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David Meets Tanya Fox – NUWEST FD-170

8 Feb

F/m; year: 1997; time: 29 minutes

As many pairs of pants as actress Tanya Fox has pulled down in front of the camera, she still manages to seem delighted and thrilled with what she finds. The NUWEST website says Tanya asked for an opportunity to spank male model David. We normally avoid F/m scenarios, but we continue our fascination with Ms. Fox.

Tanya, short-brunette hair circa late ’90’s, in the blue studio, in one of her airy summer dresses, on a bed in a simple hotel-room mockup, on the phone. “I’m looking for a little action…I’m looking for a nice young man…to take over my knee and spank him…it’s room 209, I’m Fletcher.”

The very accommodating agency does send over an attractive young man, played by NW model ‘David.’ She looks him over and approves. “You sure you have what it takes?” David, matter-of-fact and not the actor Tanya is, explains he is occasionally hired to be spanked. She asks him to strip but has to slow him down. This is part of the fun. She gets a full armload of spanking implements out of a bureau drawer. David is surprised by her preparedness. “I went to New York.” We have said elsewhere that Ms. Fox is sufficiently witty, experienced, and sardonic not to need any dialogue suggestions.

Tanya slaps his bottom as he kicks off his shoes and slaps his penis through his jeans, noting “a bulge” as if she were in a achoolyard. David drops his jeans, then slides his very KMart-like plaid boxer shorts down and turns to present his jewels to Tanya, who absolutely loves it. If it were not for NUWEST’s mission, this film would have gone another way at this point.

Tanya wants him to try on panties of hers. From the same bureau, the first pair doesn’t fit but the second does. Tanya’s little giggles are irrepressible. She takes him OTK, strokes his bottom and thighs with fingernails, pulls down the panties, and switches from a handspanking to a stiffened large leather paddle. “How does that feel?” she teases.

David starts to squirm and grind on her lap. “We don’t want THAT….yet.” A stiff leather spanker. “Are you getting a hard-on?” She is in a position to know. He stands up and she plays with his partially erect penis with the bristles of a hairbrush, bubbling with glee.

He removes the panties and lies over an ottoman. Tanya stands over him with another paddle. She will increase the intensity of this little escapade. He stands, bends, hands on the seat. “I kind of like to make a boy cry.” She uses a bigger paddle, and harder. David jumps and gasps, this spanking not so matter-of-fact. Tanya: “I hope the walls are thick in this htoel.”

David is back in yet another pair of Tanya’s panties. Tanya takes off her dress and wears just bra, panties,pantyhose,and heels. Long, stiff paddle. David kicks and twitches. Down with the panties. Hard spanking flurries–gasping, great!

Tanya is getting more excited. “I was wondering…do you ever travel?” She finds a reason to feign anger, makes David remove his belt from his pants on the chair, and has him lie on the bed. “You’re so flat,” she declares, an a critical opinion  we have always had with this position. He puts pillows under his hips, nicely elevating his buttocks. “Arch it up. I want it up in the air.” Sizzling double belt strokes make him thrash and gasp. Tanya is dynamic and cunning in her undies, here in this hotel room, so far from her Kansas City home.

At the conclusion, she is carefully washing his buttocks. “What is your schedule next month? Can you come to Kansas City?”

Appointment For Laura Jenkins – REDSTRIPE

7 Feb

F/f; time: 44 minutes

Pants down in the schoolroom. We continue to covet and review vintage CP films. Even though this story seems a conventional British schoolgirl episode, it features two CP stars with some experience, contains some surprisingly severe punishment, and has an unscripted moment worth your investigation.

Actress Dublin O’Brien plays ‘Laura Jenkins,’ and Miss Gillian Lancer, a/k/a Miss Hastings-Gore, plays duty officer ‘Helen Croft.’ The film is identified as an OohTeeKay “Miss Gillian Lancer’s Uniform Series.’ Croft does wear an institutional uniform worthy of an American gangster movie and Laura is in perfect schoolgirl uniform kit.

On a working set REDSTRIPE  used for several schoolgirl dramas, duty officer Croft disciplines Jenkins over a period of time. In the first round, Jenkins has been called in for some offenses and is first tawsed on her palms then encouraged to bend over a vaulting platform for handspanking. Croft, nicely dour and severe of demeanor, with short butch hair and harsh makeup, pulls Jenkins’ matching maroon knickers down for a hard but conventional spanking. She positions her stack of spanking implements on the platform to advise Jenkins what is coming. Jenkins smirks and shrugs in sullen resignation–the tall, blond actress Dublin O’Brien doing a nice job of subordinating acceptance.

Jenkins positions a chair “square on” for a bend-over hard spanking. She next climbs onto the platform and kneels erect, but someone on the set figures out that she would be knocked ass over tea kettle by a hard stroke in this posture, so she climbs down, touch-toes, 6 hard cane strokes on her classic bottom. Jenkins jumps and gasps realistically. She climbs the platform again and is left to kneel erect, pants down, an uncomfortable torment.

‘Next Term’: Jenkins is back in the same room, same dress, in the clutches of Croft again. She looks delightfully distainful and disgusted,making ou want to gvie her bottom a good workout.

Jenkins gets the same spanking, strapping,and caning in various positions, first on the knickers (which covered the marks and permitted continuous filming from the first segment), then on the bare.

There is one long caning session after Croft has a tea break, almost forty strokes. Early on, Croft lands a high stroke; then, clearly ad lib and out of character, Ms. O’Brien jumps up and there is a flurry of panicked low conversation, and Ms. O’Brien illustrates with spread fingers where the cane should fall. We see that CP actresses prefer the target to be the fat of the buttock.

Laura is given “three minutes” to change into gymkit and returns in red T-shirt and burgundy shorts. She is sent to the headmaster’s office to get the “senior cane,” and we listen to her conversation there with the headmaster while we watch Croft eagerly preparing for the punishment. It sounds like the HM has vicarious interest in whose bottom is getting smacked and he seems to ask to see Jenkins’  tush.

Back in the classrooom, Jenkins bends “right over”  the platform. (We note here that Ms. O’Brien sets the scale on how to wear shorts) Jenkins is caned, some on the shorts, concluding on the bare. Gasps. Facials. Enough for today. “I’ll have you back tomorrow.”