazer, blouse, tie, and red skirt, reports to him. He tells her expulsion is in order. “Sir, is there anything I can do to make up for it?”

Well, let’s all think. He has spoken to her ‘guardians,’ and she does want a second chance, so: “I come from the old world….a good bare bottom spanking is the only answer.”

He gives her 10 seconds to decide. “Take off that blazer.” OTK she goes and he begins an aggressive and experienced handspannking her on regulation kickers. She gasps in surprise. He takes her pants down–her bottom is fully blushed. Lovely closeups and obliques of the absolutely perfect specimen.

“Stand up.” He shows her his strap and makes her hold it to increase the anxiety. Anita bends over his desk, he tugs the knickers down again, and he lays on 15 hard strokes. Anita fidgets and struggles to hold position, desperately reaches back to rub–bruising being apparent about halfway through.

A distraught Anita is sent scrambling off after this brief punishment. Folks will wonder why she chooses to remain standing on the next school bus ride.


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