Spanking and Shame Collection #3

24 Jan

Continuing from this great website, we didn’t record the titles of the films; the site is gonzo:

1. (medical; a handjob; M/f; 49 minutes): another powerful and erotic confrontation with the ‘doctor’ Tom in a medical scenario. A thin brunette, wearing a skimpy silver lamee top and jeans, meets ‘Tom’ in his exam room. We wears a white lab coat over his sweats and sneakers. In this costume he can make one film or another all day long, providing he can get it up when the time comes.

Although this storyline is formulaic and similar to other films, its erotic tension still provides huge entertainment. Tom examines the girl as she stands before him, centered on a round red rug. As in all the films, she seems to know she is in for a bad time and must tolerate it.

While Tom waits, she steps behind a screen to undress, fully exposed to the camera. Silver top off, no bra, shoes kicked off, jeans down, she steps out to face him in just pink panties, covering herself. The scene is repeated from several angles. We enjoy the undressing in S&S as much as anything.

Tom positions her on the red rug, teases her arms to her sides, then gropes and squeezes her breasts, while she tolerates this incursion. Tom positions a stool in front of her, checks her with his stethoscope (unconvincingly) and begins smacking her on the pink panties.

Finally OTK on the stool, the brunette flails her legs and shows us dirty feet. As usual, not much of a spanking, but fun to watch, a round and perfect bottom as her panties are worked down then off. Full puss, which Tom uses for leverage when she wiggles out of position. While he has the chance, he works a finger into her anus. After all, he’s an MD.

Off his lap, she stands naked in front of him, hands-on-head; he gropes, twirls, explores. Then a long bend-over, her buttocks full screen, getting the attention they deserve.

Tom has his cock out of his sweatpants. The brunette begins stroking it, then kneels in front of him to begin a hand-job in ernest. She has let her hair down and  seemseven more naked now.

She kneels up on the examining table–Tom licks her pussy and soon has climbed onto the table and is fucking her doggie-style, smacking her bottom. The brunette is eagerly doing most of the work.

2.(‘Brunette, medical, anal check’)(M/f; time: 48 minutes) A frizzy brunette waits on the medical set, looking at the equipment. expecting Dr. Tom. She wears a white blouse, kilt, and pantyhose. He arrives–she must have been convinced, because she quickly removes her blouse, while Tom is putting on his medical smock.

After a brief look-over from Tom, the girl removes her black bra. Tom has his long session with her boobs–she wears only black pantyhose and panties. Tom sits on a stool, twirling and examining her, then takes her OTK for the standard long spanking. Tom pulls down the pantyhose, and only black lace high cut bikini panties remain. Standing handspanking.

OTK, Tom gets rid of the panties. Standing, she jumps around during more spanking, displaying nice fuzz. Exercises, fondling.

Now flat on her back on the gurney, groping, legs spreading. Feet into the stirrups, Tom gives her a long and slow shave. We frigs her on her back and then more on her stomach. She surely must orgasm during this.

The girl kneels up for a leather strap, then the piece de resistance–with rubber gloves he probes her anus with a finger, and she responds.

3.(‘Girl reads rules, does limbo’) A ponytailed blonde enters the set and reads the rules on the wall. She pauses and then must be following instructions when she strips to bra and panties. Clothes don’t come off willingly in this series. ‘Tom’ arrives in his sweats–this is the gym setup.

She hangs her head while he looks her over; she walks off-screen and returns with a straight chair. She goes OTK, not without a struggle, and Tom eventually gets her panties down. She stands, hands-on-head, for some cropping, and Tom has her drag her panties up and down.

Tom will start the limbo dance with her, the bar quite high. As he spurs her on with a ruler and lowers the bar, her bra comes off and soon her panties are back at her knees. Soon she is naked–really, there is no other way the limbo dance should be filmed. She crawls on her stomach and on her back–there’s a good girl!

Some marching in place, and then another sexy exercise when a girl is naked–she rests her stomach on a stool, spreads her arms and legs, and swims in air. More naked exercises on a mat, all sorts of revealing stuff.

4.(‘Girl with soccer ball’)(M/f; time: 26 minutes) A Spanish girl is dribbling a soccer ball around in a fully furnished room, the alternate set S&S has used. A guy interrupts her–it looks like she has been told before that she shouldn’t be doing this.

She is going to get a spanking. After some OTK, she is forced to undress. Jersey over her head, a bright pink bra. OTK again, he spanks her on her athletic shorts, before he pulls them down. Bright pink matching panties. He spanks and bunches her panties. The girl reaches back, struggling to cover up. While she is pinned down, he unfastens her bra and pulls it away.

When she stands again, the girl covers her breasts, but this is not going to last for long. OTK again, panties down this time. The guy manages to maneuver her legs apart.

When she stands, naked now, she displays a perfect trim little adolescent body, including a fuzzy fluff of pubic hair. The guy must be haranguing her, because she has to cover her face to keep from laughing. She sent naked to the wall for some corner time. Much of this film is dedicated to celebration of her nifty body.

5.(‘Brunette with long earrings’)(M/f; time: 43 minutes) A tall brunette with long, dangling earrings, wearing blue slacks, a jacket, and a decorated blouse, faces ‘Tom,’ in his gym mode. He wears a workout undershirt and sweat pants.

The girl begins to strip–top off, slacks off, down to bra and panties. She stands on the exercise mat–Tom twirls her and probes, then removes her bra. She does some exercises in just her panties before he takes her OTK. She stands in front of Tom, between his legs, and her lowers her panties, enjoying the view he has. He twirls her-he likes her bottom as much as we do. He tweaks between her legs to move her around.

Fondling, kneeling. She lies on her back and throws her legs over her head. More puss for Tom. Spanking, probing, there is plenty to reach.

OTK for more spanking. You watch the time pass in these films and wait for Tom to drop his sweats.

6.(‘2 men shave girl in kitchen’) (2M/f; time:21 minutes) A brunette is accosted on a set used occasionally later in the series. The men will hold her and work her clothes off. Thong down then off, dress up then off. She’s got a full thatch of pubic hair, which attracts the men’s attention. Zoom.

One of the men gets an electric razor and plugs the cord into an adjacent outlet. No fancy cordless stuff here.Then the second bald ageplay guy holds her, the first guy begins shaving her, slowly, and well-filmed. The girl figures out that this is not the time to struggle. He shaves her as nearly bald as possible. This is very sexy and must feel good.

A scene cut–the same girl is being spanked in the kitchen, wearing different undies. She gets a long spanking, struggling in several variations of the OTK, one of the guys holding her ankles as she twists around.

7. ‘Two Lesbian Girls’ (2M/2f; time:30 minutes) Two girls are caught snuggling in bed.

The girls will be punished. By two men. Uneventful spankings as far as this series goes.

8. ‘Skinny girl on couch'(M/f; time:25 minutes) One of the SpankingandShame volunteers gives a girl a good going-over in the green couch. Other than losing all her clothes, she gets away easy.

9.’Cleaning girl'(M/f; time:19 minutes) A tall brunette in pigtails and a very short kilt bustles around an apartment, showing lots of panty. We know cute girls don’t clean skillfully, but they do get punished.

She pockets some money she finds in the homeowner’s coat. He returns home and pulls the cash out of her bra. Another setup? He begins spanking her immediately, on his bed. He kilt seems to come up by itself; very sexy lace-trimmed stockings. Panties down, full-screen bottom. Very nice.

He walks her by her pigtails to the sitting room, takes a spectator’s seat, and has her remove the rest of her clothes. Top off, kilt unsnapped, panties already gone, only a bra. He probes between her legs, zoom in. He massages her boobs and removes the bra himself.

The guy sets the girl to work cleaning, in just stockings and heels. A good way to do it. He sits to admire. Camera zooms. She kneels on the floor so that he can probe more–some frigging, and pokes with the tip of his shoe. Some more probing on the couch, then some naked corner time. Will he pay her?

10. ‘Music Student'(2M/2f; time:20 minutes) A little brunette can’t perform her lessons on the violin, so she will be spanked, on the sitting room/apartment set. Slacks off, black panties get the attention.

The doorbell rings; another guy brings in a second girl. She gets her spanking while the violin student is given a break. Are these two instructors dealing with their students? The men get the two girls naked and continue spanking them together and put them to work doing some nude PT. What not? Take one of your students over to the apartment over lunch and play with her. They won’t talk.

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