Bed and Board – FIRMHAND

24 Dec

F2M/2f; time: 29 minutes

Spanking used to keep girls in line in the workplace. FirmHand usually features simple punishment scenarios, but here we have a stucture of a a storyline with crisp spankings, authentic in appearance, with appealing girls making us eager to get to the action.

At a posh hotel, two girls work at the front desk. Miss Watts expresses dissatisfaction with Helen’s work. “I guess I’m going to have to give you a spanking.” Helen: “Aah, I’ve heard about your bare bottom spankings.” So Helen agrees, rather than be reported to the Manager.

Later, Helen reports to Miss Watts’ quarters. “I’m here for my spanking, Miss Watts.” This is erotic anticipation. Helen has probably heard other things about Miss Watts.

“Remove your jacket and pants….right here, over the knee.” Helen is down to just a black thong below the waist; big tramp stamp. We thought it would have been sexy for the girls to pause for a preparatory drink here, Helen getting naked and about to sit on the griddle. Top off, bra off, great boobs, over a soft desk chair. This is becoming lesbian play. Lean on the desk, knees locked, then touch toes, a leather embossed paddle produces moderate results.

In a new scene, Helen calls ‘Dave,’ the Manager. “Fran [Watts] is up to her old tricks….I got a spanking…you’ll take care of it?” Dave calls Fran and it appears she will be getting her own spanking.

Dave calls on Fran and suggests they have coffee. But Fran, used to this,  has more urgent needs. “No, I  want the paddle.” OTK, jeans down–Fran was prepared and wore no panties. Top and bra off, huge boobs, unusual in CP films. Hands on ankles for the paddle.

In a new scene, Fran Watts meets Helen out of the hotel, in a park. A ‘client’ (we guess she must pimp also at the hotel) wants to spank Helen and she must be tested by a ‘Mr. Hamilton’ first. Helen meets Hamilton at Fran’s apartment. “Take off your pants.” Helen gets quite a session–the lunge position, the diaper posture, hands-on-head, blouse open. Hamilton approves and so do we.

Both Fran and Helen go to meet the ‘client,’ probably the same faceless actor as Hamilton. The girls horse each other and do simple bend-overs while the m,an straps them. The girls go to dinner then return to face one of the largest paddles we have seen, but it is used in moderation.


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