Bordello Beating – CALSTAR

29 Jan

F/f; year: 2001; time: 18 minutes

Discipline bare-bottom style for working girls; from the ‘Tales From the Rod’ compilations, a method CalStar used for pulling together short videos, this one a/k/a ‘Burlesque Beating,’  and made at the same time as ‘Choir girl’  in a fully appointed Victorian office set. THE Miss Brown is on hand as a Madame, and ‘Sarah’ plays a resident call-girl who doesn’t want to provide services a client wants, which is, this being Enngland, corporal punishment.

Sarah, a brunette in a white peasant blouse and bloomers, knows this is “the best bordello in the district,” and accepts her lot when Miss Brown says, “I’m going to give you a damn good spanking.” “I’ll take it from you rather than Lord Drake.”

A typically hard handspanking OTK on an antique chair. Miss Brown tenderly opens Sarah’s bloomers to expose her bottom, as if she were pulling back tissue paper wrapping from a gift. Soon: “We’ll go to the next piece of equipment.” Bent over a desk suitable for an archbishop, she is paddled with the soft oval leather implement, her split bloomers adjusted again  and framing a round blushing bottom. Sniffling tears.

Prototype Miss Brown: “Get up. Strip. Take off your clothes.” Blouse, corset, tie-string bloomers handed over, a highly enjoyable part of the film. Easy to see how Sarah could earn a living in this industry. Tears continue.

A session with the floppy paddle goes even worse for her, but she must know this is not all. “Right. We’ll go now to the cane.” Still over the desk, legs open, breasts hang, for about 25 strokes, with the usual repeats and varied revealing angles. A seamless production, shortened with less talk and intimidation from Miss Brown.

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