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Annika’s Demerits – RAVENHILL

22 Dec

2M/3f; time: 63 minutes

A comical RavenHill  storyline–schoolgirls vs. uniforms; we have said we prefer producers Richard Lewis and Tierre Aniese when they play more ‘documentary’ parts, as in the ‘Beach Girl’  and ‘Resolved by Corporal Punishment’ series. Somehow, the spankings in those films seem more crisp also.

Pigtailed brunette ‘Annika’ is scolded by ‘Frau Schmidt,’  a corny female-guard type reminiscent of a Grade D girls-in-prison flick . The good news here is that we know the spankings will be real and not Hollywoof-faux. Annika is falling behind her her academic work.

In her room we see her studying in undershirt and panties. Some classmates wish her harm and distract her with beer, Heineken by name, easily accomplished.

She bags her test, the Frau confronts her, and assigns her 38 demerits, which qualifies her for corporal punishment. Richard Lewis, as ‘Marshal Schobel,’ appears in a uniform which would have worked in a 1930’s Cagney gangster film, to deliver the mandated dose. Annika’s girlfriends have crept onto the roof and watch Annika’s demise through a screen. She is taken OTK for a silly handspanking. “Let’s get those panties right down,” Lewis likes to say. She kicks nicely, though.

While Schobel does his work, Frau Schmidt has heard squirrel-scurrying on the roof and catches the two peeping toms. Annika is bent over a cheap metal school desk, not one of the antique relics a British producer would have used, but we are not here to admire the furniture.

Frau takes the two girls to the ‘commander,’ played by Tierre, also wearing a community playhouse unfiorm, but his has epaulettes. He, like Lewis, playfully uses a Germanic accent from ‘Hogan’s Heroes.’ Both girls will be spanked in his office, and we know he is a connoisseur of the finer points of the process. He handspanks both girls OTK. “How would YOU  feel if someone was up there watching?”

He sets two benches in his office. “Strip naked. Everything off. I  want you on those benches….face down. Hold on tightly.” Silly paddling, before the girls are sent off.

Now that Schobel has warmed up Annika, she is sent to the commander. After a cartoon lecture: “We’re going to begin with the trusty paddle….(OTK)…I  see the results of the effects of the Marshal’s work.” Tierre always likes spanking talk while he runs a hand over a bare bottom on his lap. After an ineffectual paddling where she isn’t positioned properly for good swats: “Step up for your caning…we always cane with the girl naked, nude, not any clothes at all.” She slowly strips and he is so eager he helps her with the buttons. “Oh, how I enjoy unbuttoning.”

She lies naked on the bench; “Up on your knees.” Chin on the bench, bottom arched, a bizarre posture, but fun. He uses a thin, whippy cane, very rapid strokes. 30 more slowly, then a flurry of 15 or so, sexy, the hardest punishment of the film. Annika’s squeals turn to screams. Of course the posture fails because she can’t keept balance. She ends up flat on the bench, Russian style.

“The markings are a must,” crows Tierre. Annika kicks her bare feet. These sequences will completely fund your purchase. She will actually get more to conclude. “Ten, you will count them!” With such a flat bottom, the thighs become part of the target.


Red Rolls Royce 2 – REDSTRIPE

21 Dec

MF/2f; year: 2001; time: 50 minutes

From the Red Stripe Ivor Gold era, about the spanking of upper-crust bottoms. Actress ‘Stacey Rowe’ has a list of credits on Moonglow  for this ‘Tara’  character. The spankings will not rattle your teeth, but the portrayal of the British landed class and their obsession with the English Vice of CP  will entertain.

The video is shot entirely exterior. Richard and Tara Wentworth pull onto the gravel of their country estate in their red Rolls Royce convertible. they quickly argue about Tara’s (Stacey Rowe) behavior at a business lunch. She is a tease and a flirt, as one can see by the way she hangs out of the blue gown she wears. Richard: “If you’re gong to act like a child, I’m going to treat you like a child.”

He bends her over the ‘bonnet’ of the car and begins spanking her in the bright sunlight on the entrance drive to the mansion. Ms. Rowe is a buxom blond actress no longer suitable for schoolgirl assigments, but engenders high praise as her bottom shines in the sun, just a little white thong showing after her blue gown is rucked up.Richard spanks ineffectually, pushing rather than smacking.  He likes to spread the legs of his spankees.

A maid, Prudence, watches from the doorway, more than amused by her ladyship’s predicament. She comes out onto the gravel and hands richard a mobile phone. He pauses belaboring his wife’s bsre bottom in front of the maid to speak to and apologize to the luncheon guests for his wife’s behavior. “At the moment, she is having a damn good spanking.” He sends Prudence for the “trungeon strap” (we thought we heard). Prudence, dressed in a naughty short-skirted maid’s unform with crinolines underneath, stocking tops and garters showing, returns with the implement on a silver platter. Female bottoms are difinitely  in play at this mansion.

Rickard spanks Tara OTK, sitting on the rear bumper with the trunk open. With the strap, he whips her as she leans on the bumper, head into the open trunk. Once again, he pulls his punches a bit. But in fairness, Tara is going to have a long afternoon. She is told she is going to spend the rest of the weekend working with the maid.

In the next scene, we see Tara fully outfitted as a maid. Richard clearly gets to play out the classic fetish fantasies in this man’s world. Must be a closet in this house containing naughty fetish costumes. Tara jumps maid Prudence at a poolside table. No way she is going to have the pleasure of watching her mistress’s bottom being whupped. [huge outcry from domestic geese on the soundtrack]

Tara gets the strap from the house and spanks harder than Richard did. Prudence cusses and squawks, maKing her bottoms-up predicament all the worse. “This wasn’t in the job description, you bitch!” Tara gleefully forces Prudence’s legs as wide as they can go.

Tara has a cane. Prudence fetches a high stool. Still on the sunlit patio, rolling lawns, pool house, and wandering geese caught in various shots, Prudence splays her legs, bottom high on the stool, and takes three strokes before Tara tugs her thong down and tosses it.

Then 20 more strokes; Tara checks between her legs with the cane tip. “I think you quite like this.” Cheeky Prudence keeps sassing and so earns the cane to the palms–the assumption being this hurts more than the bare bottom.

Richard interrupts these colorful festivities on the terrace. Prudence is sent into the house again for the “thick cane,” Tara goes over the stool. Richard canes hard, 15 strokes, taking Tara’s thong off at 5. British rain clouds keep changing the light during the scene. Two white thongs are now ceremoniously discarded in the shot on the patio surface.

Prudence has been allowed to stand by, just watching. Tara gets her caning. Prudence and Richard help her off with her maid’s uniform, so Tara stands in the sun (it came out again) in just bra, garter belt, stockings, and of course, heels. Another round of caning for Tara, 15 more on the stool then 10 touching toes.

Richard makes the girls apologize and hug. Richard directs Prudence over the stool. He is having a banner day with these two girls at his mercy. After six strokes, Prudence slides up on the stool as a fulcrum, splays her legs again for a full display of her jewels for a dozen more. She is left in the sun while Richard and Tara go inside, we hope for the workout we’d like to give her.

Comrade Balcar-The Informer – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

20 Dec

MF/3f; time: 39 minutes

It appears actor ‘Vaclav,’ as Comrade Balcar, has the task of beating the bottoms of girls under his control until he finds an informer they have detected. He does paperwork in an old-fashioned office–rotary phone, stylus phonograph, etc. Three diminuitive girls await interview outside his office.

Balcar’s office has a traditional vaulitng horse in the background, a device which, in these films, is rarely used for vaulting. After Balcar consults with a female associate, two girls are called in, brunette ‘Veronika’  and redhead ‘Ester.’ As the third girl, a little blonde, listens outside, the girls are scolded for doing something disrepectful with a propaganda poster.

As the girls hang their heads in shame, the camera catches at their feet a wood square with a T-bar grip-no doubt the purpose of this fixutre. Balcar will begin his whippings. The little redhead Ester is first to drop her skirt and blue panties, to show us she is shaved bald. All the clothes must come off-she has trouble with the blouse buttons, as so many actresses in these films do; no bra, shoes,socks, scarf gone. Naked–she tries to cover up.

Balcar grabs Veronika and pulls down her pants to examine her bottom; she gets a long scolding. Ester is sent to get the cane, the brunette steps onto the platform, takes off her skirt and panties, opens her blouse so her breasts hang as she bends to grasp the T-bar. As Balcar begins to cane her ripe and prominent bottom, he can’t help squeezing her breasts. Almost 40 strokes, the brunette jumps in pain after almost every one. This posture blends the buttock and the thigh, so many of the strokes are low. A fast and wild conclusion leaves the brunette almost unable to walk away.

Ester goes next to the T-bar. She’s got the biggest bottom, and the caning is significantly worse. Almost 25 strokes, then 12 more rapid-fire. She screams from the start. At this point blond Renata enters and speaks to Balcar. The two caned girls console each other, the older woman enters to check their bottoms.

In a new scene, Ester and Veronika grab Renata and drag her into Balcar’s office. Renata has informed on them. In a sexy little tussle they get her clothes off and force her over the vaulting horse, spreading her legs, displaying her puss. the girls alternate caning and holding her still, much kicking and fussing. She is held high enough over the horse that the inexperienced caners work her thighs almost down to her knees. The girls leave her naked in the office, absconding with her clothes.

Reform School #1 – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

19 Dec

MF/2f;  time:  58 minutes

This title carries the catalogue number #002, and it certainly communicates the portent for where Rigid East would go in the future. A tall, thin, young blond girl, carrying a cardboard suitcase and wearing a simple peasant rural dress, walks slowly and hopelessly with a sense of doom to an isolated house in a gorgeous countryside setting Rigid East took some trouble to film.

An older man,actor Jan Z., admits her to the house and takes her upstairs to be turned  over to another older woman–the processof being checked into this ‘reform school,’  really like a halfway house for rehabilitation, except we expect there will be little compassion expressed at this house. While the blonde is being interviewed, a short cute brunette enters the room and unhesitatingly pulls up her skirt to have her bottom inspected–it is blotched and bruised. The blonde sees what goes on at this place.

For starters, the woman bends the blonde over, throws up the skirt of her cotton dress, bunches her loose white panties and begins smacking the girl’s twitching buttocks. The girl must contemplate the crucifix on the wall, hold up her skirt, and allow the woman to pull down her knickers. The camera does invasive closeups of this shaved girl. She is taken OTK, for a moderate but humiliating handspanking, treatment she does a nice job of being shocked by.

Jan checks in to see how her ‘welcoming’  is progressing, then takes her away with him. The woman calls in the pigtailed brunette, who has been left  kneeling in the corridor, nose to the wall. More action coming for her.

The second scene shifts to a basement-like examining room; just the fixturing and lighting suggest that very unpleasant things happen here. With a cane, Jan keeps poking the blonde and directs her to take her clothes off. This happens slowly; he pinches her small breasts when they become exposed;  it takes her a while to muster the courage to drop her panties. She doesn’t know where to cover her nakedness with her hands. Jan pinches, fondles, and explores, certainly not the behavior of a doctor or school official, but in keeping with basement rooms and the tone RGE will establish.

Her checks her hair for lice and her ears and teeth, like this is a horse auction. She shies away as she is urged toward an old-fashioned gynocology chair, whose purpose she instantly recognizes. She climbs up, slides forward and puts her feet in the sitrrups. Jan investigates between her legs and takes some pleasure in showing her an enema clyster and nozzle. She shrinks in fear; the scene fades before fruition. It will be some years before RGE shows us a complete enema, but when they do, they move the bar for CP films.

Back upstairs, the woman has turned her full attentions to the scrumptious little brunette who is back OTK getting a very hard handspanking, RGE setting its early standard for realistic severity. Jan brings the blonde upstairs but the woman is not ready for her;  the brunette has to strip nude–she has a hot and compact little body, good boobs, powerful thighs, a round bottom. She gets a brief caning, wild short strokes, before she is sent running off naked.

In another room, Jan has stretched the blonde out on a daybed. He is playing with her in a semi-seduction, what is happening not lost on her, handspanking, strap, OTK, pants-down, fondling, palm slaps, humiliation on her knees, her panties pulled tight across her thighs.

We next see the two girls in their dorm room, comparing the respective conditions of their spanked bottoms. Jan enters with a cane; the girls strip to just panties and bed down for the night.

There follow several confusing scenes in this room, because we don’t have subtitles. Jan wakes the girls, has them remove panties and return to bed nude; he then returns and slaps and canes both girls.

He takes the naked curvaceous brunette wuth him to the daybed set, where he begins a full-scale seduction, encouraging her to open his fly. She struggles, he advances,  he spanks and slaps, and pries her thighs apart. She seems to be finally working the zipper on his pants when the scene fades. These scenes will be brought to fruition in the ‘Lupus Dreams’ episodes and some full-length films dozens of productions into the catalogue future.

Friday the 13th – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

19 Dec

M/2f; year: 2008; time: 45 minutes

Another film difficult for us to follow without subtitles. Lupus actor ‘Vaclav,’ playing a huntsman widower in Edwardian leisure dress, examines a ledger (a punishment book or ‘sin book,’ which is kept in his family), while two schoolgirls, his daughters, undress to total nakedness in another room; it looks like they have a session with him, another one of those Friday-night-tradition films. He has a collection of canes on a table.

But first,the girls,  blonde Janicka as ‘Renata’ and brunette Hanicka as ‘Vera,’ must perform some ritual hygiene and give themselves enemas, their personal glass clysters are kept on a shelf with their names on them–this is the household routine. We see them make the insertion and some simple squirming, but no more; the girls then bathe their private parts, in closeup. They dress slowly, providing a nice show, putting on little sailor-suit uniforms. The Lupus website says they are ‘Pioneers,’ and we know there will be tears soon.

Vaclav enters–the girls beg and plead. They have been caught smoking. In a series of fadeouts, where we lost the plot, Vaclv observes the girls through a keyhole, watching them play with each other naked.

After a fade, Vaclav confronts the girls and will spank them both. First round, hard handspankings OTK. No nonsense at Lupus. Faces to the wall, their noses must trap papers to the surface.

The action continues in a new scene. The girls are down to gymslips and knickers at this Friday ritual. Renata must soak her knickers and gets full swings from a belt over a chair. The same for Vera. Both girls stuggle to hold position.

The evening continues. Both girls must hold heavy books at arms-length; then a ruler on their palms. (Lupus getting very English!) Escalating–all clothes off! Each girl is then spanked in the diaper position on the desk with the ruler; the legs are spread ‘V’ wide in a totally explicit display.

In preparation for the cane, each girl must squeeze a cane between her buttocks at the wall.

In a new scene, after each girl urinates in a chamber pot, the canings begin. Naked Renata bends over, Vera holds her still, and she take 25 strokes. She twists and dodges; Vaclav fakes strokes and varies the pace to increase the surprise. He does not neglect her thighs. Tears.

The much taller Vera takes her turn, the same 25 strokes, faster, quivering. Vera gets an extra surprise–a bar of soap in her mouth and a ginger root in her anus.

In a final scene, the girls seem to be exacting some revenge as they watch Vaclav  vistiing a doctor for some hemorroid trouble.

School Trip Disgrace – XEROTICS

19 Dec

M/f;  14 minutes

A brief exercise and a common theme; we think this company ‘Xerotics’  has acquired and distributed CP products from the vaults of other producers,because we occasionally see extablished CP stars.. All the better. Need any editing help?

An older guy, one of those lucky actors who has a friend who makes CP films, plays a school administrator. He has a report that student Anita was drunk on a school trip and failed to supervise the younger children she was in charge of.

Anita, a trim pigtailed brunette in blazer, blouse, tie, and red skirt, reports to him. He tells her expulsion is in order. “Sir, is there anything I can do to make up for it?”

Well, let’s all think. He has spoken to her ‘guardians,’ and she does want a second chance, so: “I come from the old world….a good bare bottom spanking is the only answer.”

He gives her 10 seconds to decide. “Take off that blazer.” OTK she goes and he begins an aggressive and experienced handspannking her on regulation kickers. She gasps in surprise. He takes her pants down–her bottom is fully blushed. Lovely closeups and obliques of the absolutely perfect specimen.

“Stand up.” He shows her his strap and makes her hold it to increase the anxiety. Anita bends over his desk, he tugs the knickers down again, and he lays on 15 hard strokes. Anita fidgets and struggles to hold position, desperately reaches back to rub–bruising being apparent about halfway through.

A distraught Anita is sent scrambling off after this brief punishment. Folks will wonder why she chooses to remain standing on the next school bus ride.


The Chemistry Lesson – SPANKINGONLINE

18 Dec

2M/f; time: 22 minutes

This SOL logo might have meant ‘Spanking Out Loud’ at one time, and we thought it meant ‘Shit Out of Luck,’ which is pretty much what happens to the girls in the films we have seen so far, in this case the actress Catherine Corbett, a brave lady who knows all the nuances of the CP genre. This film also appears in some old Moonglow catalogues.

Ms. Corbett  as ‘Jennings,’ stands in front of a male instructor in a realistic laboratory office setting. Jennings has failed her chemistry test again. The previous warning of expulsion from school can be amended, she is told, in that her guardians (who don’t want her back home, we’d guess) have granted the school complete freedom to proceed with corporal punishment. Jennings signs away her consent also. We will see shortly that her cute little goose is cooked. The instructor wears a white lab coat, perfect for his task.

The instructor makes Jennings hike up her school skirt, display her semi-tansparent panties, and await the commencement of the activities. Tension and  antcipation play a major role in these SOL performances. The instructor returns with a cane–there will be no warming-up on the bottom in this exercise. Jennings bends over a table, skirt up, and takes five ringing strokes on her pants. She counts them out “thank you, sir”  style.

She is directed to take her skirt and panties off at this point, and put her panties in the “bin,” a wastepaper basket, a nice little bit of intimidation finality she handled well. Over the table again,shirt up, bottom bare, “legs apart,” for about 20 strokes, loud ringing cracks in this institutional room. Impressive, realisitc, and a tough time for Jennings. Because she loses count, can’t keep her legs open, and can’t stay in position, she gets five more, over the table again, flat, and reaching forward to grasp a chair, her bottom pinned down and her body squashed. No chance of wiggling now.

She retakes the chemistry test, seated bare bottom on a white runged straight chair which permits us a view of her cute red bottom, thanks to someone on the crew tucking her shirt up between shots. She carefully perches on the edge of the wood seat, artfully drawing attention to her tush. This time, she will be spanked with a paddle and cane, on the spot, for test mistakes.

She is allotted only 15 minutes, doesn’t finish, and gets some answers incorrect, so here we go again. “Take off your tie…and your shirt.” She is down to just bra. When Jennings is directed to kneel up on the table, she at first baulks at such a strange position but quickly figures it out. Good acting, in that Ms. Corbett has been in every position one can conjure. bottom high, head low, legs open, a charming salacious view of the courageous Ms. Corbett. First the strap–she counts out a half dozen on high, tight, wide-spread buttocks. Then a set with the cane. The instructor slips off her bra as she kneels.

Off the table, she stands nude, hands on head, cane resting bewtween her buttocks, well marked.

Scene change: she is at home, confessing she failed the test, and she is going to be spanked all over again, for it is the British way that what happened at school is not enough. Bend-over a stool, panties down again, no marks show, which actually makes sense, in that no actress should take two sessions like this in close time proximity. He faceless male guardian can’t resist a few handspanks before he lays on 20 cane strokes, then a pause for some fondling and handspanks, followed by another 10 or so, and astonishingly, “the final six,” even harder.

SOL will be a pleasant discovery for you–brief films, effective spankings on the harsher side, excellent sound, lighting, sets, dialogue.  And surely experienced CP afficionados bwhind the cameras.

Rosaleen Young – Collected Shorts 2

15 Dec

This charming actress, who will twitch her bottom and drive you mad, made a series of shorts, and some longer films, which we will review as a group and update this blog as we find  more. She made just a few films in a short career and should be added to your list of actresses who advanced the art of CP.

‘Disobedience’ (F/f; 13 minutes): This film opens with Rosaleen eating a banana; when she does it, the scene is naughty, not pornographic, as it would be with another adult actress. Rosaleen will act out some fantasies she is fond of.

She wears a maid’s uniform, complete with several layers of crinolines. Her ‘mistress’ throws her over a table to spank her for domestic failures. Dark blue panties. “Get your head down.” She bunches the knickers. There is nothing special about this scene except Rosaleen’s acting, and of course her equipment.

When the mistress discovers an empty biscuit tin, she is going to dock Rosaleen’s pay. She begs her way to be spanked instead, OTK, very nice turcoise panties.

In the next scene, Rosaleen is naked from the waist up, hands-on-head, confidently and proudly presenting her small and erotically adolescent breasts. She wears just ruffled sky-blue panties, her long brown hair flowing. Over a table, panties down, she arches her estimable bottom up for the spanking mistress. Great facials. At the conclusion of this segment, Rosaleen flashes a quick frontal, rare in her work.

Regimental Stripes’ (MF/f; time: 8 minutes) A bit silly; Rosaleen wears fashionable camou and a beret. She stands at attention while she is harassed boot camp-style. You’re immediately wanting someone to get at those pants of hers.

She is ordered to do some perfunctory PT, then another girl, in full schoolgirl kit, is called forward to discipline her. Rosaleen must crawl around on all fours while the schoolgirl crops her on her slacks. Not hard enough to propel her, though. A male, himself in silly boot camp gear, encourages the process.

Silly tears. Rosaleen collapses on the floor, so the guy horses her so the girl can continue the cropping on a stationary target. At the conclusion Rosaleen pulls down her trousers and panties to inspect her bottom. She got off easy.

She Doeth Protesteth’ (F/f; 12 minutes; Here Rosaleen plays a schoolgirl, in pinafore. She has done something and is OTK on a couch in the conventional posture, her knickers down to the bottoms of her buttocks, for modesty. Pleasing facials.

Hands flat on the couch for a long tawse, and a bit of a fuss to get her in the right position. The bulk weight of the tawse strike knocks her off-balance.

In another scene, Rosaleen kneels on a low stool and is caned on her panties as she is forced to read something. Panties down–10 strokes on the bare, Jumper, shirt, tie off, she is naked, some frontal, very fetching. 15 more strokes, hot and erotic, before she is sent scrambling off, clothes in a bundle.

‘caned at a couch’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) An internet capture of something else. We normally don’t review such shorts without the full film. However, Ms. Young is so cunning here we need to communicate it.

She is bending over a couch being caned by a woman whose face we won’t see. Instead of melodramatic  cries, Rosaleen grunts in a way which seems authentic. The caning stops, she strips naked, giving us intentional delicious frontal flashes.

She has to put on a pink peasant dress, and without panties, the handspanking, strapping and caning continue. Somewhat out of prototype, her dress is allowed to fall and cover part or all of her bottom during this phase.

Double Discipline‘  (2M/2f; time: 39 minutes; SOL Digital): Actress Rosaleen Young addresses the camera, explaining she will act out some classic achoolgirl CP fantasies, showing us her school uniform, straw boater, and red knickers. Her appearance is the only redeeming aspect of the film.

The first scenario involves a familiar headmistress, who has received a shoplifting complaint from the police on Rosaleen. It will be either the police or “discipline,” which means “red bottoms…spanking…use of implements…and today,severe caning, strapping, AND spanking.”  The headmistress keeps checking with the director to see if she did it right. Rosaleen the pro is a cool cookie and doesn’t need anyone’s assurance. She is going to receive a spanking now then be required to show her bottom to the shop owners. Wish we were there.

The headmistress starts with a handspanking on her well-fitted knickers. “I bet you get a real kick out of this,” Ms. Young says, speaking to the world at large. Another teacher is called in to hold her still. They wrestle her to a kneeling position on a couch and pull down her knickers. A strap creates a cute red bottom.

Roz. takes off her own knickers, keeping her front covered with her skirt, as she always does. The headmistress gets her cane, the teacher holds her wrists, and she takes 12 silly pushes,  but she is cute and fun to watch. She apologizes for stealing and gets 8 more. No damage. She runs off carrying her knickers.

The headmistress, trying hard to appear severe and menacing, turns on the teacher, who has been seen at a club watching a naughty video with Mr. Johnson from the geometry department. That means a spanking. “Oh,no, you’re not going to see my bum!” Skirt up. “You’re wearing tarty panties. I prefer nice big knickers which cover my bottom.” The OTK spanking mostly amuses, so far. Rosaleen is eavesdropping.

Caught! Marched in by the ears, the Head will spapnk both bottoms. They bend and hold each other’s shoulders, panties bunched, alternate harmless handspanks. A really rocking spanking would have been exciting in this position. Both girls, hands-to-wall, frisk position, bottoms out.

Rosaleen gets a thick strap at the conclusion, bent over with legs wide, pants on. She survives for the next film.

Medic‘ (F/f; 7 minutes): Ireppressible Ms. Young in a little nurse student’s uniform, including a Dutch-style cap we thank the producer for searching out. If you share our view that nurses ought to be required to expose their own bottoms now and then, you join a legion of fetish-fanciers.

Rosaleen delights us by being in trouble and is taken OTK on a handy examining table on a blackened-out set by a sufficiently dour-looking matron/supervisor. Hard spanking on black panties, typical Ms. Young squawking, and she has that style of raising her buttocks slightly to meet the stroke.

The matron has her zip off her little smock, down to black undies, and of course the little cap and heels remain. A crisp session with the hairbrush, bottom mostly bare, blotches and bruises. This spanking matron checks with the director for prompts, but surging Rosaleen herself needs no direction.

Gym Mistress‘(F/f; 4 minutes):Ms. Young is tormented in an outdoor garden scene by an aggressive Domme, ‘Miss Parker.’ She wears skimpy and tight little black knickers, a blouse tied up at the waist, and running shoes. Her cute, lithe body on display here, another reminder of her ability to test the age rules.

She is made to jog in circles and do star jumps. When she calls the woman a “bitch,” it will be OTK on the garden bench. “Oh, no, not my knickers down.” [wind on the microphone]. Not much spanking here, but shots of bare-bottomed Ms. Young on the lawn among her best.

Paddle for Rosaleen‘(F/f; 7 minutes):Right into it, Rosaleen is bent over, legs spread, jeans and sweater. A Domme uses a junior-sized wood paddle. Theatrical lighting. Ros. will count out 24, can’t resist interrupting the flow to rub. “I didn’t say you could touch your bottom.” More cracks. “Please, may I rub my bottom, Miss?”

After 24, hands-on-head, the Domme tells  her to take her jeans “right down.” A little thong can’t hide the rosy ripe cheeks. The Domme gets a large jar of cream and goes to work. “Ooh,” from Ms. Young and closeups only a few actresses could pull off.

Sailor Suit‘ (XEROTICS 2F/f; time:  16 minutes) Rosaleen in being spanked on the top  floor garret room set often seen. She wears a sailor suit, in conformance with her ability to look barely legal. A woman spanks her, bent over a table, skirt up, sky blue panties the center of attention.

The woman takes her panties down, slowly, and with her fingertips. There’s that trim little perfect bottom on this 5’2″ actress. She may over-react to her spanking, but she is riveting to watch.

After 9 minutes, she is given a respite, hands-0n-head. A second woman enters the scene and is handed a strap, which Rosaleen doesn’t like to see. This action has moved to a knotty-pine corner of this attic room. The actors are confined and must do with this space.

The strapping begins. Rosaleen protests, jumps and struggles, allowing the viewer to compare her diminutive body to the other two normal women. Rosaleen collapses and the strapping concludes while she is on all fours. She pulls her panties down to see how bad the damage was.

Spanking in the Garden‘ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Exterior shots on a patio. A woman is tormenting Rosaleen with a cane. Ros wears a white bra and panties. She removes the bra and lowers the panties to the modesty level at the upper thighs.

Ros does a handstand against a wall and is mildly caned. Such physical exploits are found throughout her work. Next, frisk position against a low wall for more cane taps. Modesty preserved.

Ungrateful Girl‘(F/f; 10 minutes): Subtitled ‘Rosaleen Young vs. Victoria’; Ms. Young, once again appearing barely legal; pulls on slinky pink pajamas, teasing us with a frontal flash. ‘Victoria; is a housemother-type,”  and Rosaleen has refused to eat her cooking, “garbage.”

Tall, thin Victoria, with a thick Irish accent, takes Ros. OTK, and goes to work on the silk pj’s. Ms. Young raises her buttocks as she usually does. Ms. Young won’t apologize. Victoria works the drawstring then lowers the pj bottoms. Glorious ceremony.

Rosaleen, buttocks in the wind, is still defiant. Victoria grabs her pigtails. “Not sorry yet?”

In a new scene, Rosaleen narrates for us. Now she is going to get the slipper for flirting with Victoria’s boyfriend. We next see her lying over a low stool, in a one-piece teddy, getting spanked with the appropriate shoe. “Oh God, you witch.”

Thief‘ (2F/2f; time: 39 minutes):Erstwhile spanking queen Rosaleen Young bares cheeks for some of her ‘fantasy’ scenarios in a longer film for her; in her schoolgirl duds, she narrates for us–these stories are from the era of the “Fifties,” when you could spank a girl.

A dominant female joins the scene, a headmistress or some such. The police have called.  Rosaleen has been stealing downtown and the security camera film confirms, so smirky gum-chewing Roz. can’t deny. The Head suggested “discipline”  as a solution to the police. Rosaleen admits this means “red bottoms.”  “It’s going to be a severe caning, strapping, AND a spanking.”

Lots of good erotic spanking talk in all her films. The Head takes her OTK and commences on her regulation maroon knickers. Roz: “I bet you get a real kick out of this,” it is obvious to see. “You’re going to return the stuff you stole and show your red bottom to DC Armitage and the storekeeper.”

The Head calls in an associate, “Miss Gold,”  to assist. “Not her again,” Gold declares at the sight of Rosaleen. They wrestle her over a couch, get her knickers down, and the Head shows off her backhand with the strap. Typical screams from Ms. Young, and some bad language.

She must stand, remove her pants, and bend for the cane. “With a few stripes, your bottom is going to match your skirt.” About 20 moderate strokes, and then she is sent off.

The Head turns on Miss Gold (“We’ve learned the presence of a second vivacious actress in the story usually bodes well), who was seen on the security tape too, with a “Mr. Johnson,” hair down and a bit disguised. The Head will call Gold’s husband, unless of course…….

The Head begins spanking her–Rosaleen listens at the door to the commotion. Another CP film maxim: all eavesdrpppers are caught. She is indeed discovered, brought in, the two girls are strapped side-by-side to conclude.

No Smoking‘ (F/f; 7 minutes):Another brief film; Rosaleen lights up a cigarette, coughs, and cannot hide it fast enough when a teacher enters. “Smoking?”  “No.” Automatic punishment.

The teacher gets a strap. “You’re joking,”  exclaims Ms. Young. First, some palm slapping, then Rosaleen must take her panties off while she stands there. Nice. Bend over, hands on couch, school skirt flipped up, her bottom is already faintly red. Brief strapping, then more on the palms, then another bend-over, lovely views of one of the great bottoms in the trade. Some flashbacks and slow-motion.

The Bell‘ (F/f; 9 minutes): Ms. Young in one of her carefully crafted schoolgirl costumes–blazer/crest, blouse, tie, skirt, knee socks, is being measured by a teacher for a skirt which will surely be ruled to come up too short. She is going to get a spanking on the spot.

Bend-over, a very hard handspanking on her regulation bottle-green knickers. Her waist-length ponytail flies with the action. Next comes a long caning. Rosaleen must hold a cermonial brass bell. If she persists in squirming, and it rings,the stroke will be repeated.

About 30 strokes are shown, some probably repeated from various flattering angles; the bell rings a few times. Our bell is ringing. The teacher adjusts Rosaleen’s bottom a few times to keep it centered for the camera.

Caning for Rosaleen‘ (Xerotics; F/f; 5 minutes): Schoolgirl Rosaleen in a dark plaid jumper and pigtails. She is struggling with a blond Domina who is trying to position her for the cane. Over the desk, green knickers to her thighs, some jumpy editing as the caning gets underway.

We tried to count the strokes, at least 30, a lot of spliced editing, hugely entertaining squawking from Roz, and the most blotched bottom we have seen her take. When she drops her knickers below her thighs at the conclusion, there are nasty marks and wrap-arounds uncovered on her right thigh;  from this session? from another? from the makeup dept?

Rosaleen Young’s Caning‘ (XEROTICS) F/f; 9 minutes):If it is possible for Rosaleen Young to be any more schoolgirl-naughty-erotic,  she does it here. A  flaired red tartan plaid skirt, just made to be unfastened;  a white blouse tied to bare the midriff.

If that weren’t enough, she bends forward at the waist and leans on a  fireplace mantel, in the official position, where she must read aloud the canng instructions from the manual. She must request every stroke and thank the mistress each time.

Skirt up, white panties bunched, her bottom is red already. Shots from below suggest it is swollen in spots. Poor baby. The caning goes on–requests, thank-you’s, and at about 12 strokes, she takes her knickers off–“Take these down,”  says the mistress, tapping the spot with her cane, “and quickly, or you will get another 12.”  There are 24 strokes in all, and counted aloud, the hardest caning we’ve seen missy take so far, with indisputable results. Closeups.

Discipline on the Bare‘(F/f; 5 minutes): Scene is an elegantly appointed country kitchen; Rosaleen Young tinkers at a sink in a bra-and-shorts outfit she should not have worn even downtstairs.

A woman enters and scolds her for household chores she has not completed. Her excuses are cut short by being taken OTK. Even though her white short-shorts never come down, we are reminded that here is one of the celebrated bottoms of her generation.

A  brief, crisp little spanking, plenty of skin available to justify the title, then a bend-over the large harvest table for a spanking with a wooden kitchen tool.

Rosaleen Reads Shakespeare‘ (F/f; 10 minutes): Naughty Rosaleen Young, in a parochial or Girl Scout Brownie uniform! That ought to bring a few peters to attention! A simple spanking esuues, by a woman, on a couch, in a very brightly lit studio. Her panties are quickly down, and we have said before that Ms. Young has one of those bottoms which positively soars on her spanker’s lap. Her big eyes and round face fill the screen.

She stands, hands-on-couch, for more handspanking, and she jumps out of position when she feels the two-fingered tawse. “If you keep getting up, I’m going to cane you.”

Squeals, struggling, like this actress does so well, more hard OTK.

In a new scene, Rosaleen is kneeling on an antique padded straight chair, which we mistook for a Victorian prayer kneeler, reading Shakespeare aloud from a folio-sized collection. Her antagonist rolls up her skirt and canes her mildly on full knickers to urge her along.

Knickers down, keep reading!

And, very very nice–Ms. Young must strip naked, flashing an infrequent glimpse  of her little mohawk shave, blouse and tie off, no bra. She is rarely fully naked. The caning continues before she walks off in the buff.

We wish that, before she retired, someone had put her in a hotel, and just filmed and filmed every story they could think of.

Willful ‘ (F/f; time: 6 minutes; SPANKMYBOTTOM) Rosaleen returns home late; ‘Elizabeth Simpson’ waiting for her. Ros wears the most scandalous red knit dress. She couldn’t scratch her ear without showing some bottom. Both models have very intimate facial closeups here, lovely tribute to them. 

Elizabeth puts her over the kitchen table. There is no need to pull up her dress. There is a thong, and soon the dress is off. Low shots with the camera, really, the most perfect bottom. Handspanking, and when Rosaleen gives Elizabeth the finger, she gets the doubled belt.

Spanking, Spanking, and More Spanking – B&D PLEASURES

13 Dec

M 3F/3f; year: 1990; time: 55 minutes

Largely a trifle but for the appearance of 4 CP/B&D regulars, and our fascination with the unwrapped Tanya Fox.

Actor Jay Dee and blond actress Kiri Kelly (who also directed this film, which we’d guess was not screened in Cannes) sit on a couch discussing CP. Jay has given her a copy of Anne Rice’s ‘Beauty’s Punishment,’ an erotic exploration into spanking and discipline. The set is the same as used in a number of Jay Dee/Tanya/Kiri films.

In another scene, Kiri has become aroused by the book, bares her bottom, and plays with herself on her bed. Her roommate Tanya Fox enters. “What are you dong?” Tanya assuages her embarrassment and suggests she spank her. A cute OTK scene follows, giggling and fun making, mostly a tribute to Kiri’s photogenic hindquarters.

Tanya and Kiri switch places. Tanya quickly takes her own panties off and cocks her estimable bottom up in Kiri’s lap. We pause to recall our favorite spanking on this breathtaking target. Maybe any one of her Nu West appearances, where the acting is subordinated to the action. Pretty facials, closeups, fondling, fingernails. The girls switch off a few times before this segment concludes.

The third roommate, brunette ‘Sloane Winters,’ overhears this salacious scene and joins. Kiri shows her the book and Sloane volunteers her bottom. She kneels on the bed; both spank her–all bottoms bare.

In the next scene–the film really is a sequence of short spanking segments, Kiri returns the book to Jay and describes the three-way with her roommates. He suggests she and Tanya set up some scenarios for Sloane (makes for more scenes). The girls plant some jewelry and accuse Sloane of theft. They are wearing silly B&D costumes of bustier, bra, stockings,heels. They grab hapless Sloane, Tanya sits on her, skirt up, white thong.

Somehow the girls turn on Kiri, the plotter, they get her blue panties down, for a kicking, fun-spanking.

“A Few Days Later”: It seems to be Tanya’s birthday, with the guaranteed implications. The girls gift her with a paddle. Enjoy that melodramatic look on her face when she recognizes the item. She is bent over a chair, pink panties down for the world-class view she can provide, but the paddling is a silly pulling-of-punches.

Jay and Kiri discuss how the games went. Almost at the end of the film, Jay will get at that bottom of hers. He drops her jodphurs and panties and gazes at length at her pussy. A long handspanking, riding crop, fondle, grope. Full-frontal flash at the conclusion. No shaving in this era.

Birchington Manor 1 – STRICTLY ENGLISH

13 Dec

2M2F/3f; year: 2001; time: 60 minutes

Horses, barns, leather riding equipment, tight pants, all good for a spanking story.

An authentic estate–stables, farmyards, panting dog, open blue sky. Pretty working cowgirls get spanked, birched, and caned for various infractions. Mr. Edwards manages the Manor, and in the absence of Lord Birchington, seizes the opportunity to discipline the girls for whatever reason he can conjure. The Strictly English website lists 17 segments in this film.

Handyman Arthur tips him off–Edwards catches the blonde Sophie coppng a smoke in the barn. “It’s time to put my foot down. You know what that means.” She knows. “Oh, no, Mr. Edwards.” She is dragged into the sunlight and knows to climb a gate and lean over, bottom high, in position. Edwards spanks, then pulls her jeans and white panties down. A lovely glowing bottom radiates in the sun. Closeups and distance shots. Voyeurisitc Arthur bides his time, watching from the shadows. Edwards leaves Sophie to remain in position, half naked,  in public for “10 minutes to think about it.” Arthur pounces and takes her into what clearly is his woodshed, puts cream on her bare bottom–long. erotic, and elegantly filmed, and gives her a “little bit more spanking,” suggesting to her he might tell Edwards more of what he has seen her doing around the barns. He is higher on the farm pecking order than Sophie, who seems sanguine and hasn’t much choice about exposing herself to him, front and back, and allowing his hands to reconnoiter. She resumes her bare bottom fence position. Edwards returns and releases her.

Arthur next rats on a maid, Kate, who likes to make calls overseas on the Manor phone, so Edwards drags her out of the house for her spanking. OTK on a shady bench for her, maid’s-skirt up, panties down. Firm handspanking. She must stand alone under a tree, bare bottom, public again, hands on head. Arthur poaches–she too goes to the woodshed, gets the cream, and a touch-up job on the spanking she just received; very sweet, Kate is a little less willing to allow Arthur his lascivious privileges.

Edwards asks Arthur if the Manor secretary Lisa is “doing anything wrong.” He seeks to spank any female bottom he can capture. Arthur displays a box of liquor Sophie and Kate have filtched from the house supply. Willowy blonde Lisa joins the conversation and goes off searching for the two miscreants. She likes to spank too. Lisa frolics in the empty Manor during her search. A lovely closeup of her bottom in the tight riding britches sliding on the Manor banister. Shapely bottoms on mansion bannisters have made some entertaining views over the years.

Lisa finds and confronts the girls about nipping at the Manor wine supply. “Please don’t tell Mr. Edwards.” That’s easy. Lisa gets a stash of birches and riding crop and Sophie is first to bend over a sawhorse in the barn and is cropped on white panties. Then, “Oh, no, not on the bare bottom.” Kate must watch. It seems everyone on the estate has access to these girls’ bottoms, without dispute. Lisa uses birches–just two strokes, and there is a decided hushed wince.

It is Kate’s turn for the crop. “Knickers down. You know the rules..” Sophie looks on half-nude, in the frame. Lisa has a cane. The girls lean on alternate sides of the sawhorse, glorious bare bottoms, for sets of strokes, totaling about 10 each, counted aloud British style. Moderate, but impressive; some tears are furtively wiped away.

Edwards strikes again. “What the hell is going on here?” The three girls blame each other. “I’m going to deal with all three of you.” Seems fair to us. Edwards first spanks then canes Sophie, and next Kate. Secretary Lisa gets a tongue lashing, before “Get those knickers down. You’re going to get double what they got.” Edwards concludes with Lisa, on her small, tight bottom, with a bundle of birches soaked in brine, which seems to have hurt more than anyone intended.

Three bare bottoms lined up in the sunlight for 10 minutes of contemplation. Tease for ‘Birchington 2’: a very nubile and insouciant new employee Billy Jo  reports late, sees the bare bottoms on parade, and is marched to the fence rail in the first minutes of her employ.

We’ve written too long here. Every detail admired, lots of references to the CalStar library and the British corporal punishment genre, we thought, with enhanced first-class production; closeups; multiple bottoms on-camera; count-em out strokes; bare bottoms in bright farm sunlight; take-a-spanking-or-I-report-you; oh-no-not-on-the-bare; bend-overs; liniment; inquiring fingers; frontal nudity; males in conrol, females without pants. We will review ‘Birchington 2.’