Co- Ed Whipping – NUWEST FCV-061

29 Jan

F/mf; time: 19 minutes

Bare bottoms again in Nu West’s blue studio; here, the stunningly cute little model ‘Katie’ is brought into the studio by female powerhouse domme Joanne Jameson, made to strip naked, and her wrists are cuffed and fastened to a spreader bar hanging from a ceiling chain. A totally naked male is cuffed to the wall, spreadeagled. Katies’s hair is the longest we have seen.

Joanne is another Amazonian showgirl-type from the Nu West cast. She wears a bustier with her breasts exposed, g-string, garter belt, stockings, and heels.  She will circle the studio, snapping a martinet or dogwhip, in the classic manner typical of NuWest.

Joanne whips Katie’s tidy little white bottom and back, eliciting her patented squeaks. She steps over to the naked man and lays strokes on his bottom and back. He barks on each, sounding suspiciously like Mr. Lee himself. Is the title his pun?

Back to Katie; sweet frontals of her as she is scolded. Joanne switches to the long dogwhip and lashes the man, before reaching in front of him to grab a grope of his privates. The camera is slightly too far away for verification, of either who the model is or whether Joanne got a handful. We know she knows how to do it.

Katie feels the dogwhip and we are granted a closeup of her tawny puss as Joanne fingers her and grabs handfuls of her youthful natural boobs. After about 16 minutes of this, Joanne releases Katie, hands her a cane and leads her over to the trapped male.

Katie’s first stroke is quite hard,  but the rest are faux pushes. Something must have happened,like the boss said, “take it easier.”  The scene is sexy–both Katie and the man totally naked and Joanne pretty much everything hanging out, all on the screen. At the conclusion, Katie walks off naked, directly into the camera.

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