Resolved By Corporal Punishment #4 – RAVEN HILL

25 Jan

M/f; time: 39 minutes

A nineteen year old girl trades a bare bottom spanking on film for dismissal of larceny charges. Kimberly comes to the Raven Hill Institute in a limo. Producer Tierre Ainese explains the procedures in his usual comic way. It is going to be bare-bottom, in front of cameras, and in three parts.

Actor Richard Lewis meets Kimberly, a stacked young brunette wearing glasses and normal street clothing. He explains, she signs a waiver; in three parts–a handspanking, the hairbrush, and 30 with the paddle.

“I’d like to have the jeans and panties down.” Over his lap, a big bottom nicely centered, Five full minutes of handspanking; this early in this Raven Hill series, they had not devised the comical timing mechanisms. Kimberly is winded after this spanking; Lewis spreads her over his desk so the camera can study his accomplishments so far.

Phase 2 is five minutes with the hairbrush; heavy bruising on the buttocks and thighs; Kimberly seems speechless; Lewis has to wrestle her bottom back into centered position several times. During the break, as we examine her tush, Lewis says, as he likes to, “We have a very good punishment paddling coming up.”

Kimberly has a cigarette and talks with Tierre, who is behind the camera. “I can do this,” she convinces herself. Lewis gets what he calls the “famous sheriff’s paddle,”  a fraternity-length wood Spencer paddle with holes. “I can hear the screams inside this one,” he intones, recalling its use in other films.

Bend-over, Kimberly gets 20 strokes, not the 30 announced. Another long and painful session on top of the previous two phases.

Kimberly dresses and concludes with a little interview with Tierre.

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