From the Headmaster’s Study-Unbridled Youth – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

23 Feb

M/f; time: 28 minutes

More bare bottoms in the headmaster’s office. The Lupus website helps with the storyline for those of us still studying our Czech grammer book.  Pavel Stastny in another of the ‘Headmaster’s Study’ series–his familiar office, the canes displayed on the wall, the punishment bench in-waiting, and a few other instruments of discomfort placed about.

A  darling girl, in prototype Slovak peasant garb, has been summoned. She has written an essay which has infuriated the Headmaster, and she will meet the fate frequently seen in this room. She must choose the cane the HM will use, an erotic touch found in CP genre. She seems sanguine about the impending caning, apparently proud of her journalism. She bends over the bench, but Pavel cannot properly strap her down and peel back her skirts to access her bottom because of her abundant clothing, so he releases her.

She must undress herself, sexy and erotic foreplay which will take some minutes. Floral headdress off, unlace the bodice, then remove one layer of voluminous petticoat-like underskirts after another, until finally she is down to simple bloomers and undershirt, frail and helpless compared to her proud native attire. Pavel straps her to the wood frame and we are ready to begin.

Her opens her bloomers to expose a perfect pale bottom, so elegantly positioned by this bench. Slowly, he lays on 30 strokes. There is dialogue, some of it normal and some understandably hysterical. She begins surging at 10 strokes but she isn’t going anywhere. Ominous welts at the halfway point.

At 30 strokes, Pavel switches to a thinner, more whippy cane, and the girl takes almost 30 more strokes. This has been a long, slow, straightforward caning, conforming to Lupus standards–perfect angles, lovely tearful anguished facials, and a corduroyed bottom at  the conclusion.

This HM is a closet pervert-demon; we know he cherishes these hearings. He gets out his camera and tripod and photographs the wreckage of her bottom for his collection. During these  concluding scenes there is a flashback to his youth, when he appears before another headmaster in this very room.

The girl has dressed and now must kneel on the washboard in front of the crucifix for some brief penance before she is dismissed, a moment we enjoyed when other young tushes have knelt here.

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