Tanya Fox Meets Julia Jameson – NUWEST FCV-024

26 Dec

F/f; 28 minutes

The actress/Jameson cousins both had cracks at adult star Tanya Fox in the NU-WEST studios, using some of the filmmaker’s great inventions. This film is a companion piece to the similar ‘Joanne Jameson’ production, although both girls spank Tanya in different ways. Here, Julia wears a white cotton body suit and heels. Tanya wears a simple  breezy flower print dress and heels. The porn stars can’t disguise their fun.

The scene opens with a conventional OTK spanking underway in the barren blue studio. Julia is whaling away on Tanya, who kicks up her pretty heels and tosses her black pageboy in faux distress, while the girls keep up a playful banter. Julia spanks with high, hard, formal strokes in furious flurries, which allows space for us to catch their conversations. Dress up, to display white lace panties, garter belt, and stockings.

“Get your hand down. Don’t interfere with my work!” Julia carefully rolls Tanya panties down over those national-treasure buttocks, which we observe from an oblique facial–the full bottom shot comes in a minute. Julia strokes and kneads this extrordinary tush.

Now NU-WEST creates a series of short scenes, which permits them to roll out some of their equipment from storage. First, Tanya is totally naked, strapped down on the inverted ‘V’ padded trestle, her bottom at its apex. We have seen this device used in several films. The display of Ms. Fox will exceed any expectation. The statuesque domme Julia circles the device, slashing at the bare bottom on the pinnacle with a short whip, from a variety of angles. Tanya is loosely strapped in place, permitting her to kick her feet and roll her head and shoulders–most provocative.

The next scene employs the waist-high tilted padded block on its little legs, the shape of a small refrigerator or safe, placing Tanya’s asset in the most tantalizing position. As always, there is a lot of talk, and interrupted spanking.

Now a sequence of Tanya standing at a shoulder-high frame, slightly bent forward, back to us of course, another breathtaking sight, the best of all of them, and no finer illustration of Ms. Fox, except maybe in Shadowlane’s “Taming of Veronica Allen.’ Julia used a long thin stiff strap to snap at Tanya’s bottom, which has now developed its studio tan.

And last, Tanya is strung up by the wrists in the center of the blue room, still naked, and loosely enough that she can twist and spin to try to keep the circling Julia and her whip in sight. This gives us 360 degrees of Tanya, include her proud smallish natural breasts and a carefully trimmed beaver.

To complete this lesbian play, Julia walks onto the set, flourishing a huge strap-on dildo, very much impressed with herself. After slackening Tanya’s rope, Tanya sucks the dildo then jumps aboard Julia to straddle her for a ride-fuck, followed by some back-door attention. As simple as this film was, it remains one of our Nu West favorites.

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