Naughty Tanya – SHADOWLANE

11 Feb

MF/f; year: 1990; time: 38 minutes

Tanya Fox on display again. The credits say: “All spankings certified genuine by the American Institute of Spankology.” We wonder if this school gives extension courses?

Tanya plays a bored housewife and mother who has run away to a Hollywood B&D club to become a mistress. Her husband Ralph finds her and resorts to spanking her when all else fails; Ralph gets her OTK, not exactly a struggle; Tanya’s in her short dark hair phase; he works her black cocktail dress up to expose black panties, stockings, and garter belt. “I think your panties need to come down.”

Ms. Fox is 25 years old in this video, per her biography. Her extraordinary bottom is kept on display by the expert and experienced SL crew, credited as Tony Elka an$d producer/owner Eve Howard. Ralph’s handspanking seems routine, but Tanya has colored and splotched a lot. She stands, turns,and twists for us, a lovely thatch of ’90’s hair framed by garters.

Stephanie Locke plays the head Mistress in the club and is not happy Tanya has taken such a ferocious spanking from her husband. So it is down to her dungeon and more for Tanya, who is now wearing a blue teddy and high heels. Stephanie starts her with clothes pins on her nipples–note that Tanya doesn’t even flinch. More spankings for Tanya–closeups of her bottom–can her husband really have done that damage?

In the best moment of the film, Tany strips off the teddy and is nude–high hard breasts, tight muscular stomach, and those hips! Tanya surely spent plenty of time tending her volatile figure at this point in her career. In homage to the B&D aspect of this film, Tanya is roped between her legs, her wrists are attached to a high collar;  she is fitted with a tight bamboo corset; and then spanked, cropped, whipped, etc. Nipples tweaked. Mild but entertaining stuff because of Tanya, and sexy comeuppance for this “impertinent minx,” the perfect description of her found on the video cover.

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