Border Patrol – CALSTAR

3 Jan

MF/2f; time: 56 minutes

CalStar mixes spanking and B&D here; CP diva Kirie Kelly attracted our interest. Blond Kirie and  a brunette friend have bought drugs in Mexico; their car breaks down near the border and they will be appehended in the scrub brush desert by two scruffy gendarmes, actor Jay Dee and a female. The scene is set for some off-the-books instruction and discipline.

Kirie is dragged back to the “HQ” first, where she is handcuffed and tied to an office chair in a shabby room;  did buzzards get the brunette? Tall blond Kirie wears a bare-midriff halter, jeans, and boots. She is left to struggle on the chair, a typical B&D scene. Jay removes her halter to bare her breasts.

Kiri is taken to a barren concrete room and strung up, topless, in just her jeans. Boots and socks removed, jeans dropped, cute blue panties don’t last long, nice 1990’s fuzz comes into view.  Kirie struggles with the guard, who crops her bottom in the only CP in the film and teases her pussy.

New scene–Kirie is splayed naked, arms and legs attached to spreader bars. Two guards tease her glorious available parts.

Another scene–strung up again, the guards torment Kirie with a spider in a milk carton. She is then dropped naked in a cell, still bound, but loose enough so her writhings present full disclosure.

The brunette has been captured and now strung up with Kirie, but the brunette retains her clothes. Both girls are gagged. Kirie is still naked and now hangs upsde down (She made the made in this film.).

A Mexican drug dealer suddenly appears, kills the two attending guards, and makes off with the two girls, but it looks like he is leaving Kirie’s clothes behind. He can start over with them.

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