Girls Boarding School #6

5 Mar

More captures from this marvelous producer, whose ritual emphasis on panties, humiliation, and apprehensive anticipation is non pareil.

‘blonde undresses’ ( F/f;time: 6 minutes) This is a  ‘welcome,’ and a very sexy one.  A very pretty young blonde sits on the end of a bed and slowly removes her schoolgirl uniform. The quiet solitude of the scene adds much to its erotic value. Like so many girls in CP films, she has trouble with her blouse buttons Down to black bra and white panties, she takes the bra off first and w acts to cover up. She pulls down her panties and waits.

Headmaster Tom  enters. “Turn around  bend over.” 15 strokes to start, her boobs hang nicely. Various angles, repeats. She has fading bruises from another time. “That’s for the first day, young lady.”

‘Sunday Rules’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Tall brunette ‘Christine,’ the spanking model ‘Kailee’ early in her career, must face master Tom on Sunday morning in her room. She will recite and read GBS rules. She kneels on her bed to display illegal red panties and dirty feet.

Tom lowers those panties. Christine has been spanked recently. No day of rest is this; he uses the strap on her while she struggles through the reading.

’Tolerance Limit’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) An unusual film, one of just three or four which come to mind where the spanked girl behaves realistically like a girl might, getting her bottom caned. Blond ‘Jenni’ has been put in a barren cell-like closet, for four hours, wearing just white panties. She’s been caught stealing alcohol and smoking, by one of the GBS staffers. He is angry enough to give her a rough time here.

The girl has big boobs, not the schoolgirl we usually see.”lm going to cane you. Put your hands on the doorframe and stick your bottom out.” The first six cane strokes are on the panties. Sounds like immediate tears. “Oh, God.” Convincing.

The male staffer selects a second cane. There is a fade, her panties are now down, for  seven more strokes. This editing suggests to us Jenni is not taking this too well. She struggles to hang onto the door frame, and because she can’t she must face us naked and take one palm slap.

She’ll try again on the doorframe. Eight more cane strokes on the bare. Erotic “Oh, God’s” and gasping. The master is still not satisfied, so he makes Jenni bend over and lock her hands behind her knees. “Oh, no, no.” She must know this is about the most painful position of all. Three more painful strokes. She whimpers as the master puts her back in the cold cell.






‘Waste of time-Maggie’ (M/f): While master Tom watches TV, ‘Maggie’ teases by turning off his set with an extra remote control, out of sight. She gets caught and is sent to her room to prepare for the usual.

Maggie kneels naked on her bed–she’s got one of those bodies ideally suited for kneeling naked–a round, hard bottom and nice boobs. She too has been spanked recently. The master arrives with his doubled belt–she sweetly gasps and kicks bare feet as he whacks.

Another spanking scene finds her bent over the footboard, knees on the bed, head to the floor, an appetizing target.

‘Welcome Back’ (M/f; 11 minutes): The master confronts ‘Elin’ for poor schoolwork. She has apparently become so fascinated with boarding school procedures that she herself has voluntarily returned for some “correction for my behavior.”  The master does so much spanking that he probably has gotten to prefer some push-back, but he accepts and sends her tp prepare.

She awaits–skirt off, knickers gone. The master gives her a very hard handspanking on bare skin, full-screen closeups. In another scene, she kneels bare-bottom on a chair for a hard narrow wood paddle, which produces the typical round bruises. Some scene repeats from different angles.

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