Retired Headmaster – CALSTAR

20 Jan

M/f; time: 26 minutes

A retired headmaster spanks bottoms as a consultant. An entertaining concept, a school district sends naughty young ladies to him for off-the-books conflict resolution Would seem to be an endless supply of young bottoms. A pretty blond student calls at his home–decked out in a tie, blouse, blue skirt, and bobby socks.

He shows her his cane. “I’ve got my own private thing going on here. You’ll be here for a week.” He puts her to work sweeping leaves on the patio. “I’ll be back in an hour.” Next we see the blonde scrubbing the kitchen floor, up-skirt shots. She sneaks a call to a friend, explaining she has been imprisoned for a week. The headmaster catches her and starts the spanking–handspanking OTK, on regulation knickers. She is a squawker! It seems the phone call was to Australia.

He says he doesn’t spank his little house-slaves that often. This is a long one. Next is a slipper. “This will sting.” The girl squeals so much we reduced the volume, and from the closeups, it would seem she is getting excited. He moves around her bottom to redden the entire area. Nice work.

In a later scene: “Have you ever been caned before?” She kneels on a leather chair, bent over the back, so that her bottom is highest. Five very hard cane strokes on her panties; he repositions her and lowers the knickers–she obligingly opens her thighs. Five nasty cuts with a birch-bundle, then one final ceremonial concluder–she admits that this stroke must always be the hardest, and it is. This is the way the week will go.

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