Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire — KANE

15 Jan

2M/3f;  year: 1995; 54 minutes

Very early ‘Kane production by the British photographer/CP filmmaker George Harrison Marks, six popular CP girls. Typical of these early films, the story is about the making of spanking films.

Matronly actress Christina Grantham discusses with actor ‘Sir Larry Greythorpe’ what kind of girls Marks needs for a film. Actresses Amber Scott and Caron Shields arrive for “interview.” Sir Larry is going to audition them in fetish outfits. Caron is actually quivering. “You’re shaking, I see,” he says, and even before the festivities.

Christina brings French Maid and Nurse costumes. “I’m sure these costumes will give you confidence, girls.” Naughty stuff. Blonde Amber, very young and less brassy here, enters in the maid’s outfit.  Sir Larry can’t help running his hands over her, to her dismay. You can’t blame him. He routinely checks her red satin panties. Amber bends over and both Sir Larry and Christina practice-handspank her, simple but probably outrageous in the era of this film. He pulls the panties down,and a heretofore passive Amber begins to complain. With a soft leather flogger, Larry gets Amber jumping around. He finished her with 10 cane strokes.

Brunette Caron enters in a nurse’s uniform, just as erotic in Marks’ comic way. She too objects to Sir Larry’s roving fingers. Bend-over, thong down, another great bottom early in its career. The flogger again, a short studded strap,and for the cane, he likes to torment. “One more [stroke] and as I said to your colleague, THIS IS THE BIG ONE.”

In a completely separate story, actor Mel Starsky as “Thompson,” has called ahead then brought his wife to the studio for some actual punishment. Sir Larry has them sent to the “classroom” set and he puts on his silly cap-and-gown. The actress is credited as ‘Lisa Wigan’ here, later know as ‘Alison’ or ‘Lisa’ ‘Payne. with a long list of credits at MOONGLOW, CALSTAR, their spin-offs, and probably others. We cherish this very early appearance by one of our favorites.

In the ‘classroom,’ Lisa quickly perceives what is about to transpire. Thompson: “22 years old and she still acts like a teenager.” This age would appear to be close. She wears a school uniform.

Demonic Sir Larry is going to practice “perversion therapy.” Instead of electric shock, he will subistitute spanking, so she will associate this experience with her school duds. (We would also recommend some coupons for this clinic be pinned to their kitchen message board for another reminder.)

Bend-over the desk, skirt up, full white panties–and we’ve said she wears them like few others. Larry spanks, fondles, and pinches. Thompson needs to learn and takes over. Larry takes the knickers down. Incomparable. The men use a tawse and studded strap. Then: “The good old reliable [cane].” Larry explains what parts of the bottom should be caned, then lays on 10 strokes. Lisa counts out 10 more from husband Thompson. Glorious facials, no frontals. Lisa’s modesty will become less of an issue in future productions.

Another round with the cane. Three from Larry, 3 from Thompson. The husband may take the cane home with him.

After this semi-erectile actvity all day, Larry embraces Christina and raises herskirt up to go “down memory lane.” “Oh, dear, must I?”

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