Party of Pain – CALSTAR

17 Jan

MF/2f; time: 59 minutes

Spanking the bottoms of household staff. Two interwoven spanking stories with no connection other than the plotline. Even though the film cuts from one story to another, it is most efficient to describe each one in turn.

Wealthy lady of the manor ‘Caprice’ confronts two of her female staff, ‘Kathy’ and ‘Sharon.’ They failed to clean up after a party, flirted with staff and her husband at the party, etc. “I want the time I paid you for…you have a choice between getting paid and not getting paid.”

Little brunette Kathy suggests “spanking on bare bottoms, like Mr. Johnson did.” Caprice declares there is no time like the present. To Kathy, “You go first.”

OTK she goes. Caprice is amused by her thong. “You’ve made my job easier.”  Darker blond Sharon is next OTK, madame has the black pants down immediately. “Keep your face away from me please..don’t look at me…my hand is hurting. I’m going to get something heavier. ”

Caprice bends both girls at the fireplace, hard paddling with  the soft oval paddle. More spanking and paddling at the couch. “The torture isn’t over. I haven’t quite finished.” Caprice shifts to the cane.

Kathy will be caned first. As the strokes begin, she can’t keep her bottom still. She uses two canes, about 8 strokes. For Sharon: “Your turn now.” About 15 strokes, a lot of kneading and fondling for Caprice. Now she has finished with these punishments, while her husband upstairs proceeds with quite a different session.

Caprice’s husband is upstairs with another girl, a frequently seen sexy brunette model in the CalStar catalogue, who often spanks even harder than she receives it. This is erotic play–he wants to get her pants down and she is afraid of his wife downstairs. OTK, he spanks and kneads her cheeks. “This is hot…why am I having a spanking?” Johnson stands her up: “I think I should take your pants down now.” They are both amused.

“I want you to do something…stand, bend-over, your panties at your ankles. I love spanking your bottom. I  watched it at the party.” She gets the soft oval paddle, ever fearful they will be caught. He has her choose the next spanking implement, a spanker/crop. She steps out of her panties and bends over the couch. The crop hurts more. The husband not-so-subtly has his fingers between her legs and asks that she count the strokes.

He shows her a thck cane and enjoys her discomfort. “I don’t want that. We should go back downstairs.” “It’s important [that you take this cane] if you are going to go out with me.” “Are you going to leave your wife for me?” She turns to watch about 10 strokes fall. She takes off her panties and then her top,and she is naked. About 15 more cane strokes. Top notch erotic stuff. She passes whatever test as applying to her and they are ready to return downsairs.

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