A Bad Example – REDSTRIPE

24 Dec

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 42 minutes

A Catherine Corbett schoolgirl performance–she puts her brave bare bottom on the line again, a dozen years ago at this writing. A ‘Miss Parker’ domme has two girls ready for spankings. In the standard fully equipped RedStripe classroom set, “You know why you are here, don’t you?”

Emma (Corbett) goes OTK first, handspanking, full white panties down quickly. “You know the routine by now.” Redhead Samantha next, dark knickers. Both girls, hands-on-head, face the wall. Parker tucks up their skirts to display their buttocks.

Parker moves to phase two: Emma again, handspanked standing, then touch-toes, and last, palm slaps with a belt. Same for Samantha. Both girls are sent to change into more degrading Sixth Form ‘junior’  uniforms.

A vaulting platform is positioned. The two bend over it, pull down their own knickers, and each receives a few dozen from a short strap and more palm slaps.

Samantha is cornered, on display. Emma gets the cane first–almost 20 impressive wrist snaps from Parker. She knows from the first this is serious business, and when she begs at the end, she gets six more. As in most of her films, Ms. Corbett seems to get more punishment. Samantha bends over the trestle–vaulting box next, her 20 stingers conclude the film.

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