School For Delinquent Girls – NETTLES

21 Jan

M/3f; time: 24 minutes

Three pretty young ladies lose their pants in the classroom; one thing about Russian films, they come up with the girls. The girls are goofing around, that is, until a male teacher enters–it is the short-haired muscular male actor often seen in this series, sometimes called ‘Anatoly,’  and he likes to spank, usually to tears.

Anatoly will deal quickly with these three girls. A short-haired brunette gets both palms slapped with a ruler, reducing her to tears, kneeling on the floor. She pulls down her own panties and leans over a table–the other girls hold her still. Skirt flipped up, the male teacher takes off his belt and raises just plain holy hell with her buttocks.

Pony-tailed Karpova hasn’t been studying and is begging on her knees after seeing this. She is ordered to take all her clothes off—blouse, skirt, (no bra), and for the ultimate humiliation, the other two girls remove her white panties. She kneels up on the desk, and first gets the bastinado on her bare soles. ‘Miss Brown’ would not do this at Miss Marchmont! She is bawling.

Blonde Potapova fetches the cane for anatoly. He lays on 15 strokes on Karapova’s attractive target; some strokes are repeated.

Now Potapova has to strip. Tall blonde. Blouse, skirt, bra, panties. A full thatch of pubic hair.  Very erotic–you wonder if this dynamic lass could ever be whipped into submission. She lies full length on the table, a position largely unique to the Russians, the girls hold her hands, and a bolster is slipped under her hips. In choppy editing, she is only handspanked in this position.

In typically Russian inexplicable editing, there follows a segment of just a few minutes called “Whipping of Young Teacher.” ‘Nikitonova’ will be caned for abusing a student. About 20 hard strokes, repeats, kneeling on a chair, skirt up, pants down. Maybe this was a preview.

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