Enema Discipline #2 – NUWEST

20 Jan

 F/’f; yaer: 1998; time: 25 minutes

Two naked Nu West models teach us a few things. Blonde ingenue ‘Katie’ is confronted by ‘Karen.’ Katie’s been “fucking around” with Karen’s boyfriend, having anal sex with him, among other things. Sassy and smirky little Katie, in a style she does best, “So what?”

“I’ll show you ‘so what.’ We’re going to take all our clothes off and go to it.” You’ve got to hand it to the ever imaginative Ed Lee at Nu West. Here is a form of conflict resolution we would subscribe to any time.

Fade to a new scene. Both actresses are buck naked. Katie is stretched across Karen’s lap in the blue studio outfitted as an office, being paddled and issuing her little squeals. Karen spreads her buttocks to expose her anus, because she intends to give it some attention, like her boyfriend did.

They stand and Katie must bend over the desk. “Spread your legs.” Karen crops Katie’s anus, our focus, like her boyfriend. Closeups of Katie’s finest points.

Fade to a gurney in another room. Katie is kneeling on it, hands-and-knees, head down, an enema nozzle insertion underway. We don’t wish to be critical, because we are having a high old time, but we wish the camera angle had been slightly offset to increase the view of the insertion.

Karen plays with the tube flow release and checks the water level in the bag hanging on the classic trolley. “Almost done?” begs Katie, showing just a bit of squirming discomfort.

The flow is stopped, the nozzle removed, and Katie stands, now pleading to go to the toilet. But no, Karen is going to paddle her first, 10 smacks on each cheek. Katie jumps and stomps delightfully from foot to foot as she endures this.

She runs naked to the bathroom and there follows a full 4-minute segment of her in the buff, sitting on the john. we are spared any graphic details. You have to admire an actress who could pull off such a long scene, naked on a toilet. After a fade, Katie is seen returning to the toilet. She was not quite finished.

Another fade, Katie lies face down on the gurney, getting the strap from Karen.

Then another 3 minute toilet scene–Katie is fully clothed in youthful schoolgirl attire, trying to empty out again.

The final segment shows the two actresses, out of character now, snuggling on a NW couch, discussing the difficulties of making enema films. Katie just doesn’t like it.

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