Cheerleader Discipline – XEROTICS ; SOUND PUNISHMENT

23 Feb

F/f;  8 minutes

CP titans meet for a brief encounter; Rosaleen Young and Niki Flynn; this short may have been initially produced by ‘Sound Punishment.’ You can muse, as we did, when these ladies first met on the set, did they debate who should spank who? we review it in our pursuit of the complete works of these two Bottoms.

The film opens with Rosaleen pumping away at her pompom drills, in full cheerleader regalia. Niki interrupts these overtly silly exercises. She is in her latter-day short reddish hair phase, and in plaid skirt and blouse, playing a prefect or older student.

Rosaleen finds herself quickly OTK on the couch, skirt up, lovely bottle-green knickers filled out as Ros. doeszso well. Niki tugs the panties down–Rosaleen is already a little blotched from a previous performance (or, we’d like to imagine, a boyfriend). Niki fondles her bottom with fingernails.

Niki gets a very big cane, which she says she can use because “my Daddy’s the principal.” About 10 snappy strokes on the bare, no nonsense with this cane. Rosaleen runs off without her pants.

Sound Punishment- M/f; 2008; time: 11 minutes

A second cheerleader scenario; pants down for Niki Flynn for her visit to this producer; adventurous Ms. Flynn, capitalizing on the cheerleader fetish, wears the traditional  two-piece outfit, jersey and pleated skirt. She will exercise for the familiar male at this studio, and we will assume the penalty for failure will not be a scolding, more like a scalding.

“Stare your exercises!” “But…I’m cold.” “I’ll warm you up!” She begins PT, her back to us of course, because this is a CP film. Niki is very tall and thin in this film, probably in the latter part of her short career. Legs spread, skirt flipped up, the guy smacks her blue cheerleader panties with a paddle.

Star jumps;  sassy Ms. Flynn earns the paddle kneeling over a couch arm. He takes the pants down. “Stand up. Take your pants off.”  A sullen and smirky Ms. Flynn knows this kind of guy: “Want to keep them?”

More paddling bending over, then more exercising sans knickers, skirt flying up, everyone’s fantasy on what should happen to a cheerleader at least once in her career. Paddling in the lunge position to conclude. Ms. Flynn’s long legs and hard buttocks make the film.

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