Resolved By Corporal Punishment #7 – RAVENHILL

22 Dec


Another girl accepts a long spanking in lieu of a court appearance; producer Tierre Ainese on the prowl again. “Whenever ther’s a girl in troulbe, we [Raven Hill Manor] steps in.”  They will propose to spank that girl on film, settle her financial problem, and resolve the legal charge against her. Amber, a short, dark, curly-haired bundle, with a compact figure which usuallybodes well for the bottom department, has defaulted on rent-to-own furniture. The actresses in this series are plausible, non-theatrical girls who we could quite imagine finding themselves in these dilemmas.

There is a 12-minute discussion–she hears the punishment, signs a waiver, and awaits nervously while producer/actor/Richard Lewis positions a chair. He explains the “spanking timer,” a bizarre single 2′ long clock hand which moves through a five-minute period to ring a bell. As this ‘Resolved’ series evolved, the spanking-segment timing devices changed as did the furniture, comical and inventive paraphernalia which did not challenge the production budget.

“Take your pants and panties down.” They love to say this line at Raven Hill, and part of the humilation theme here is for the girl to drop her own drawers and assume the position. Amber goes OTK, quite relaxed, not embarrassed. The first segment is a slow five-minute spanking, not hard, but it is the full five minutes, shown realtime. “I imagine you are quite ready to hear that bell ring.”

At the conclusion of this session he bends her over the desk, “for the audience to take a look” at her red bottom. Zoom-in closeups.

Prior to the next paddle segment, she has rushed her thong back on, a futile gesture. “We’ll have to slip these down.” The paddle is a large spatula-shaped affair, which covers most of her tight little buttocks. The paddling seems mild, but tears start, thong at her ankles. The camera finds her abandoned shoes. Once again, a full five minutes is a long time when your being actively spanked. over the desk again for a bottom check. Streaked mascara.

The caning segment could be difficult for Amber, she is so stressed by the preceding five-minute segments. Lewis sets up a padded table and a wood block for a short girl to step up on. Amber climbs up and wiggles her bottom into the center of the pad without hesitation, grasping the lower legs of the table for support. She pulls that thong down again. The caning is not timed; it is limited to 25 moderate strokes-she must count and request each one. Tear, facial closeups, shots between her legs, handgrips graspng and struggling.

Part of the humilaition is a tearful post-spanking display of her bottom, an interview, apologies, and promises.

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