Birching For Remembrance – CALSTAR

20 Jan

MF/2f; year: 1997; time: 30 minutes

RAF World War II veterans like to birch bare bottoms at reunions. Devilish little storyline–the reunion is underway. Seems that in the old days the boys used to spank girls “to keep their spirits up” and so now a young lady must be auditioned and prepped to be worthy to provide this evening’s entertainment.

The setting is a CALSTAR favorite –a sitting room with decorative brick walls and fireplace. Many a plaintive feminine cry has bounced off these bricks. One of CALSTAR’s senior spankers, as a retired RAF commander, will give the girl her test, assisted by another woman. The guy is right off a ROUE set. First, she is taken OTK over the female assistant’s lap with her skirt up for a mild stsrt. The gentleman suggests it would be better if her knickers were down, and he hands over a small paddle and demonstrates. Missy must kneel on the couch for more paddling. She is whining but is reminded: “It will be much worse tonight.” The stiffened leather paddle is proffered. Lots of ‘ooh’s’ and ‘oww’s’ and some blotching progress. The gentleman announces: “They’ve insisted on the birch tonight.”

The young lady is directed to remove her dress and is now naked. She takes five with the birch bundle, bending over at the fireplace, the equivalent of being ‘mantelpieced.’ The assistant birches her too, but mildly. “The boys are going to enjoy playing with you, young lady.” Hey, we’re enjoying this too. With a bigger bundle of birches, the assistant and the gentleman alternate streaking her bottom, about 30 times–looks very sting-y. The gentleman then gets his cane and gives her seven hard strokes, and the lady assistant gets in a few cuts also. “Is she ready for the boys now?”  She is led off naked.

The gentleman turns on his assistant (we were hoping). “You need warming up.” Some nice acting. “Me?” She protests all too briefly, takes off her dress, drops her panties and takes about 12 from the cane, also nude at the fireplace. “Ooh, is this necessary?” “Of course, darling, you’re going to get a lot more when you go downstairs.” A  few more strokes then. “Let’s go.” Fun stuff from CALSTAR, with a little left to the imagination. Can we slip into a back row downstairs?

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