19 Jan

M/2f; year: 2003; time: 57 minutes

Bare bottoms in the sunshine, miltary discipline, streaking romps, paddles and canes. A mischievous storyline–a severe Army corporal, the familiar shaven-head male actor Karl Strong from MISSMARCHMONT, marches two female recruits into the woods where he can have his way with them. Actresses Leia Ann Woods and Elizabeth Simpson, early in their CP careers before they opened up their own CP shops, as ‘Clark’ and ‘Peters,’ respectively, will be doing some extra PT, to say the least.

But first, Corporal must inspect them. They must raise their shirts to ensure they are not wearing bras, then drop their shorts for him to verify their regulation knickers. The first exercise–they run a 5-mile course through the woods with Corporal setting the pace, wearing a backpack, like a  good leader. When this course is complete, they must mark time,march in place, lifting their knees to touch Corporal’s cane. The director took the trouble to ensure perspiration stains on their little outfits.

More PT, up, down for touch-toes. Corporal urges them on with a strap. “Green vests off….this is not holiday camp!” Skimpy white gymslips remain. Next, upper-body pushups–our man uses his cane to poke them. Star jumps, then situps. “This is the British Army, not the girl guides!” The girls sit  and lock legs to do a seesaw exercise which plays havoc with the stomach muscles. They are sent for another run in the woods, “a little competition.”

Things get interesting. Peters must drop her shorts, down to white knickers. She will be spanked until Clark completes running the course. Corporal pours water over her knickers as he spanks then tugs them down. Clark returns, the girls must switch places, and Peters is sent off running, with a wet bottom and her knickers at her thighs.

When Peters returns and Clark’s spanking stops, she is sent off again without her pants, and Peters gets the strap. The girls reverse this as before, and it has become time for the cane.

The two girls stand side-by-side in the clearing, bottoms bare, in just gymslips. Each in turn steps back one pace, bends over, and takes 5 cane strokes, until each girl gets about 25 strokes. Not severe, but humiliating here in the sunshine.

This concludes today’s activities. Corporal is going to repeat this every day until he gets some behavioral progress. The girls must double-time back to the barracks without pants. We can imagine a collection of guys hanging around the Quad, waiting for the girls to come in with their pants in their hands, knowing Corporal has been doing his thing in the woods.

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