Full Body Whippings – NUWEST

25 Jan

“Julia”:  NuWest made films of naked girls being whipped, stretched loosely between two posts. The girls are whipped front and back, as the disciplinarian and camera walk 360 degrees around the subject.

Julia, a busty, powerful brunette, is stretched between the two columns, wrists cuffed and attached by ropes, ankles fastened down, legs spread, naked as a jaybird. One of the NuWest women, maybe Debra? circles with the dogwhip, lashing her bottom, thighs, stomach, and breasts, everywhere. She is fastened loosely enough that she can wriggle.

Julia refuses to grovel or beg. Lots of yelling and cursing, which increases the fun. Debra stops to cup and fondle her melon-like boobs. After a full 12 minutes of this, Julia is released. She collapses in a heap on the floor, capitulates, apologizing and begging.

Full Body Whipping #1

We’re a bit confused by Nu West’s titles and cataloging, but not about our love of the the productions. Actress ‘Julia’ (Jameson) is strung naked and very angry between the poles for her date with the dogwhip. She’s a buxom brunette who could really rock the furniture. “Fuck you, Ed Lee,” she screams, not having the best negotiating position, her bare body in the bright lights. Her wrists and ankles are cuffed and attached to the poles, with enough slack to allow her to thrash and cast her showgirl body around.

Lee circles with his whip, snapping at her breasts, thighs, buttocks, and tattoos. A lot of shouting and too many “oww’s” in the blue studio. Standard stuff, unless, like us, you can’t get enough of this.

In the second segment, ‘Vanna’ whips the actress ‘Jacque’; we have mentioned we think Vanna herself needs to be spanked on-camera once or twice a month just to keep things square.


Full Body Whipping #2

More naked girls struggling between the poles under a whipping; here, Nu West’s breathtaking ‘Katie’  is bare naked and fastened into position. “I’ll never apologize,” she yells. One of the Nu West starlets, ‘Vanna,’  does the whipping on her pale bottom, for about 13 minutes. Nice little black thatch of pubic hair to offset her pristine body. Blond hair at little longer here

The second part of this video finds a tall, busty brunette, naked–is this ‘Karen’?, rattling the chains between the columns. Doing her 12-minute whipping session she yells  “you fucking cunt,” at Vanna, which pretty much tells the story and seals the deal for her bare bottom. An added touch–her brunette hair, in a bun to expose more bare back, gradually comes loose in he struggle. A final flurry of 50 comes too powerfully for Karen to be able to maintain the verbal count.

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