David Meets Tanya Fox – NUWEST FD-170

8 Feb

F/m; year: 1997; time: 29 minutes

As many pairs of pants as actress Tanya Fox has pulled down in front of the camera, she still manages to seem delighted and thrilled with what she finds. The NUWEST website says Tanya asked for an opportunity to spank male model David. We normally avoid F/m scenarios, but we continue our fascination with Ms. Fox.

Tanya, short-brunette hair circa late ’90’s, in the blue studio, in one of her airy summer dresses, on a bed in a simple hotel-room mockup, on the phone. “I’m looking for a little action…I’m looking for a nice young man…to take over my knee and spank him…it’s room 209, I’m Fletcher.”

The very accommodating agency does send over an attractive young man, played by NW model ‘David.’ She looks him over and approves. “You sure you have what it takes?” David, matter-of-fact and not the actor Tanya is, explains he is occasionally hired to be spanked. She asks him to strip but has to slow him down. This is part of the fun. She gets a full armload of spanking implements out of a bureau drawer. David is surprised by her preparedness. “I went to New York.” We have said elsewhere that Ms. Fox is sufficiently witty, experienced, and sardonic not to need any dialogue suggestions.

Tanya slaps his bottom as he kicks off his shoes and slaps his penis through his jeans, noting “a bulge” as if she were in a achoolyard. David drops his jeans, then slides his very KMart-like plaid boxer shorts down and turns to present his jewels to Tanya, who absolutely loves it. If it were not for NUWEST’s mission, this film would have gone another way at this point.

Tanya wants him to try on panties of hers. From the same bureau, the first pair doesn’t fit but the second does. Tanya’s little giggles are irrepressible. She takes him OTK, strokes his bottom and thighs with fingernails, pulls down the panties, and switches from a handspanking to a stiffened large leather paddle. “How does that feel?” she teases.

David starts to squirm and grind on her lap. “We don’t want THAT….yet.” A stiff leather spanker. “Are you getting a hard-on?” She is in a position to know. He stands up and she plays with his partially erect penis with the bristles of a hairbrush, bubbling with glee.

He removes the panties and lies over an ottoman. Tanya stands over him with another paddle. She will increase the intensity of this little escapade. He stands, bends, hands on the seat. “I kind of like to make a boy cry.” She uses a bigger paddle, and harder. David jumps and gasps, this spanking not so matter-of-fact. Tanya: “I hope the walls are thick in this htoel.”

David is back in yet another pair of Tanya’s panties. Tanya takes off her dress and wears just bra, panties,pantyhose,and heels. Long, stiff paddle. David kicks and twitches. Down with the panties. Hard spanking flurries–gasping, great!

Tanya is getting more excited. “I was wondering…do you ever travel?” She finds a reason to feign anger, makes David remove his belt from his pants on the chair, and has him lie on the bed. “You’re so flat,” she declares, an a critical opinion  we have always had with this position. He puts pillows under his hips, nicely elevating his buttocks. “Arch it up. I want it up in the air.” Sizzling double belt strokes make him thrash and gasp. Tanya is dynamic and cunning in her undies, here in this hotel room, so far from her Kansas City home.

At the conclusion, she is carefully washing his buttocks. “What is your schedule next month? Can you come to Kansas City?”

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