Spanking and Shame Collection #5

20 Jan

Continuing our sampling of this wonderful and erotic defunct website:

1.(spanking in a sitting room, 14 minutes): We lost the title on this. The character we dubbed ‘Tom’ has a tall,  ponytailed brunette in a sitting room, the same set refixtured. She wears a white top and pedal-pusher pants. Tom talks a lot, fondles her, and finally, for the last 90 seconds of the film, takes her OTK on the green couch for an uneventful handspanking on her pants. Either this actress backed out on the deal or there is a sequel.

2. (‘Extremely Thorough Physical’; M/f; 43 minutes): another title we missed. A  brunette stands alone in the studio, minimally fixtured this time as a medical examining room. She inspects a tray of medical instruments, all for a purpose she must know. ‘Tom’  enters, wearing a doctor’s smock over his normal sweats. A doctor’s smock jolts any film for us.

The doctor fondles and inspects his charge, twirls and slaps her bottom as he likes to do. She starts by bending over the examining table, skirt up, white transparent panties barely hiding big round buttocks just born for the attentions coming in this film. After a long, slow spanking, she drops her own drawers. Another twirl, pubic fuzz, then another bend-over to allow the doctor to pry between her cheeks. He helps her off with the rest of her clothes–drops her skirt, plays with her boobs, removes the bra, so that she stands there in just her shoes. Tom drops his own pants to display his usual rock hard erection–gotta love this actor. The girl must be impressed to0–she strokes the monster. Any pretext for spanking gone now, she lies on her back on the table, he spreads her legs, investigates her pussy, smacks a buttock here and there as she rolls, and foot-fucks her toes.

Because of the proclivities of this site, the brunette stands and bends over a stool for the official poke. Good hanging boobs. The guy removes the rest of his clothes and rams away, lifting one leg to improve the camera angle. At one point, he remains stationary and she does the work like a good girl.

In addition to our man being a dependable male porn actor, he is an athlete. The brunette kneels ass-up on the table, and the guy climbs up, and half-standing, continues his thorough screwing of this big-bottomed good sport of a girl.

3. (Spanking and a shave; M/f; 25 minutes): This film weighs heavily on the ‘humiliation’  side. It could have been filmed in a hotel room. It is all about the bottom and pussy of an attractive, thin brunette.

The male actor ‘Tom’  wears street clothes here, and begins inmediately to spank the brunette on the bed on her full loose white panties. She struggles despite the mild smacking. Tom hikes her back into position by leveraging a grip between her legs. Overhead camera shots.

He works her knickers down and there again is a full white unsunburned bottom, suggesting pre-bikini, two-piece bathing suit era. She is cute with no pants, two nice dimples of Venus.

Tom stands her by the bed, half-naked, fondling and admiring his captured butterfly. In a rough cut, the pubic shaving has begun.The brunette is spreadeagled peacefully on the bed, on a towel. Tom has lathered her and works carefully with a razor.

Some choppy editing illustrates that this shaving business is not so easy, especially with this luxuriant crop of black curls. They probably stopped taping a few times to perfect the work. Tom gets it done and leaves a little decorative mustache topping. When she is mostly bald, Tom spanks her pussy.

In another rough cut, the brunette is naked in the shower/tub. The hotel bathroom seemed too small to light and get the proper camera angle. We like simple voyeur nude shower scenes. Good frontals, boobs, facials, all of her. Tom helps her bathe and she uses a hand-held sprayer.

Back on the hotel bed to conclude with more spanking of her bottom and pussy. Tom does not drop trou in this film.

4.(blonde, decorated T-shirt)(M/f; time:40 minutes) A pretty, curly-haired dark blonde explores the medical setup and idly weighs herself. Dr. Tom arrives, already in his white smock–always trouble. Does this girl know what is in store?

Apparently she does, because she steps in front of him and begins undressing. Top off, slacks down, she removes her bra–down to just white panties. Tom has picked up a ruler and smacks his palm with it and her bottom when she moves within range. The girl covers her boobs–quite cute, and one of the better bodies to come along in this series–and a close choice.

Tom takes her OTK, she kicks as he spanks. He gets her panties to her thighs, pries, probes, and spanks in a long session. The girl stands, pants down, while Tom twirls her, fondles, inspects, the usual humiliation, long here. For some reason, she is made to pull her panties up and down several times, a ‘dressing lesson’?

Some stethoscope, used in the usual naughty way Tom does. Now the girl lies flat on her back on a gurney, very vulnerable, covering her puss. In an unusual closeup, Tom probes at her shaved vulva.

Onto her stomach, Tom preparing a rectal thermometer, but she must talk him out of it. He spanks her instead. Too bad, there was time for both.

Cut to the set, now cleared of furniture. Tom spanks the naked girl as she stands, then she exercises with a hula hoop, all to briefly. It is one of the best naked exercises. Onto the floor, onto her back, legs thrown over her head, Tom probes her pussy and smacks it with a flyswatter. More spanking on all fours.

5. ‘Private Lesson’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) On the apartment set, an older guy will play tutor. A normal looking brunette, wearing decorative glasses, arrives with her school books. The tutor, old enough for some erotic ageplay here, is soon dissatisfied with her work and begins to rough her up.

The OTK spanking begins quickly. The guy bunches her panties, then pulls them down. The girl stands and strips down to just a red bra, pauses a moment, then takes it off. Naked. Wide spankable hips and a nice little beaver trim.

The tutor wrestles with her–the naked girl struggles, but not too much. He will have return naked to her schoolwork. She sits on a backless chair and arranges herself so that her bottom hangs over.

Onto the apartment bed, into the diaper position, mild struggle, for a strapping. She kneels on all fours, thighs wide, the guy probes and frigs. He whips her with a small martinet while she rolls on the bed.

Nice little film, a willing model who allowed some entertaining humiliation; nice bottom full-screen often. She kneels erect, naked, hands-on-head, face in a mirror, at the conclusion.

6. ‘lingerie sales girl’ (M/f; time:32 minutes) One of the SpankingandShame regulars in the apartment setting. A frizzy pretty blonde calls at the door. She has brought bikini and lingerie samples to sell.

She displays her wares. They are soon quarreling about something, in French. The guy is able to get her OTK–whatever the issue is, she hasn’t got much leverage. After a brief spanking, she begins to undress to put on the first bikini. Half-naked, she goes OTK again, where the guy completes the task by getting her panties down. Nice little beaver trim.

After more struggling, the guy ties her wrists in front. Struggling, frigging, spanking. Into the diaper position for a leather strap. She parades slowly for him, stark naked, before standing at the wall.

7. ‘Girl in denim’ (M/f; time: 21 minutes) A curly brunette in denim arrives at the apartment set for an appointment. An older guy does the duty here–he wants her to model for him. She is willing, and begins to undress for him. Jacket off, jeans down, black bra and panties remain.

He takes her OTK, there is a harmless wrestling match. She takes her own panties down and models for him–zoom. She kneels for a handspanking on the couch, knees wide, full puss.

Frisk position at the wall, a mild martinet. The episode is just spanking. The naughty stuff is usually left to ‘Dr. Tom.’ the girl smiles for the camera.

8. ‘Girl in panties only’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) One of the SpankingShame staff is tormenting a brunette, already stripped down to just adequate white panties. The entire film is virtually a struggle OTK to spank her and get those panties off.

At the conclusion, she kneels on a medical gurney for the martinet.

9. ‘Brunette-gym workout'(M/f; time: 25 minutes) One of the more aggressive sexual escapades in this series. Doctor Tom will fuck his little captive all of three times here.

A curly-haired light brunette reports in pink sweater and white blouse, and fidgets shyly in Tom’s office. He arrives in his gym outfit, usually trouble. The girl hangs her head. The spanking begins immediately, OTK, pantyhose down.

The girl steps behind a screen and strips down to just pantyhose, covering herself in embarrassment, ironic considering what is coming. On an exercise mat, she lies on her stomach for pushups. Tom gets her pantyhose down and drops his warmup pants to flash one of his super erections, condom already in place. He fucks her from behind, and they scramble to find the best positioning.

The girl stands and gets her pantyhose back up. Tom fondles, examines, twirls. She stands at the wall, pantyhose down again! Some handspanking, then Tom fucks her again, also more jostling to get just the right position. Bending over is the best.

Down onto the mat again, pantyhose down yet again, she stands on her head, Tom splays her legs, shaved pussy.

Tom sits on a chair, his huge cock like a pole. He gets the naked girl into the wheelbarrow position, embarrassing and revealing, but not functional. This series never had a roving camera. He rubs her with his cock and spanks. He isn’t finished.

The girl climbs willingly onto a gyno table and gets her feet into the stirrups without delay. Tom fucks for a third time, this time the mechanics and camera are better.

10. ‘Brunette in silk blouse’ (M/f; time: 41 minutes) Dr. Tom at his desk, a skittish brunette behind the privacy screen. She looks like she know what might be coming. A long shot shows a gyno table. The girl steps out and Tom begins his examination. This film contains most of the finer points of SPANKINGANDSHAME’S genre–exquisite embarrassment and humiliation. One of the best.

Blouse up, Tom plays with her breasts and gets her bra out of the way. Skirt up, he begins to pick at her panties as she tries to avoid him. ondling bottom tease; handspanking. OTK, cute kicking, down come the white panties. Tom kisses her bottom.

Back behind the screen, the girl strips to just panties. To the exercise area, she skips rope in the minimal knickers, boobs bouncing. Cute. Tome fondles and examines her. On toes, hands on head, panties down, full thatch of pubic hair, nice subjugation. He uses a flogger, on the mild side. White bottom, nice tan.

The girl lies on the floor mat on her side, an elastic strap between her ankles, for the tension to exercise the scissor leg spreads. Tom flogs her inner thighs and pussy.

Onto the leg-lift machine, on her stomach, bottom centered, head low, more flogging. After some spanking at the wall, she lies across another machine. Tom snaps her bottom and thighs, flattened to one expanse of tan and white flesh with a huge cane, which should only be used with care.

The brunette climbs onto the gyno table, almost eagerly, feet into stirrups; rubber gloves, vagina probe. She then kneels for an anal lube, done slowly, but nothing is inserted. Then a ruler spanking, lots of kicking and struggling. This cute girl escapes sex in this film, although Tom must have been ready.

11. ‘Two Lesbians’ (2M/2f; time: 44 minute) Two girls bump and grind together in their underwear, when they are caught by one of the SPANKINGANDSHAME guys. Made-to-order for him, he spanks both girls in this bedroom, OTK, panties down. This SPANKINGANDSHAME series is not your best reference for spanking as such. He does pry the girls’ buttocks apart.

He marches the girls into the next room, where they are made to strip naked. ‘Dr. Tom’ arrives. (We didn’t see the phone call, but he always seems to know when opportunity arrives). The naked girls try to cover up. This isn’t good, now two guys. Tom begins his fondling and inspection, including a moment when the girls’ bottoms face us and her gropes both pussies. The second guy watches.

A large kitty litter pan is brought in; the girls stand in a few inches of water. The soles of their feet are washed, the first recognition we have seen of the common porn film dilemma, dirty soles. Maybe we’re warped, but a little mild electro-zapper would have been fun here. Tom also washes boobs and bottoms as the girls stand in the water in the tray.

To conclude, the girls have to stand naked in front of a picture window. To bad they weren’t marched into a bedroom.

12. ‘Brunette-medical’ (M/f; time:41 minutes) A tall, thin, curly-haired brunette strips for Dr. Tom, down to white panties. He smacks her bottom with ruler, gets her OTK, cute kicking.

The setting is the office/gym; panties down, Tom pries and probes. Fondling, twirling, panties at her knees, one of the best models in this series. Tom teases her, ordering panties up and down.

Hands-on-head, stethoscope, boob play. Flat on the gurney for a pussy exam in closeup. Roll over for anal thermometer.

Jump rope, hula hoop, nice when nude. On her back, legs splayed, Tom smacks her thighs with a fly swatter.

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