Positions of Punishment #3 – NUWEST

4 Jan

M/3f; year: 1992; time: 47 minutes

NU-WEST  demonstrates its spanking devices and bare bottoms. We have praised NU-WEST and Ed Lee at every turn, for their pretty shining bottoms, erotically clever, wicked spanking situations, and mostly for Lee’s pink-flesh manifestations of every sort of CP fantasy. Somehow we missed this series, where Lee displays his equipment, methods, and his girls in their glory. This is a favorite.

In this video #3, lengthy by NW  standards, he introduces three of his glamorous models–Joanne, Vanna, and Penny. For Vanna, this might predate her first spanking performance. He illustrates some of his “positioning aids,” the Brighton Horse, The Box, the T-Bar, and use of the spreader bar, all in a sort of instructional format, interspersed by autobiographical comments about the models, the devices, and sardonic observaions about the difficulties and criticisms of his videos.

The devices are displayed like machinery models at a convention. The Brighton Horse is a half-body length 2′ high bench, with a more elevated pad at one end to position the bare bottom and make the girl’s legs dangle, like a horse’s head turned sideways, then a lower saddle area to support the body, and an elevated vertical tail to attach arms and elbows in various configurations.

The Box we have described before as a padded cube the size of personal refrigerator,elevated on four legs and cocked to perfectly position the bottom.

And the T-Bar, wickedly simple, a set of plumbing pipes in the shape of a “T,” one foot high and set very low on a little platform, so that the poor fully bent-over victim has something to hang onto when the strap comes.

Lee introduces the girls–Joanne, Vanna, and Penny–fresh, bright, young, eager faces, innocently made up, fluffy long hair, tasteful blouses,  and below only silk panties and black thigh-length hose. He banters with each girl and bends her over to show us with pride their pantied bottoms, with the promise of more soon.

Fluffy blonde Joanne is first to drape herself over the padded head of the Brighton Horse. Lee pulls her panties down to her knees. He legs dangle. Lee circles with the camera, describing her perfect bottom from several angles. He knows we are aching for someone to step up with a strap or paddle, but we are here only to observe three glorious specimens today. Long curly auburn-haired Vanna is next, looking very young (in fact 19 by some accounts) and a bit nervous, making her first NU-WEST appearance. More perfection. Then Penny–no less spectacular. All three girls provide glimpses between their legs from the posture the Horse creates.

For the Box, fade in on Joanne, now nude, strapped down in position by the wrists and ankles, crisp white panties correctly at the knees. Fade to Penny, then Vanna, fannies up in the breeze. The camera catches every freckle.

The T-Bar, Lee points out, is a potentially nasty tool, in that the victim is totally vulnerable and exposed and must exercise control to retain her balance when the blow strikes. Joanne, then Penny, and “little Vanna.” We froze the screen several times just to contemplate. Legs slightly open and breasts dangle. Lee points out he has had the girls put on high heels because they “accentuate this part,” pointng to Joanne’s bottom. The  T-Bar is actually so devious (and probably disliked) it wasn’t used very much.

Lee promised us some discipline. Each girl, naked but for her stockings and high heels,is given a fast taste of what Lee proudly describes as his New Zealand dogwhip, strung up by her  hands, with ankles spread with a bar. Tight high bottoms. Lee is right about those heels–the sweet girls jump and squeal under the whip. At the conclusion, each girl is partially dressed and now faces the camera for a little post-session conversation with Lee. The girls appear diminuitive and convey charming innocence, given that we just watched them beng whipped on bare bottoms, and they look even a bit embarrassed to be addressing the camera, although we would assume their day jobs might be a bit more revealing than ours.

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