Wynter’s Tale – MOONGLOW

3 Jan

M/2f; time: 47 minutes

Two seasoned actresses play lesbian schoolgirls for girl/girl play, get caught, and are sent to the ‘Punishment Room,’  so identified on a sign outside its door, in their uniforms. A faceless male will do the honors. Brunette ‘Carol’ (actress ‘CJ’) will be spanked first, bends over a chair; she counts aloud 10 hard strokes on white panties.

Blonde actress ‘Wynter Skye’ is called into the room next; she counts out her 10 on a rather skinny bottom for the CP genre.

There follow a series of unmemorable flashback scenes as the two girls reminisce about spankings and canings they have had. Several fades to scenes where Wynter is caning Carol, quite hard, on the bare. “Who’s the prefect?” “You are.”

There is a dungeon scene, the fully equipped room Moonglow used, where Wynter has Carol over a trestle for handspanking, crop, paddle, a martinet, her lacy panties off in the process. The  B&D session concludes with 17 strokes; Wynter pins her wrists to keep her in place.

After more reminiscing on the couch, they have another scene in the dungeon; Wynter spanks Carol for being out late. Carol trips on her spike heels, but the production budget preserved the scene.

Back on the couch, finally Carol spanks Wynter, her flower panties down. They hug to conclude.

Two shorts were included in my copy; ‘School Dance Fiasco’ and ‘Rolling Stone Concert.’ Three Moonglow girls are caned. successively harder, for behavior infractions. Nothing much of interest except the butterfly tattoo on Emma Brown’s left buttock.

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