London Derrieres – SHADOWLANE

4 Mar

MF/3f; year: 2006; time: 1:16

Playful spankings for experienced CP stars; actresses Leia Ann Woods, Jadie Reese, and Andi play girlfriends, agruing amongst themselves about behavior…cell phone use, cussing, etc. Apparently they use spankings to settle scores, much more mature, we think, than carrying grudges.

Andi berates Leia, whose phone keeps on ringing and annoying anyway. Blond, tall Andi takes Leia OTK and goes to work on her jeans with a small red paddle, sized to carry in your handbag, but with a sharp sting. “Stand up, drop your trousers.” OTK again, more paddle and handspanking, a little red thong doesn’t help. The cell phone rings, her bottom bruises.

Jadie is going to be spanked also. “Don’t be ridiculous.” Jean cutoffs down, white panties, some paddle. Another round for Leia before the scenes conclude.

The three girls are in their nighties, and now it is Andi’s turn to go bottoms-up. Girlfriends all! Jadie spanks Andi then Leia, with some foot tickling thrown in.

New scene: actor Keith Jones meets with the three girls. He has put them up in this casino, where they keep running amok (and also naked!) and disrupting the place. After he scolds them: “We all agree, a spanking, bare bottom.” He proceeds with Jadie, Leia, Andi, one at a time OTK, first on panties.

Second round: To Leia–“I want you naked.” She strips, but with attitude. When she is nude, “Happy?” OTK again, then a double belt. When she is released, Keith notices, You sat down a bit too easy.” More spanking.

“Einey…meany…” Keith selects Jadie next. Andi can’t possibly be thinking she is going to be lucky enough to avoid her turn. To Jadie: “Take your dress off (no bra)…panties off!” She gets spanking and the belt.

And last, Andi has to strip. “Embarrassing, isn’t it?” Same punishment.

Three naked girls on the couch now. “There will be a finale…a caning…the cherry on the top…after all, you ARE English.”The girls go bottom-up on the couch. “My London derrieres,” Keith remarks, and the sight is almost too much for any man. He zings from bottom to bottom, moderate strokes, but for some reason he really prefers the buttocks at the top of the thighs. Ouch!

The girls stand at a mantelpiece, hands-on-head, naked, the official British formation. Six more strokes for each, then a group hug. Surely Keith has some other perquisites coming his way here in this hotel.



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