Caning Competition Show – MOOD PICTURES

28 Dec

F/3f; year: 2005; time: 40 minutes

Girls betting their bare bottoms in a contest of courage; several versions of this theme are extant in the CP film genre; our favorite has always been the Sophie Fennington/Kate Westbrook face-off in CalStar’s vintage ‘The Caning Competition.’ The eastern European Mood producers have added their branded severity and intensity to the story theme here. Three girls will be caned in a contest to wine 5000 Euros, before a live audience.

The canings will be dealt in sets of 25 strokes with an “8 millimeter rattan cane,” and unlike the other spanking and caning competition stories, it will be done here on the bare bottom from the start.

Three actresses are presented and interviewed for the live audience. Erica is a punkish rocker wLth spiked hair and a chippy attitude (a good whipping might actually help her); Judy is a 35 year old brunette who looks like she stopped by after her schoolteaching job let out for the day; and the theatrical-looking brunette Laura who professes to be a porn actress, whose exotic appearance has us eagerly awaiting her turn with the cane.

The girls sit talk-show style to await their turn. Erica is called first. “Take off your trousers and panties, please.” She takes off all her clothes, even bare feet, and kneels on a chair. The caning begins. The blond female MC who does the caning is very experienced, the strokes are hard, high wristy swings, and very consistent. Erica gasps from the first, marks immediately, bloodflecks at 15, and by the 18th stroke she clearly is struggling  and quivering reflexively. She earns a round of applause at 25.

35-year old Judy is next. She strips off her clothes without direction and takes the same intensity of 25 strokes without showing any weakness. In praise of older women, she is going to be a tough contestant.

The dramatic Laura comes next. When she strips, for some reason she keeps her back to us, presenting a beautifully tanned curvy body. She has a very tough time holdng position during her caning. Subtitles indicate she said the cane is hurting much more than she thought.  Lots of facials, immediate welts on her bottom, and her spread knees afford a total view of her vagina and anus.

The introduction by the female MC had indicated a British gentleman, wearing a mask, is in attendance with his girlfriend. He is interviewed on camera and indeed wears a simple red Halloween eye-mask, worthy of a porn swordsman. He is too young–it would have been more erotic if Mood has a grizzled grayed baronial pervert-type character (with a floozy girlfriend), more in keeping with a CP patron-financier.

The second round begins.  Erica gets 25 more and begins screaming and squirming early. Big-time welts, quivering. Applause.

Judy gets through her 25 with the same stoicism. Welts and bruises about the same. But the gorgeous Laura drops out. Too bad for us. We see here, as in the CalStar classic, that ladies mark up differently.

For round #3, Erica and Judy are directed to cane each other. They give each other 3 sets of 5 strokes each. Erica canes hard and eagerly, while Judy seems unaccustomed, embarrassed, amused, and tentative about having to whip a rattan cane across Erica’s bottom.

The blond female MC retakes the cane and gives Erica 5 more, accentuating the ferocious contrast in styles. Judy drops out at this point. The naked girls hug. Erica is applauded as the winner and accepts a cardboard mock-up of the money prize, quiz show style.

We admit we prefer the CalStar technique of gradual undressing, the rubbing interludes, the lesser intensity, and the salacious intimidation by the caner. This Mood performance is a close second.

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