Military Discipline – CHEEK TO CHEEK

28 Feb

M/3f; time: 60 minutes; about 1995

Page 3 nude model and adult actress Vida Garman early in her career in the 1990’s, one of the most entertainng CP films we have ever seen, much ballyhoo’d by observers over the years. A lot has been written about Ms. Garman, all of 5’1″ and about 19 years old when this film was made.

Here she plays a naval WREN who must report for punishment in her spiffy naval uniform and cap, to a male naval officer whose face we will never see. Throughout the film, the director will choose full-face shots of Vida, because her beauty burns through so powerfully. She has the posing model’s ability to stare into the camera with her green eyes without seeming to be looking at us.

When the officer lectures her and the camera holds on her face, there are flickers of amusement, as we have seen from several of the experienced and popular British CP actresses, reacting to the melodramatic scripting.

She accepts punishment without any dispute and postitions herself leaning on a very British ladder-back straight chair. She raises her skirt to display lovely close-fitting white knickers, garter belt, and stockings. She pulls them down herself, presenting a glamorous tush, one shot or another of which is found in much of the advertising for her work.

The officer switches plans and decides to spank her OTK on a love seat, so she pulls her pants up and he has her rearrange the furniture. OTK, the handspanking starts; we see his arms when he lowers her knickers, but the camera is focussed on her fascinating face at the moment. Closeups of her spanking and slow-motion added.

The officer has her stand and bend over the couch arm. A long hold on her pink bare bottom, framed by white garters, indirect lighting, makes for one of the best still shots we have ever seen in a CP film. Vida counts aloud 12 hard handsmacks in her crystal British. She is sent off.

A brief scene is included here where Vida jogs in striped jersey and cutoff jeans, enters a large empty baronial hall, to be confronted by the same faceless male for another spanking. Again, she struggles to remain serious as she is scolded. We doubt she had the same inclination as she was about to be fucked in one of her adult movies.

She gleefully pulls off her jersey to display her bare celebrated breasts, and when she works down her cutoff jeans, we see the underlying leotard is also bottomless as well as topless. She is busting with self-satisfaction at displayng her theatrical body. She willingly lays across a half-chair, for a slippering. Once again, these signature facial or bottom closeups, dramstically lit, are collected everywhere. Oblique shots catch her boobs hanging over the chair seat as well as her soaring buttocks. The slippering with a boat shoe is not quite harsh enough to erase her smirky playful visage. Slo-mo repeats are mixed with real-time voice in an unusually creative editing for the era.

Next comes the caning sequence, which is the most often excerpted and renowned portion of this film. Cadet Vida reports to the officer again. “Fetch the cane.”

In the middle of the hall, Vida rasies her uniform skirt, pulls down those white knickers and takes an efficient and impressive caning from the officer. She counts out the strokes, but too softly. “Louder!…let’s hear it across the parade ground.” She jumps up betweeen some strokes and can’t quite touch her toes as ordered. The officer has her spread her legs to improve her balance, but the camera angle can’t take advantage. We know Ms. Garman is not shy. The thin whippy cane leaves wrap marks on her thighs and flanks. It is a hard and satisfying caning, repeats from different angles, slow motion. She dresses to leave, giving us one of her smirky smiles.

In keeping with the military theme, two more cadets are spanked by the faceless officer.

A pretty curly blonde, called in front of the officer, recalls being spanked by a headmaster for cheating. In a flashback, she must wait outside the Head’s office in that obligatory foreplay scene. She is called in, scolded, and sent to put on gym clothes, giving us another opportunity for the up-and-down the stairs action for a doomed schoolgirl having to ideal with an ageplay disciplinarian, so nicely used in this film era.

Back in front of the Head’s fireplace in gymslip and skirt, “What are you here for?” “The cane, sir.” As she bends over, her skirt is flipped up, and the Head bunches her knickers, we hear a convincing gasp from her. “Oh, God.” Six impressive zingers, lines on her thighs.

A second female soldier, in a snappy shooting sweater, is taken OTK, her white knickers down immediately. The officer is fascinated with a little “diagram” tattoo in the center of her right buttock. A  brief, crisp spanking, bottom and facial closeups, replays.

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