Offender Correction Unit – PARADOX

10 Jan

F/females; 2.5 hours (3 parts)

Part 1

Bare bottom embarrassment, a golden oldie, in three parts, a lot like Paradox’s wonderful ‘Finishing School Discipline,’ in this case where a sequence of girls are punished in the same way. The story may sound monotonous, but the girls are sweet, the Matron is evil, and the camera crew must have enjoyed spanking. The production was so entertaining we cannot help giving a blow-by-blow. A young, stern-looking ‘Miss Brown’ type uniformed matron reports to her ‘office,’ a bleak warehouse setting reminiscent of a John LeCarre rendezvous, where a courtyard wall sign reads, “Offender Correction Unit.” It seems the Court sends miscreant girls here for various levels of attention related to their offenses. This is another dramatization of this bountiful CP  fantasy-theme.

And it is wonderfully done. The girls are athletic, long of leg, with high, hard bottoms, and always kept in high heels, flattering the buttocks. Cameras work from several angles, the editing seems smooth, repeats are not obvious. The director liked his work, and knew the nuances of panty placement.

The matron attends her paperwork. The first offender to arrive is a buxom blonde.  caught “soliciting without a license.” She hears her sentence, a handspanking, and is taken by a full-uniformed nurse to be prepared. She is made to strip, removing her tarty clothing, showing a smashing body, puts on white panties, called “punishment pants” throughout, no bra, and a bib-like tunic they love to call a “tabard,” which permits quick access to our areas of interest. She is marched back to the matron, where she learns she is to get “Category C,” a handspanking and a slippering. The matron flexes a cane with a wicked gleam, reminding the blonde the cane would be for the next time–we ourselves hope there will be a next time. She is mildly spanked, then slippered, first on her beautifully filled-out punishment pants and then on the bare, the pants ceremoniously pulled down and then draped where we like them. The spankings are moderate, but the long-legged tight-bottomed blonde is glorious and the camera dead-on. The punishment concludes with the blonde posing nude holding a poster: “I degrade myself for money.”

The second offender (you wonder if the matron has a full day scheduled), a tall pageboy  brunette, is in for stealing. “CategoryA,” which matron is delighted to describe as “caning and lots of it.” The brunette strips off her stylish outfit–it’s lovely to watch–and dons the official garb. Matron brandishes the plexiglass cane and gleefully desribes how it is going to hurt–eliciting whimpers. “Let the punishment commence.” Bent over a stool, she is warmed with quick handspanks, a little hard paddle, and then here comes the cane. “Remove your clothes. I want to see you naked.” This matron is an excellent Domme; she wears disposable rubber gloves to heighten the tension.

Now nude and back over the stool, the brunette is caned about 35 strokes; after 25 she crosses her own pain threshold and has to be encouraged to stay in place. Not severe stuff, but very sexy, and our cameraman knows his bottoms.

The third girl in this segment, a tall svelte brunette, also gets “Category A.” The scene cuts–she is in her punishment getup and holding her poster–she has been smuggling drugs. She starts OTK. “My God, it stings.” She is ordered to remove her pants herself, for more handspanking. Then it is over the table for some cat-o-nine-tails flogging on the white pants she has pulled back up. Hard and fast, but not vicious. The matron paces, Nu West style, admiring the increasing rouge. She loves her subordinated girls: “Nice and red, and  ooh, warm as well.”  While matron flexes the cane, our poor miss must run in place, in just panties, jiggling up a storm for us. The director works all the fantasies. Cane time–only 10 strokes, moderate and effective, on the bare. In a long closeup hold at the conclusion, we can count every tramline. Another first: matron cools off this particular bottom with an aerosol spray.

Part 2

Our busy domme-matron  keeps on with her stressful day. A black girl is marched in by the nurse. She strips and does the tabarb bit. The matron delights in showing her the implements to be used on “bare flesh.” She is sent away to stew nearby in a cell for later.

“NEXT!” A lovely brunette in a short skirt and knee boots is brought in with an “attitude problem.” We’re in the right place to fix that. A male from “headquarters,” in a white lab coat, sits by to observe this particular session. The matron appears to do a cavity search with those rubber gloves, but we only see the brunette’s face. She is told: “Punishment is handspanking, whipping, and caning. Strip!” Incredulous, the girl asks, “Here?” She manages to get her tabard on without showing us anything. The matron starts an OTK handspanking, but the male supervisor is displeased with her technique, urging faster and harder spanking. We’re certainly glad he had time to stop by today, because in fact, the matron’s technique is vastly improved from here on in the series.

The supervisor takes over the handspanking–he is much more severe; the matron is clearly chagrined, but the wiser. He, like the matron and the camera, likes careful detailed bottom-checks.

The matron gets the girl back in her clutches, now with something new to prove. The supervisor orders that she be given 40 lashes with the martinet. First 10 on those lovely panties, and the remaining set, and some bonus, on a twisting, weaving, bare bottom. Very nice. That’s all for now. She’ll be brought from her cell at 7 PM for a caning from the male supervisor.

The glamorous black girl is brought back for her spanking. Her shame sign: “I lie, I cheat, I steal.” She is spanked OTK, bare, then caned over a stool, 7 strokes. Applause for our improved matron!

It is 7 PM, and time for the brunette’s appointment with the supervisor and the cane. No preliminaries. Over the stool, long beautiful legs in high heels, an arched back–7 nice strokes on the white pants and then 15 more nude. We can watch her anticipating face and the hovering cane zing home from a clever camera angle. Nice work. And finally the slow camera hold on her chastised bottom. Her sign: “I used to have an attitude problem.”

The next young lady in the grasp of the matron is an illegal immigrant, defrauding Old England. Goodness, you don’t get spanked for this anymore. Same drill, the new-improved handspanking. The girl squawks big-time. she gets her bottom sprayed “to cool you down for the next session.” Then a novelty, she stands on a step ladder to frame her bottom for the martinet, pants in a puddle. She is told to muffle her screams and left red-bottom in this position for 5 minutes and we contemplate her.

Part 3

Some previews of parts 1 and 2, the the matron summons a buxom short-haired brunette who is a table-tennis champion, charged with selling steroids. She changes into the spanking costume and first is spanked OTK, a little harder than the others, with much wailing. Her pants are soon down, and of course the ping pong paddle is the appropriate tool her and makes a nice crack. she kneels on a chair for more and gives us some tweener glimpses not frequent in these spankings. The matron gets out her spray can and cleverly shields the opening between the champ’s legs with her free hand.

She’s done with this segment, but it is not time to go home. She holds her sign then strips to just pants and runs in-place, with the expected delightful result. Next, pants off, jumping jacks and more running. Closeups too. She thinks she is finished, but no. Back over the stool, naked, with high heels back on to throw the bottom up high and hard, for the cane –about 7 moderate strokes. Then 5 minutes of “humiliation,” where she poses nude and we inspect carefully.

Alas, the last girl. A new matron, a diminuitive brunette on duty. A  redhaired girl has been caught shoplifting multiple times. The matron show her the paddle and cane and repeats the phrase “bare bottom” several times. “You realize you will be naked, yes?” She returns from her cell in the gown and panties; the first OTK is the slow ritual spanking, but the matron soon increases the tempo. She peels the redhead’s panties down with more erotic attention than we have seen in a while. Nice camera angle on the spanking which follows–front, rear,side. “Stop complaining girl. We are just warming up.”

A little leather glove-shaped paddle makes some impression. After a scene fade, the redhead is stretched over a horse, a novel idea in this series, for a mostly mild series with the cat. She curses the matron, which elicits the cane. About 10 strokes, which didn’t seem severe, but the redhead is suffering nicely, so we enjoyed them. Her bottom is also sprayed, then she poses in just panties. “I lie, I cheat, I steal.” The matron is beside herself with pleasure.

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