The Reformation – CALSTAR

31 Dec

M/f; year: 1992; time: 32 minutes

A naughty mix of the Catholic Church and the bare bottom. An oldie, spanking aficionado John North plays a frocked priest Father Preston on the prowl in his ‘parish.’  The production logo SfF appearing at the end sets the era of the film. The Father barges in on ‘Donna,’ an operating call girl we see concluding a transaction and accepting payment from a John, completing his visit. There are spanking implements in view.

The Father rants about the “forces of Satan” extant in his parish. The pale-eyed brunette  actress cannot keep a straight face during his raving diatribe. He grabs her money, she flashes her breasts at him in jest, and looks at the camera to see if we too are as amused at North’s antics as she is. He sees her stack of “instruments,” spanking tools. “You let your clients do this?” “No, I   do it to them.”

Donna is exhorted to pray for redemption. Father grabs her and takes her OTK. “Lord, assist me.” Skirt up, black panties on display. Donna calls Father a “pervert.” “It’s time to bare your flesh to the Lord.” Panties down, handspanking,  plenty of fondling. He uses the palmprint crop.

“I want to see you naked…strip off!” When he sees her breasts, he invokes the Trinity. Donna notes “your perverted mind.” Clothes off, he begins anointing her breasts, thighs, and bottom with oil. “You don’t seem much of a priest to me.”

Naked, she is taken to the mantelpiece of her apartment. If there is a mantelpiece, it should be visited during a spanking. Frontals, a bend-over, she kisses the crop, followed by a good hard session with it. Good side views of all her charms. North has taken the spanking up a few notches, so there is less chatter.

More oiling and a blessing from Father. Donna must mend her ways, withdraw her advertising and start attending choir practice; she completes her stripping by removing her garter belt and stockings. Father has her put on a white teddy he just happens to have on his person. “I will never sin again.” Donna had better slip off quickly out of the church after the next choir practice.

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