Mrs. Geist’s Class – MOOD PICTURES

11 Feb

F/6f; year: 2005

Circus of a plot and a bit difficult to describe; teacher spanks students, and the students spank each other. ‘Mrs. Geist’ is one of the stern Mood Domme’s with a nasty look in her eye. She’s got a classroom full of cute girls, which is encouraging, assuming they are all assembled for the purpose we are here for. Sandy, a cute pigtailed brunette, is caught circulating answers to a test. Mrs. Geist arranges to see her after class–everyone knows for what.

Sandy proceeds to take her pants off immediately–she wanted to be caught and spanked. Geist’s fondling handpanking is meanlingless. Andy, a more substantial blonde, comes in with a cheat sheet, but another one, so Geist decides Andy will be next. Over the desk she goes, pink pants down, for a very large paddle with golf ball-sized holes. 25 loud colorful whacks with bruises. Sandy holds her still and shares her secret pleasure with Geist.

The girls have formed cliques–Sandy’s group and Andy’s group. Andy’s friends catch Sandy’s freinds smoking, and this is an opportunity for revenge. Andy’s group threatens to report the smokers to another teacher, who is a severe spanker–she always gives 50 strokes. The smokers agree to take their punishiment from Andy’s group instead. The first girl, a typically striking Mood brunette, goes over a table, drops her own pants. Four girls give her 5 paddle strokes each, varying in intensity. The fifth girl, a butchy blonde, really cracks her 5 and sets the girl to squirming. You can bet there was a little discussion¬† amongst the actresses after this scene is over.

The second smoker gets her 5 sets of 5, skirt up, pantyhose yanked down, not as hard, although the tough blonde excels again.

The girls grab Sandy next, in revenge for her reporting the cheat sheet to Geist. She is made to strip completely and stands hands-on-head, the high point so far. One girl uses Sandy’s belt and lays on 5o good hard strokes. The girls make her shout out the stroke count.

Back in class, Geist is looking for the main instigator of the smoking trap. The students identify Andy–looks like she is going to be spanked again. Geist canes her over a desk, 40 strokes, concentrating mostly on her thighs. Sandy gets payback when she allowed to give the final 10 strokes, which are harder than Geist’s.

Laura, another showgirl brunette, is another instigator and the last student to be spanked–she is going to get 50. Her white bottom marks immediately. This is one of the most rugged canings we have seen–Laura is grunting at 10, has developed heavy marks at 18, major tears at 20, which elicits a rest from the caner; then quivering and almost hysterical crying for the last 25.

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