7 Jan

F/2f; time: 51 minutes

How to get the pants off your girlfriend’s friends; actor Michael Dawson, who doesn’t spank in this film, cuddles two girls, attractive brunettes, friends of his fiancee. Apparently he had “the time of his life” with both of them  the previous night and is ready for more. The three go back to an apartment, where Michael’s fiancee suddenly shows up, questions the girls, and has her suspicions confirmed when she catches Michael literally with his pants down upstairs. You think he could have gotten dressed while the girls were fibbing about their behavior, but that wouldn’t have allowed the story to go where it’s going.

The lady fiancee, a CalStar regular, is one of our favorites, an enthusiastic and relentless paddler and caner, and wonderful also when her own panties are at her knees. We think primarily of  “A Very English Compromise” and “For Reparations.” She seems to get more excited as she increases the intensity, and her lesbian overtones elevate the personal humiliation of her naked victims. She is fun and you are sure of a good time when she shows up.

The fiancee throws Michael out of the apartment and confronts her two girlfriends. “We’ll do anything…forgive us.”  The fiancee is sweet and sexy even when she tries to talk tough. “I’m going to hurt you…I’m going to slap your asses so hard…” Conveniently, the girls have paddles and a cane left over from a previous “orgy.”  We’re learning–when British girls ‘give it up,’  it must mean spanking and caning, because the tools are everywhere.

Brunette #1, long ringlets of curly hair and a lovely solid figure, will be spanked first. Onto the good old CalStar couch she goes for a handspanking. Skirt up, thong rolled down, the fiancee keeps spanking until brunette #2 arrives with the aforesaid implements. Then curly is paddled over a hassock, legs spread, lovely camera angle.

Brunette #2, thin and sophisticated, is next. she unfastens and drops her pajama shorts herself. She is spanked, then paddled, and her lovely bottom colors quickly. She keeps her shorts strtched tightly across her spread ankles–very nice. When the fiancee uses the stiff leather spanker, Miss Sophisticate seems to be getting into it herself. Curly then kneels on the couch, giving up her blouse, for some stiff spanker, then surrenders her bra. “I’m going to give you six more, the hardest ones, OK?”

The nude girls caress then undress the fiancee to her bra and panties, hoping for reprieve and pardon. But the fiancee is insistent on the cane. The girls kneel side by side bare bottom on the couch. We’ve seen this actress really turn-to with the cane, at this juncture elsewhere, and here is some of her best work. Curly is first for 15 strokes, then Miss Sophisticate her 15. Then Curly lays over the hassock for just 2 strokes, which must fail, so she is mantelpieced British-style for a final 10. Lovely welts, perfect view, and a vigorous full-court game by our fiancee, who likes to fondle and trace the welts between the strokes she so relishes. Miss Fancy gets a trip to the mantelpiece herself–“Arch your back,”  for the last 10, during which we think some skin was broken. Rousing toe-curling CalStar.


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