The Art of Spanking – SHADOWLANE

28 Dec

M/f; year: 2004; time: 30 minutes

Two CP stars, Brian Tarsis and Samantha Woodley, in a simple instructional spanking romp typical of ShadowLane, no boobs, no extraneous nudity, one memorable tush. Ms. Woodley, an attractive brunette who seems to signal she expects to be spanked, plays an art student receiving private art tutoring on Saturdays from Brian Tarsis. She wears a conventional sweater, skirt, and heels.

Brian gives her a small statue to replicate in a sketch. She turns it into a cartoon, intending to infuriate him. He gives her a second try. “Draw that rock.” Another farce, so OTK she goes. “You’re trying to provoke me.” Samantha coyly resists when Brian rucks up her skirt; he compliments her lacy white panties. “You like them?” She smiles as she kicks her feet.

White garter belt, nude stockings; panties down (“Oh, no!”); the actress’s beautiful bottom will all its screen credits. More spanking, he pins her wiggly legs between his. After this brief spanking, he sits her on his lap. She teases: “I went on your website, Mr. Tarsis, I saw your pictures….I thought they were very….cheeky.”

He has figured out her boldness. “You signed up for my art class because you know I  am Brian Tarsis…now it’s my job to give you more than you bargained for.”

New scene in another room. Matters escalate. Samantha is down to just bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, and shoes. Hands-on-couch, Samantha is clearly excited when Brian shows his doubled leather strap. Panties down–you’ll never tire of this view of Ms. Woodley. Handspanking, mild strap, a small broom-like switch. she kneels on the couch–a nice touch, her neat hair is coming loose.

A spatula paddle, a foot-long thin stiff leather strap; OTK, her bottom soars on his lap. A small hairbrush. A lot of small talk dialogue fails to disguise two aroused participants. She parks her red bottom on his lap again. She chuckles when he says, “Never again practice art in the name of discipline.”






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