The Navy Lark – REDSTRIPE

16 Jan

M/2f; year: 1997; time: 32 minutes

Another entertaining film with uniforms and bare bottoms, where British female service members and cadets accept spankings as punishment for infractions. There are other military-theme films where the girls are exploited by harsh officers or non-commissioned officers in barracks, the woods, over trestles, on-stage, exercising predatory authority over them. This film from RedStripe was made in an era when severe film spankings were rare and surely monitored. Here, the girls’ humiliation and submission provide the entertainment.

Two WREN’s, brunette ‘Parker,’ (Sarah Harvey Lewis) and blonde ‘Bridgeman,’ in realistic full uniforms of necktie, jacket, white blouse, stockings, and heels, have been AWOL and missed guard duty and now report to an older tough-looking, shaven-head male officer in a military squad room setting. Caps off, the girls have too much hair for the Navy, but not for spanking purposes.

Threatened with courts-martial,  the girls have heard rumors of alternative solutions. “There must be another way.” Bridgeman suggests “corporal punishment” can be substituted. The officer feigns offense at this obsolete concept but reluctantly agrees, although first he must send the girls out to buy spanking implements because the Navy is not equipped.

These scenes make for playful plot; the girls wonder, “Where are we going to get these things?” But they do find a shop and return with the tools secreted in their uniforms–paddles and straps.

“Who’s first, then?” asks the officer. Brunette Parker steps forward. There is no way out. “Take your jacket off….lift your skirt.” She is taken OTK and a hard, loud, ritual spanking begins on her loose white knickers, non-regulation, the officer notes. “Stand up, take your knickers down.” She objects for a moment but complies, keeping her front covered. “This was your idea, not mine.”

Blonde Bridgeman goes next–jacket off, skirt up. “Assume the position!” Black knickers, also non-regulation. Loud squawking. “A modicum of decorum, if you don’t mind!” You will find such language only in British CP films. “Stand up, take those non-regulation knickers off, Bridgeman.” More OTK. Parker’s bare cheeks in the shot in the background.

“Get up, that concludes the preliminaries. Shall we move to the main event?…select one of those implements.” Parker takes the floppy paddle/strap, takes her skirt off a second time, bends over a metal chair, for a colorful and loud paddling.

Bridgeman selects a stiffer paddle (for our benefit we assume). She’s got a bigger bottom. “Over the chair!” Her hot writhing is a film highlight. Six to conclude; she flashes fuzzy frontal glimpses. “Splendid,” is the officer’s proud assessment of his handiwork when he examines the bottoms together.

“We’ll finish with 18 strokes of the cane each….Parker, over the desk!” But the officer pulls his punches and doesn’t bite much flesh. Bridgeman’s turn, she opens her thighs invitingly, but also lucks out. He checks the cheeks again, the girls salute, and then are sent off half-naked, surely hoping no one is in the halls.

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