Spanking and Shame Collection #6

19 Jan

We subscribed to and downloaded a large portion of this wonderful website (before it disappeared). The films are mostly 30-45 minutes long, self-contained stories. The limited dialogue is in French; the principal male character, an adult actor who demonstrates his prowess with just the slightest encouragement in some films, confronts girls on a small set–used as a gym, a doctor’s office, or sitting room. He will torment them into states of nudity, then spank, fondle and do other naughty things, and occasionally consummate by giving them a good fuck. The girls are submissive, compliant, reluctantly willing, impressed and sometimes shocked by his manhood, and often amused by it all. If you like subjugation and humiliation without the violence, bruises, and wheals, this is your site. The pretext must be blackmail, where a girl must put up with this guy if she wants to keep her job or pass an admissions test. One of the spanking-site reviewers called  S&S the “best in the world.”

Here are some of the many we have seen so far:

1.’Gym Lesson’ (M/f; 28 minutes): the male actor, who reminds us of the American NBA basketball player and coach Phil Jackson in his early years (we’ll call him ‘Jackson’ here), invites a thin young brunette into his ‘gym.’ The Cher-like brunette skips in, conveying naivete, wearing a tank top and pedal-pusher warmup pants.

He lays out an exercise mat, she kicks off her gym shoes, and begins some exercises, while he encourages her with hand slaps and a ruler on her bottom. The emphasis is on her buttocks, as it is in fact in the entire website. He grinds his groin against her clothed bottom as she exercises; his warmup pants can’t hide the big one he is developing.

When he steps off-set, she examines a set of naked and semi-naked punishment photos;  when he returns, we assume he tells her that these scenes depict what happens in this room.

The spanking begins–he takes her OTK while he stands, leg up in on a chair. She is light enough to be yanked naked up and suspended dangling like a rag doll over his knee. The spanking is slow and mild; as matters progress, he works down her pants to display black panties.

He pulls her pants and socks completely off–she is on the slippery slope if she didn’t already know it–and he takes a seat to continue the more traditional OTK. She has been giggling just a bit. When he pulls her panties down, she works her legs wide  to provide full exposure. He probes with a finger. Full white bottom against darker skin. This girl likes topless beaches on the Riviera? The brunette begins mild gasps as the spanking progresses.

She stands, top comes off, bra off–embarrassment complete; he fondles and twirls her like the trophy she is. He takes his cock out and encourages her to play with it. He is huge, with a cunning curvature which must please the ladies when it comes to the short strokes.

He takes her OTK again, now totally naked, and helps her to reach back and stroke his penis while he spanks. She looks quite competent at it.

Her humiliation  not quite concluded, she must bend over in front of him while he works a finger into her anus. A little more spanking, then still naked, nose to the wall, hands-on-head, legs spread, camera on her white bottom. the film concludes in the traditional style of a cornered spanked girl.

2.’Special Gym Lesson’ (M/f; 45 minutes): the principal male character we are calling ‘Jackson’ meets another girl in the same ‘gym,’ really just a one-room set used throughout this erotic and delightfully outrageous series. A  curly dark-blonde in a sweater, low-rider jeans, and bare midriff, is ushered in. Like all the girls in these films, she seems ready to take her medicine and do what she is asked, however reluctantly. Knowing what Jackson is capable of, we are looking forward to this one.

Despite the length of this film, the girl starts shedding her clothes quickly. The surrendering of clothes plays a hug part in the humiliition aspect of all of these films. Sweater unbuttoned, she kicks off her shoes, shot of nervous twitching toes.

Jackson admires and fondles her twitching body. She herself drops her jeans and is down to white bikini panties and bra. He twirls her, throws in some handspanks as she stands helpless in front of him, and works her panties down, bottom full screen.

Next, another element of humilation and embarrassment we covet, found in Nu West, Lupus, and other producers, where the subjugation of the victim reigns supreme. The girl must stand naked and posed for us on a little pedestal, no more than a kitchen step stool. Jackson must be telling her, in French, to raise and lower her panties, which she will continue to do, part of her embarrassment.

Jackson works off the bra and massages her boobs like new discoveries, while trying to act shy and exploited. He makes her put her hands on her head. He sits behind her while the panties go up and down, preparing for the next phase.

With her pussy taking up most of the shot, hands on head, he takes out his erect cock. He grinds and rubs his penis against her bottom–she reaches back to stroke it, a long and slow scene. Knickers keep going up and down–music is added to the soundtrack.

We approach the climax, at least someone’s climax. She touches toes on the pedestal. He kisses her buttocks. Because it provides a more stable position for the fucking about to begin, she kneels on an exercise pad. Anal closeups, some more spanking–not as much of that in this film–then a slow and satisfying doggy-style rogering on the mat.

The typical conclusion–naked, nose to the wall, bare bottom on display.

3. ‘Blonde on the couch’ (M/f; time: 38 minutes) One of the other male disciplinarians in this series greets a pretty blonde on the set with the green couch. No medical equipment visible is probably good news for her. She wears a tight white top, bare midriff, and black skirt. A slung shoulder bag completes the innocence.

They sit on the couch and converse (in French), and the guy begins to run his hands over her. She is hearing what is going to happen to her. She averts his gaze, which is done very nicely.

With a mild struggle, her gets her OTK on the couch and begins working up the black slit skirt. There are no panties, just the faint glimpse of a pink thong. He begins picking at the thong–she keeps reaching back and struggling.

She has surrendered; she stands and he unfastens and helps her drop her skirt. She is quite elegant in the thong. Together, they pull her top over her to expose a blue bra. Delightful eyeful, and we are not finished. Back OTK, thong down, the guy gropes without resistance.

Standing again, the bra goes and the thong is tossed away. Full frontal, red blotches on her skin here and there where the guy was grabbing. He proceeds to spank her in various postures on the couch, most notably a revealing, rolling diaper pose.

4. ‘blonde photo model’ (M/f; time: 28 minutes) One of the SpankingShame regulars receives a frizzy blonde on the apartment set. She seems to have come to model for him, he starts taking 35mm shots then he begins to pick at her clothing.

Top off first, she seems to be OK with this. No bra. Skirt off, just sky blue bikini panties. When the guy begins to pick at the elastic of her panties, she begins to resist a bit, maybe just to increase the fun.

OTK on the couch, spanking on the bikini panties. He works the pants down, a lot easier in this posture. She kneels on the floor, more spanking, spread thighs.

Back OTK, the guy spreads the girl’s thighs with a knee and spanks and frigs. She reach back to join in with one hand, a finger in her anus.

The blonde stands naked for him and poses. Then, quite willingly, she lies all the way over the back of the couch so that her bottom is highest, legs spread, a terrific pose you don’t see often from the more experienced models. The guy uses a martinet, mildly, just a tickle. They run around the apartment, part of the entertainment she must have agreed to provide.

5. ‘Two guys another photo model’ (2M/f; time:30 minutes) A spiffy brunette arrives in a two-piece white outfit at the apartment set. She begins modeling for a guy, who takes snapshots. She looks a little suspicious–he must be suggesting more.

He begins to manhandle her–she is not resisting. She takes off her wrap-top, white bra. And the Mexican-style skirt off, white panties. The guy poses her in her undies, all the while picking at them.

Another guy arrives, a SpankingShame regular. The two men seem to be scolding and convincing the girl she is to cooperate. Off comes the bra. Onto the couch for more photos. The boys definitely want something done with those panties, and soon enough, they’re down.

The two guys wrestle and spank her on the couch, she is naked but for white heels, which matched nicely when she had clothes on. More phots and posing. To the corner naked, the men just contemplate the beauty.

6. ‘Auburn pigtails, sloppy girl’ (M/f; time: 32 minutes) An auburn-haired girl with pigtails lounges in her pajamas and purple top, reading comic books. She has overdone it with excessive makeup.

A SpankingShame regular enters the house, is unset with the mess in the place and her makeup, and takes her OTK on the bed. Pajama bottoms down, no panties, she kicks as she is spanked.

The guy wipes off the makeup and takes her into the bathroom. She takes off the rest of her clothes and lets down her pigtails. She stands in the tub and washes herself with a hand sprayer.

The guy takes her, wet and naked, back to the sitting room. Hands-on head, just a towel around her waist. A second guy arrives at the apartment–One pervert is enough, the girl tries to cover herself.

She is sent and returns with trays of drinks. We’re watching that towel. She has no hands free, off it comes. The guys conclude the film by playing with her, probing, sapnking, prying, frigging.

7. ‘blonde in gym’ (M/f; time: 41 minutes) One of the cast guys with a tall tawny blonde wearing a red kilt and glasses. She begins to undress, shoes off first, then a white silk blouse. She is sweetly nervous, but will be lucky she did not draw ‘Dr. Tom’ for this appointment.

The kilt comes off and she is down to white bra and panties. The guy gets her OTK with a nice little struggle and drops her bra as he spanks. Groping, panties down, full puss. Onto her feet, the guy twirls her and fondles. She is miserable. Nice.

Bend-over, palms on the floor–we’ve said before, this is not easy. The guy spreads her cheeks and kisses in a few places not done at cocktail parties. Finger in her anus.

The blonde is strung to two posts, by wrists and ankles, first facing the camera, then bottom to the camera. Mild and silly flogging, but she is all his. Sexy low shots from the camera, nipple tweaking, we have gotten so we need Dr. Tom to consummate this

8. ‘Too Late to Pay the Rent’ (M/f; time: 35 minutes) Here we find the oldest male we have seen in this series. He is visited by a frizzy and disheveled blonde. From the title, we surmise that he is her landlord and she is so late with the rent that now they will discuss other options.

That would be a spanking and more. The landlord begins wrestling with her and gets her OTK, skirt up. After some ineffectual spanking he begins to undress her–blouse, skirt, and bra off. The wrestling becomes explicit and the last garment, a thong, comes off.

They go into the bedroom and the spanking/wrestling continues on the bed. The girl opens the guy’s pants and the blowjob begins. In a scene cut, the guy has stripped to shorts and lies on his back. His tenant is working furiously, and we’d have to say the geezer is doing quite well himself. This is the most explicit film we have seen in this series.

9. ‘Dr.Tom with 2 blondes’ (M/2f; 50 minutes) Tom has two girls here, in the classroom setup. He sets one blonde to work at some geometry on the blackboard while he begins his thing with the second girl.

He begins fondling her and picking at her clothing. Off comes her top and soon she is OTK for a brief spanking. He gets her slacks down. She is shy about all this.

The second blonde strips down to just panties, no bra. Tom helps himself to her boobs, as he always does. Now both girls are down to just panties.

More spanking and struggling, panties off, two naked girls at the blackboard. To continue the humiliation, both naked girls kneel up on a table, heads down, bottoms high, legs spread. Tom pulls up a chair and helps himself to this exposure. The girls have the traditional dirty feet from the studio. Tom pries their cheeks apart and probes with gusto.

More spanking at the blackboard and a long hold on these two charming bottoms.

10. ‘Spanking two French girls’ (2MF/2f; time: 20 minutes) A large cast for this series. Two brunettes, one Asian, page through a spanking magazine, amused. An older matron-like woman sneaks up on them and surprises them, grabbing the magazine. We assume the dialogue went something like this: “So, you like spanking?”

The matron will spank both girls at the couch, maybe a little more interested in the bare bottoms than she should be. Then she makes a call–can she be doing what we think she is doing?

Sure enough, two SS male regulars show up on the scene. The matron is going to share the wealth with them. The men are shown the spanking magazine and arrange the girls kneeling on the couch to be spanked together. The guys gets their panties down, thighs apart, and probe and pry as they spank. Full exposure for both girls.

The girls are then ordered to strip naked, which they do slowly, apparently detecting some of the fun the girls are having. And the matron is excited. The girls twirl for slow inspection.

11. ‘Tom and dancing girl’ (M/f; time: 32 minutes) While ‘Tom’ tries to work in his office, a girl blares the stereo in the sitting room and dances about. Tom comes in and asks the music be turned down, but the girl resets the volume after he leaves.

Tom returns and begins smacking the girl’s bottom. He takes her OTK and pulls down her white slacks which have split a seam. Sky blue panties. Tom gets the panties down to her ankles and continues one of his groping spankings.

The girl stands, white T-shirt off, no bra. She’s naked, and Tom helps himself to her body. Now she can dance again, but this time naked. She is sweetly reluctant but gradually gets into it. A little more spanking and groping to conclude.

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