Spoiled Rotten – SHADOWLANE

8 Feb

M/f; year: 1992; time: 44 minutes

Rambunctious actress Tanya Fox loses her pants several times in this light-hearted romp, another portrayal of her ‘Veronica Van Allen’ character at Shadowlane. Here she is under the supervision of the family chauffeur, actor Keith Jones, and teases him to distraction, which in our world means a spanking.

He drives, cooks, and manages her finances and schedule for her, and by the end of the film will be providing other services. When Veronica objects to the frozen TV dinner he serves her,  it is the last straw and he takes her OTK.  “What are you doing?” she wails, a little giggle mixed into her voice, and not the finest acting we have seen from her. Ms. Fox wears a little black dress and has short black hair at this stage. Skirt up, he concentrates on her famous bottom.

When Keith threatens to tell Veronica’s father about her behavior, she caves, and now clearly Keith will be able to do whatever he wants.

New scene: fancy Ms. Allen is taken shopping in the family Rolls, but she misses the rendezvous for pick up. Keith finds her later in the pool at the mansion, drags her out, giving us a good view of that body, those hips, in a wet bathing suit. “Meet me in the master bedroom!”

In the bedroom, Veronica has dressed. Keith explains how dangerous it was for her to come home alone. “Take that sweater off.” In a sports top and tights, she presents a formidable challenge for any spanker. OTK in a silly but cute struggle, tights down, white panties begging. He lets her up. “Get that hairbrush.” “What for?” she asks, in that practiced tone she does so well, setting up snd ensuring our desire to see her get the what-for. 

Back OTK, he pulls those panties down, the big moment in all her films. When he starts in with the hairbrush: “Are you laughing?” At the conclusion of this moderate session, she jumps up and flashes her front, quite embarrassed.

In yet another scene–there have been several set changes in this well-crafted story–Veronica plays billiards in yet another outfit. Pool tables in CP films usually mean business. Keith arrives and chases Veronica around a table with a big strap. He gets her to bend over the table for a few smacks. “Stand up. Take that dress off.” Veronica wears matching bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. Very chic. Panties down over the table, another box-cover photo moment.

Keith begins with a floppy strap. “Puleese….can’t we work this out?” Twelve with the strap–she stands with another presentation of her fuzz. She runs off, but Keith calls her back to take her panties with her, just the gusture Shadowlane and producer Eve Howard covet.

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