Mood Castings #3 – MOOD PICTURES

25 Dec

More no-nonsense spanking and whipping auditions from Mood; some odd spellings of common names by the translators.

‘Helen Noris’ (F/f; 12 minutes): An exotic brunette who likes being on stage. Helen will get her chance here. When she pulls her dress over her head, the interviewer speaks our mind: “You have gorgeous boobs!” Helen is positioned kneeling naked on the sectional couch.

She will take the full fifty the auditon calls for; mean marks right away, and halfway through she is gasping and it looks like her bottom won’t hold out. She is yelling up a storm at 35, somethng Mood encourages as therapeutic.  It is a relentless caning and she passes.

‘Holly Turner’ (F/’f; 12 minutes) Staffer Kyra interviews Holly, a 21 year old blonde, in a low cut blouse and suntan, who is quite eager to discuss spankings she has had and where she has provided blowjobs for her boyfriends.

We move quickly to the action. Clothes 0ff–pink top, black slacks, white bra and panties. A  few tattoos. Holly kneels on the couch and the caning begins. She gets through all required 50 strokes, and maybe a little assist from the makeup department. She is screaming at 35, and per usual, Kyra seems to get more excited when her victim looks like she will hold up until the conclusion. The last few strokes curl toes.

‘Kitty Candy’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Kyra’ will audition a smoky, exotic  22 year old brunette for some of the more severe spanking films MOOD is making. After the usual discussion of her sexual proclivities and willingness to strip naked in front of a crew, it becomes time for the undressing. Black top, shorts, bra, and thong. Nice tan. white bottom. She kneels for the cane, knees wide. Despite her experience, Kyra canes rather wildly, and Kitty is soon quivering. Wicked welts, Kyra really puts her back into it without and discernible moderation. You really wonder how they can do this. Kitty seems amused at the conclusion, despite this being one of the nastiest canings we can recall in a while.

‘Lara Jones’ (F/f; 11 minutes): A 25 year old brunette hairdreesser from Budapest in a little blue dress with lots of cleavage will test her courage at Mood.

After the conventional discussion about boyfriends and sexual tastes, she strips naked to begin the test.  She kneels on a chair and takes her caning in stride for a bit, needing a rest at 27 and another rest at 34. She marks immediately;  no cosmetics here. At 40 though, she breaks down n tears. The female caner was still impressed. “You did a good job, 40 strokes!”

‘Lilly Bugs’ (F’/f; 15 minutes): Kyra meets a tall brunette, with a helmet of hair and wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress more fit for a cocktail party than a caning audition. Lilly plays as sweetly self-conscious and maybe not so experienced at having her butt whipped.

She quicly undresses–there is little under the dress, and she kneels on the couch, presenting a full feminine bottom perfect for our purposes here. She has difficulty from the beginning; noticeable marks at 5, she is begging for  a rest at 8. Kyra encourages her to cry out–that helps. Several pauses and some whining, but she quits at just 27.

‘Nina Mayers’ (F/f; 11 minutes): A solidly built short-haired brunette wearing glasses. She likes mild bondage and is not a stranger to spanking. She has had the misfortune of drawing Kyra as her Mood interviewer.

Clothes off–no bra, denim skirt, full panties. On the couch for the cane, knees wide, she jumps up at 23. Kyra settles her back into position. “Dish your back,” she says, pushing down to force her buttocks out even more. But after another rest at 35, Nina quits at 38.

‘Prison Canings’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Different format from other ‘castings.’ This is set in a prison. A matron drags a small brunette out of a cell. She is ordered to drop her pants and is handcuffed to the cell bars. Good little struggle, thong pulled down, shirt pulled up to bare her back.

Another woman canes her. loud echoing cries in the open room. A hot brief caning. Zoom on marks. She is put back in her cell without pants.

‘Rita’ (F/f; 13 minutes) Rita is a thin brunette; a long interview–she is 21, sexually adventurous, and has some rudimentary spanking experience. MOOD’s Kyra seems quite interested.

Rita strips naked and takes the prescribed 50 wicked cane strokes kneeling up on a couch, a posture which tightens the buttocks and must make the punishment all the more painful. She is wailing quickly, but she gets through it. The cane tip frays.

‘Roberta Miranda’ (F/f; 11 minutes): An exotic 25 year old, short-haired brunette, one of the prettiest we have seen in this series, will face Kyra.

She is free with her sexual fantasies and can deal with the B&D. Clothes off, big black heels, a very appealing bottom presented, hands flat on couch.

She will take all 50 strokes, quite impressing Kyra. She does wiggle though–“Try to stay still, lower your back.” White stripes, bottom gradually pink, great facials, no tears.

‘Reese Flawer’ (F/f; 9 minutes): Mood’s Kyra interviews blond Reese. They have the normal chat about her sex life and the process of this audition.

When she undresses, she proudly presents hugeboobs and is a delkightful sight when her thong is off and she assumes position, hands-on-chair.

She will take the full 50 cane strokes, quite brave; she starts to moan at 15; as Kyra often does, she begins to cane even harder when her subject does not show signs of breaking. Blood flecks develop about halfway through, and Reese begins the reflexive quiver at about 35. Kyra canes so hard that she follows-through with the stroke off Reese’s bottom, rather than stunts the stroke. She breaks two canes during the 50.

‘Victoria Sunset’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) A stunning redhead from Australia. She is comfortable with all kinds of sex. She’ll get a 50-stroke casting. Clothes off–red top, bra, short shorts, and a G-string off. Just wonderful!

Bend over the desk, legs spread, the usual hard caning, gasping from the beginning. We’ll have to search for a harder caning than this at MOOD. The far buttock takes the greatest beating, as usual. This film makes our ‘favorites’ list.

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