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Military Discipline – CHEEK TO CHEEK

28 Feb

M/3f; time: 60 minutes; about 1995

Page 3 nude model and adult actress Vida Garman early in her career in the 1990’s, one of the most entertainng CP films we have ever seen,much ballyhoo’d by observers over the years. A lot has been written about Ms. Garman, all of 5’1″ and about 19 years old when this film was made.

Here she plays a naval WREN who must report for punishment in her spiffy naval uniform and cap, to a male naval officer whose face we will never see. Throughout the film, the director will choose full-face shots of Vida, because her beauty burns through so powerfully. She has the posing model’s ability to stare into the camera with her green eyes without seeming to be looking at us.

When the officer lectures her and the camera holds on her face, there are flickers of amusement, as we have seen from several of the experienced and popular British CP actresses, reacting to the melodramatic scripting.

She accepts punishment without any dispute and postitions herself leaning on a very British ladder-back straight chair. She raises her skirt to display lovely close-fitting white knickers, garter belt, and stockings. She pulls them down herself, presenting a glamorous tush, one shot or another of which is found in much of the advertising for her work.

The officer switches plans and decides to spank her OTK on a love seat, so she pulls her pants up and he has her rearrange the furniture. OTK, the handspanking starts; we see his arms when he lowers her knickers, but the camera is focussed on her fascinating face at the moment. Closeups of her spanking and slow-motion added.

The officer has her stand and bend over the couch arm. A long hold on her pink bare bottom, framed by white garters, indirect lighting, makes for one of the best still shots we have ever seen in a CP film. Vida counts aloud 12 hard handsmacks in her crystal British. She is sent off.

A brief scene is included here where Vida jogs in striped jersey and cutoff jeans, enters a large empty baronial hall, to be confronted by the same faceless male for another spanking. Again, she struggles to remain serious as she is scolded. We doubt she had the same inclination as she was about to be fucked in one of her adult movies.

She gleefully pulls off her jersey to display her bare celebrated breasts, and when she works down her cutoff jeans, we see the underlying leotard is also bottomless as well as topless. She is busting with self-satisfaction at displayng her theatrical body. She willingly lays across a half-chair, for a slippering. Once again, these signature facial or bottom closeups, dramstically lit, are collected everywhere. Oblique shots catch her boobs hanging over the chair seat as well as her soaring buttocks. The slippering with a boat shoe is not quite harsh enough to erase her smirky playful visage. Slo-mo repeats are mixed with real-time voice in an unusually creative editing for the era.

Next comes the caning sequence, which is the most often excerpted and renowned portion of this film. Cadet Vida reports to the officer again. “Fetch the cane.”

In the middle of the hall, Vida rasies her uniform skirt, pulls down those white knickers and takes an efficient and impressive caning from the officer. She counts out the strokes, but too softly. “Louder!…let’s hear it across the parade ground.” She jumps up betweeen some strokes and can’t quite touch her toes as ordered. The officer has her spread her legs to improve her balance, but the camera angle can’t take advantage. We know Ms. Garman is not shy. The thin whippy cane leaves wrap marks on her thighs and flanks. It is a hard and satisfying caning, repeats from different angles, slow motion. She dresses to leave, giving us one of her smirky smiles.

In keeping with the military theme, two more cadets are spanked by the faceless officer.

A pretty curly blonde, called in front of the officer, recalls being spanked by a headmaster for cheating. In a flashback, she must wait outside the Head’s office in that obligatory foreplay scene. She is called in, scolded, and sent to put on gym clothes, giving us another opportunity for the up-and-down the stairs action for a doomed schoolgirl having to ideal with an ageplay disciplinarian, so nicely used in this film era.

Back in front of the Head’s fireplace in gymslip and skirt, “What are you here for?” “The cane, sir.” As she bends over, her skirt is flipped up, and the Head bunches her knickers, we hear a convincing gasp from her. “Oh, God.” Six impressive zingers, lines on her thighs.

A second female soldier, in a snappy shooting sweater, is taken OTK, her white knickers down immediately. The officer is fascinated with a little “diagram” tattoo in the center of her right buttock. A  brief, crisp spanking, bottom and facial closeups, replays.

The Duchess – CALSTAR

26 Feb

F/2f;  year: 1993; time: 45 minutes

One of Tanya Fox’s last performances in  CP, at least according to websites on her films. She is in her cute black pageboy hair period here. She takes an impressive set of spankings, so presumably she took some time off afterward. She plays ‘Veronica,’  a sort of college girl applying to ‘the Duchess’ for a maid’s job. She is an American in England and so has some idea about local and regional punishment techniques. Even before she starts work, she gets into an argument about how she will treat the Duchess’ antiques. It is clear the Duchess is angling for a shot at her bottom, which is OK with us.

Throughout this film, Tanya comes up with funny lines which couldn’t have been scripted. In addition to  her other assets, she is sufficiently experienced as an actress to be given free reign. Soon the Duchess takes exception to her attitude and grabs her OTK. “What do you think you are doing?” a cry Tanya loves to utter in her films. She gives in. “OK, fine. If I take the spanking, do I get the job?” We’ve said before, this particular bottom wiggling over a lap makes a high point in the genre, and she knows it. She has been described as a minx.

She is sent to get the Duchess’  paddle. “But…it looks so severe.” She is spanked on bare cheeks, panties bunched. She squirms, but she is experienced. The Duchess implies this will be part of the job. “You mean this will continue?” Down come her panties. Then the best line in the video: “Why did you take my knickers down…as you call them?”

Next she is sent for the slapper-paddle, and she must keep her panties at her knees. After some spanking with this, she is sent for the cane. “I’ve heard about it. It’s quite severe, isn’t it? From what I have heard it is the worst.” Nice to imagine Veronica chatting with friends about what the cane feels like. She takes one “test” stroke, then 5 bent over, then about 17 touching her toes grabbing her puddled panties. She has been caned before, we all know, because she asks “Please move (the strokes) around a bit.” We get a glimpse of a piece of jewelry in a private place. Baby lotion on that national treasure bottom, which will need a few weeks’ rest.

The Duchess is going to interview another candidate. Veronica thought that after the price she paid she had the job. Shelly is daek blonde and Veronica is intrigued. The Duchess: “Would you like to live in?” Veronica reports Shelly spilled valuable perfume in the Duchess’ powder room, providing the actionable event we need. “I want payment now!” “Spanking? Isn’t that old-fashioned?” She is spanked on the couch, panties bunched. Veronica holds her down. She squawks. From Veronica’s past: “Maybe we should gag her.” Some paddling then cold cream. Veronica gets her fingers where they should go.

Veronica shows Shelly the results of the cane on her own bottom and they decide Shelly should get caned. Veronica does the dramatic rolling-up-of-the-sleeves and lays on about 25 strokes. “Real English full bodied strokes, shall we?” Very effective. Tanya never fails.


Cheerleader Discipline – XEROTICS ; SOUND PUNISHMENT

23 Feb

F/f;  8 minutes

CP titans meet for a brief encounter; Rosaleen Young and Niki Flynn; this short may have been initially produced by ‘Sound Punishment.’ You can muse, as we did, when these ladies first met on the set, did they debate who should spank who? we review it in our pursuit of the complete works of these two Bottoms.

The film opens with Rosaleen pumping away at her pompom drills, in full cheerleader regalia. Niki interrupts these overtly silly exercises. She is in her latter-day short reddish hair phase, and in plaid skirt and blouse, playing a prefect or older student.

Rosaleen finds herself quickly OTK on the couch, skirt up, lovely bottle-green knickers filled out as Ros. doeszso well. Niki tugs the panties down–Rosaleen is already a little blotched from a previous performance (or, we’d like to imagine, a boyfriend). Niki fondles her bottom with fingernails.

Niki gets a very big cane, which she says she can use because “my Daddy’s the principal.” About 10 snappy strokes on the bare, no nonsense with this cane. Rosaleen runs off without her pants.

Sound Punishment- M/f; 2008; time: 11 minutes

A second cheerleader scenario; pants down for Niki Flynn for her visit to this producer; adventurous Ms. Flynn, capitalizing on the cheerleader fetish, wears the traditional  two-piece outfit, jersey and pleated skirt. She will exercise for the familiar male at this studio, and we will assume the penalty for failure will not be a scolding, more like a scalding.

“Stare your exercises!” “But…I’m cold.” “I’ll warm you up!” She begins PT, her back to us of course, because this is a CP film. Niki is very tall and thin in this film, probably in the latter part of her short career. Legs spread, skirt flipped up, the guy smacks her blue cheerleader panties with a paddle.

Star jumps;  sassy Ms. Flynn earns the paddle kneeling over a couch arm. He takes the pants down. “Stand up. Take your pants off.”  A sullen and smirky Ms. Flynn knows this kind of guy: “Want to keep them?”

More paddling bending over, then more exercising sans knickers, skirt flying up, everyone’s fantasy on what should happen to a cheerleader at least once in her career. Paddling in the lunge position to conclude. Ms. Flynn’s long legs and hard buttocks make the film.

From the Headmaster’s Study-Unbridled Youth – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

23 Feb

M/f; time: 28 minutes

More bare bottoms in the headmaster’s office. The Lupus website helps with the storyline for those of us still studying our Czech grammer book.  Pavel Stastny in another of the ‘Headmaster’s Study’ series–his familiar office, the canes displayed on the wall, the punishment bench in-waiting, and a few other instruments of discomfort placed about.

A  darling girl, in prototype Slovak peasant garb, has been summoned. She has written an essay which has infuriated the Headmaster, and she will meet the fate frequently seen in this room. She must choose the cane the HM will use, an erotic touch found in CP genre. She seems sanguine about the impending caning, apparently proud of her journalism. She bends over the bench, but Pavel cannot properly strap her down and peel back her skirts to access her bottom because of her abundant clothing, so he releases her.

She must undress herself, sexy and erotic foreplay which will take some minutes. Floral headdress off, unlace the bodice, then remove one layer of voluminous petticoat-like underskirts after another, until finally she is down to simple bloomers and undershirt, frail and helpless compared to her proud native attire. Pavel straps her to the wood frame and we are ready to begin.

Her opens her bloomers to expose a perfect pale bottom, so elegantly positioned by this bench. Slowly, he lays on 30 strokes. There is dialogue, some of it normal and some understandably hysterical. She begins surging at 10 strokes but she isn’t going anywhere. Ominous welts at the halfway point.

At 30 strokes, Pavel switches to a thinner, more whippy cane, and the girl takes almost 30 more strokes. This has been a long, slow, straightforward caning, conforming to Lupus standards–perfect angles, lovely tearful anguished facials, and a corduroyed bottom at  the conclusion.

This HM is a closet pervert-demon; we know he cherishes these hearings. He gets out his camera and tripod and photographs the wreckage of her bottom for his collection. During these  concluding scenes there is a flashback to his youth, when he appears before another headmaster in this very room.

The girl has dressed and now must kneel on the washboard in front of the crucifix for some brief penance before she is dismissed, a moment we enjoyed when other young tushes have knelt here.

Nanny’s Folly – MOONGLOW

23 Feb

MF/2f; time: 42 minutes

Blond actress Elena plays a nanny, Dusty Sweet, who is caught smoking marijuana by her family employer. Mr. Edwards, the grandfatherly patriarch of the clan around  the generation when spanking girls was sport, gives her a lecture and shows her his cane. Next time, “this will be laid across your bare bottom.”

Dusty is entranced about being spanked. In the dream, Mr. Edwards has her  bent over a stool in front of the fireplace and is delivering a mild handspanking, not potent enough in the dream for her. “Is that it, then? Why do you keep stopping?'” He switches to a large spatula-shaped leather paddle and lowers her panties “just for the final bit,” but it doesn’t create any sting.

Another dream sequence: Dusty is over the stool again, this time for the cane, a few strokes on her skirt, a dozen on her black pants, then 10 more on the bare. Edwards then makes her count down from six but gives her 8, then “three more” becomes 4 or 5.

More dreaming, in her little white undies curled up on the bed. Edwards’ daughter-in-law catches her sleeping and takes her OTK right here in her bedroom. Her bottom is unmarked, because the spankings above have been dreams. She is to report to the fire place mantel immediately.

“You’re going to get caned….very hard. I want you to count them one by one.” Over the arm of a wing chair, “Keep your legs straight.” About 15 strokes, sounds of flesh, but we don’t see all the hits. “Take your panties down.” Five more.

Edward pops in-he’s the spanker’s father-in-law, and furious. This daughter-in-law has caned a nanny before and the family had some legal trouble and she was told—guess who gets the cane if it ever happens again.

The girl goes OTK,  skirt off, white knickers quickly down. She has a sexy,unusually muscular bottom–the muscles relaxing and contracting during the spanking. Edwards: “My hand is not enough. We should move to somethng else.” Over the chair, “legs apart,” for the big paddle. “You may have a little rub, You know what it’s getting ready for, don’t you?” “…the cane…” Hard paddling. She touches toes, way over. “Very good. Not many girls can do that.”

Four of the cane bent over, then 20 more over the arm of the chair. Very snappy, lusty strokes, you have to admire this actress. She does delicious little flinches when Edwards teases her with wooshes. She has had her lesson.

Dreams of Destiny – FIRMHAND

12 Feb

M/f; time: 32 minutes

Incomparable Rosaleen Young; we figure tht even in the delivery room, when  they held her up, everyone recognized her perfect bottom. This is her first film at FirmHand, and she is happy to narrate for us that she is an English actress with a highly spankable bottom.

The scene opens in a Victorian bedroom. A male, younger than the ageplay men usually seen, identified in various places as ‘Earl Grey,’ is going to spank her for poor schoolwork and attitude. She wears the full kit–uniform,  pigtails with ribbons, and sensible heels. “Daddy never spanked me. I’ve just turned 18 years old.” After a sweet little struggle, she is OTK, skirt up, full white flowered panties. Lots of facials for this pretty pouty-faced actress.

Rosaleen kneels up on a chair and sticks her bottom out for more, because after all this playful film is a celebration of that tush. Earl pulls her panties down, she stands, hands-on-chair, her perfect buttocks are held full-screen. “I didn’t realize you were such a barbarian,” she doth protest. Earl concludes and warns her he will use the birch next time.

Rosaleen changes into her nightie, lets down her hair, and settles down on her four-poster, looking up the meaning of “birches.” FirmHand did not use this opportunity for a nudie undressing scene, but there is plenty more to come.

Roz. sleeps and dreams a series of spanking, the first is a spectacular black-and-white shot of her nude, hanging onto the hearth and being birched. Back to color film, she is a Victorian maid, breaks a figurine, is taken to her room by the character Earl Grey, and spanked with a large leather embossed paddle, lying over her bed, bottom elevated by pillows. Earl separates her petticoats and unties her bloomers to expose bare cheeks.

Mrs. Geist’s Class – MOOD PICTURES

11 Feb

F/6f; year: 2005

Circus of a plot and a bit difficult to describe; teacher spanks students, and the students spank each other. ‘Mrs. Geist’ is one of the stern Mood Domme’s with a nasty look in her eye. She’s got a classroom full of cute girls, which is encouraging, assuming they are all assembled for the purpose we are here for. Sandy, a cute pigtailed brunette, is caught circulating answers to a test. Mrs. Geist arranges to see her after class–everyone knows for what.

Sandy proceeds to take her pants off immediately–she wanted to be caught and spanked. Geist’s fondling handpanking is meanlingless. Andy, a more substantial blonde, comes in with a cheat sheet, but another one, so Geist decides Andy will be next. Over the desk she goes, pink pants down, for a very large paddle with golf ball-sized holes. 25 loud colorful whacks with bruises. Sandy holds her still and shares her secret pleasure with Geist.

The girls have formed cliques–Sandy’s group and Andy’s group. Andy’s friends catch Sandy’s freinds smoking, and this is an opportunity for revenge. Andy’s group threatens to report the smokers to another teacher, who is a severe spanker–she always gives 50 strokes. The smokers agree to take their punishiment from Andy’s group instead. The first girl, a typically striking Mood brunette, goes over a table, drops her own pants. Four girls give her 5 paddle strokes each, varying in intensity. The fifth girl, a butchy blonde, really cracks her 5 and sets the girl to squirming. You can bet there was a little discussion  amongst the actresses after this scene is over.

The second smoker gets her 5 sets of 5, skirt up, pantyhose yanked down, not as hard, although the tough blonde excels again.

The girls grab Sandy next, in revenge for her reporting the cheat sheet to Geist. She is made to strip completely and stands hands-on-head, the high point so far. One girl uses Sandy’s belt and lays on 5o good hard strokes. The girls make her shout out the stroke count.

Back in class, Geist is looking for the main instigator of the smoking trap. The students identify Andy–looks like she is going to be spanked again. Geist canes her over a desk, 40 strokes, concentrating mostly on her thighs. Sandy gets payback when she allowed to give the final 10 strokes, which are harder than Geist’s.

Laura, another showgirl brunette, is another instigator and the last student to be spanked–she is going to get 50. Her white bottom marks immediately. This is one of the most rugged canings we have seen–Laura is grunting at 10, has developed heavy marks at 18, major tears at 20, which elicits a rest from the caner; then quivering and almost hysterical crying for the last 25.

Naughty Tanya – SHADOWLANE

11 Feb

MF/f; year: 1990; time: 38 minutes

Tanya Fox on display again. The credits say: “All spankings certified genuine by the American Institute of Spankology.” We wonder if this school gives extension courses?

Tanya plays a bored housewife and mother who has run away to a Hollywood B&D club to become a mistress. Her husband Ralph finds her and resorts to spanking her when all else fails; Ralph gets her OTK, not exactly a struggle; Tanya’s in her short dark hair phase; he works her black cocktail dress up to expose black panties, stockings, and garter belt. “I think your panties need to come down.”

Ms. Fox is 25 years old in this video, per her biography. Her extraordinary bottom is kept on display by the expert and experienced SL crew, credited as Tony Elka an$d producer/owner Eve Howard. Ralph’s handspanking seems routine, but Tanya has colored and splotched a lot. She stands, turns,and twists for us, a lovely thatch of ’90’s hair framed by garters.

Stephanie Locke plays the head Mistress in the club and is not happy Tanya has taken such a ferocious spanking from her husband. So it is down to her dungeon and more for Tanya, who is now wearing a blue teddy and high heels. Stephanie starts her with clothes pins on her nipples–note that Tanya doesn’t even flinch. More spankings for Tanya–closeups of her bottom–can her husband really have done that damage?

In the best moment of the film, Tany strips off the teddy and is nude–high hard breasts, tight muscular stomach, and those hips! Tanya surely spent plenty of time tending her volatile figure at this point in her career. In homage to the B&D aspect of this film, Tanya is roped between her legs, her wrists are attached to a high collar;  she is fitted with a tight bamboo corset; and then spanked, cropped, whipped, etc. Nipples tweaked. Mild but entertaining stuff because of Tanya, and sexy comeuppance for this “impertinent minx,” the perfect description of her found on the video cover.

Prefects’ Detention 1 and 2; – STING IN THE TAIL

8 Feb

Part 1 (F/2f; 30 minutes)

Schoolgirls in detention usually means knickers down, especially when the supervising prefect has an added interest in spanking. Blond ‘Jane Palmer’ and brunette ‘Deborah Swithins’ report to detention in full kit–boater, blouse, tie, uniform. A lot of talk; they discuss what will happen to them, “Just lines?” Well yes, but not their idea of lines. Up-skirt shots under their desks.

They’ve been caught smoking. The prefect is actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis.’ It seems prefect ‘Daphne’ went to the dentist, so SHL will do the detention session and take the opportunity to take it to another level. The girls call her ‘Senior Roberts,’ and are shocked when they hear “corporal punishment.”

SHL starts the girls off with OTK, spanking on their knickers. Then each girl in turn bends over a chair, drops her own panties, for more handspanking. The spankings escalate–the girls fetch paddles for SHL.

Jane bends over a lectern, skirt up, a floppy leather paddle meets white knickers. Pants south, a big round leather paddle for 12, then 6 more for unauthorized rubbing. Deborah comes to the lectern for the same.

The two bare bottoms are positioned “right over” their desks. ” She paddles alternately, trying to achieve uniform redness. ‘Senior’ gets her cane collection, a bunch of them. Jane is caned first, 12 strokes over the desk, then six more grabbing ankles. “You’re nice and quiet now, aren’t you?” One misguided stroke on the thighs brings a grunt. Part 1 ends with Deborah getting the same.

Part 2 (M/3f; 32 minutes)

You get the hang of these plots;as the girls are pulling their panties up to leave,  a youngish male school staffer intercedes. Sure enough, Senior Roberts has exceeded her prefect’s authority. This guy is no fool. He’s got three birds-in-hand. “Let me see your bottoms.”

Roberts, whose father is the “Colonel,” the headmaster, still finds her bottom in harm’s way in spite of privilege. She bends over the lectern, skirt up, warmup spanking on nice blue panties. Brunette Prudence is invited to lower her knickers. When the leather paddle comes, “You’re trembling, girl.”

Robeets is made to bend over the girls’ desks. They pinion her wrists and enjoy her unhappy face from close-up.

The randy administrator has the three girls line up bare-bottom on the desks. He asks the girls about their canings–which he could see for himself if he chose to trace the lines. The girls say they got 24 (we reported 18).

So Roberts gets a very long session, the best punishment in the film, and worthy of actress Ms. Lewkis’ resume. About 20 over the desk, immediate wheals. “Push that bottom out.” A dozen more, touching toes.

To the lectern for a noticably thicker cane. “How many more, sir?” 25 of these. She touches toes for the finish. The male calls these “the dragon,” 6 zingers. Sassy Roberts is still going to tell the Colonel so the young administrator, with nothing to lose now, gives her 6 more.

Spoiled Rotten – SHADOWLANE

8 Feb

M/f; year: 1992; time: 44 minutes

Rambunctious actress Tanya Fox loses her pants several times in this light-hearted romp, another portrayal of her ‘Veronica Van Allen’ character at Shadowlane. Here she is under the supervision of the family chauffeur, actor Keith Jones, and teases him to distraction, which in our world means a spanking.

He drives, cooks, and manages her finances and schedule for her, and by the end of the film will be providing other services. When Veronica objects to the frozen TV dinner he serves her,  it is the last straw and he takes her OTK.  “What are you doing?” she wails, a little giggle mixed into her voice, and not the finest acting we have seen from her. Ms. Fox wears a little black dress and has short black hair at this stage. Skirt up, he concentrates on her famous bottom.

When Keith threatens to tell Veronica’s father about her behavior, she caves, and now clearly Keith will be able to do whatever he wants.

New scene: fancy Ms. Allen is taken shopping in the family Rolls, but she misses the rendezvous for pick up. Keith finds her later in the pool at the mansion, drags her out, giving us a good view of that body, those hips, in a wet bathing suit. “Meet me in the master bedroom!”

In the bedroom, Veronica has dressed. Keith explains how dangerous it was for her to come home alone. “Take that sweater off.” In a sports top and tights, she presents a formidable challenge for any spanker. OTK in a silly but cute struggle, tights down, white panties begging. He lets her up. “Get that hairbrush.” “What for?” she asks, in that practiced tone she does so well, setting up snd ensuring our desire to see her get the what-for. 

Back OTK, he pulls those panties down, the big moment in all her films. When he starts in with the hairbrush: “Are you laughing?” At the conclusion of this moderate session, she jumps up and flashes her front, quite embarrassed.

In yet another scene–there have been several set changes in this well-crafted story–Veronica plays billiards in yet another outfit. Pool tables in CP films usually mean business. Keith arrives and chases Veronica around a table with a big strap. He gets her to bend over the table for a few smacks. “Stand up. Take that dress off.” Veronica wears matching bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. Very chic. Panties down over the table, another box-cover photo moment.

Keith begins with a floppy strap. “Puleese….can’t we work this out?” Twelve with the strap–she stands with another presentation of her fuzz. She runs off, but Keith calls her back to take her panties with her, just the gusture Shadowlane and producer Eve Howard covet.