Prefects’ Detention 1 and 2; – STING IN THE TAIL

8 Feb

Part 1 (F/2f; 30 minutes)

Schoolgirls in detention usually means knickers down, especially when the supervising prefect has an added interest in spanking. Blond ‘Jane Palmer’ and brunette ‘Deborah Swithins’ report to detention in full kit–boater, blouse, tie, uniform. A lot of talk; they discuss what will happen to them, “Just lines?” Well yes, but not their idea of lines. Up-skirt shots under their desks.

They’ve been caught smoking. The prefect is actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis.’ It seems prefect ‘Daphne’ went to the dentist, so SHL will do the detention session and take the opportunity to take it to another level. The girls call her ‘Senior Roberts,’ and are shocked when they hear “corporal punishment.”

SHL starts the girls off with OTK, spanking on their knickers. Then each girl in turn bends over a chair, drops her own panties, for more handspanking. The spankings escalate–the girls fetch paddles for SHL.

Jane bends over a lectern, skirt up, a floppy leather paddle meets white knickers. Pants south, a big round leather paddle for 12, then 6 more for unauthorized rubbing. Deborah comes to the lectern for the same.

The two bare bottoms are positioned “right over” their desks. ” She paddles alternately, trying to achieve uniform redness. ‘Senior’ gets her cane collection, a bunch of them. Jane is caned first, 12 strokes over the desk, then six more grabbing ankles. “You’re nice and quiet now, aren’t you?” One misguided stroke on the thighs brings a grunt. Part 1 ends with Deborah getting the same.

Part 2 (M/3f; 32 minutes)

You get the hang of these plots;as the girls are pulling their panties up to leave,  a youngish male school staffer intercedes. Sure enough, Senior Roberts has exceeded her prefect’s authority. This guy is no fool. He’s got three birds-in-hand. “Let me see your bottoms.”

Roberts, whose father is the “Colonel,” the headmaster, still finds her bottom in harm’s way in spite of privilege. She bends over the lectern, skirt up, warmup spanking on nice blue panties. Brunette Prudence is invited to lower her knickers. When the leather paddle comes, “You’re trembling, girl.”

Robeets is made to bend over the girls’ desks. They pinion her wrists and enjoy her unhappy face from close-up.

The randy administrator has the three girls line up bare-bottom on the desks. He asks the girls about their canings–which he could see for himself if he chose to trace the lines. The girls say they got 24 (we reported 18).

So Roberts gets a very long session, the best punishment in the film, and worthy of actress Ms. Lewkis’ resume. About 20 over the desk, immediate wheals. “Push that bottom out.” A dozen more, touching toes.

To the lectern for a noticably thicker cane. “How many more, sir?” 25 of these. She touches toes for the finish. The male calls these “the dragon,” 6 zingers. Sassy Roberts is still going to tell the Colonel so the young administrator, with nothing to lose now, gives her 6 more.

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