Katie and Mrs. Peagram – NUWEST NWV-315

5 Mar

2F/f;   time: 35 minutes

Katie bares everything she has in this, nearly the most explicit work we have seen of hers so far. An actual storyline, Katie plays ‘Rebecca Thatcher’ at the ‘Smith School for Girls.’ She stands before the dour ‘Mrs. Peagram,’ Dana Specht we believe, at her desk in the blue studio, dressed as a little schoolgirl in gray jumper, blouse, and knee socks.

Rebecca has been caught having sex with both a boy AND a girl, drinking on and off campus, smoking pot, and failing her courses. Any one of these offenses would cost you your knickers in a British film. NU-WEST will take us several steps beyond that.

Rebecca stands before Peagram. ‘Katie,’ even with the experience she already has, communicates perfect schoolgirl erotica. Her disrespect to Peagram increases the tension. The headmistress has received permission from her parents (well, maybe not for everything which will happen here), so it’s time for “corporal punishment.”

In the center of the room, Peagram will, without any assistance, herself remove all of Rebecca’s clothes. Jumper over her head, blouse unbuttoned and off, Peagram kneels to untie and pull off each brown-and-white and the knee socks. Rebecca stands there in just white panties, no bra. After a pause to allow us to take in this sight, Peagram pulls down the panties. Now stsrk naked, Rebecca moves around the set folding and stacking her clothes, a nudie interlude so essential to this actress’ persona.

Peagram grabs a tuft of Rebecca’s pubic hair between fingers. “Only mature young ladies have pubic hair.” Because Rebecca acts like an adolescent, she is going to lose that hair.

Fade to an infirmary setup; a fully-uniformed nurse, actress ‘Vanna’ we believe, is going to shave Rebecca. She lies on her back on a gurney, knees pulled up and open; nurse lathers her vagina with shaving cream and begins a full 10-minute shaving scene, full-screen most of the way. Rebecca has to hoist and hold her legs into the diaper position so that even her anus can be shaved. Our sense is, we will not need to watch another shaving scene. This will be our reference standard.

When the nurse is finished, Peagram takes her OTK on a little stool, her beautiful white buttocks, still and perfect, full-screen. Peagram gropes between her thighs to excite her pussy, despite her half-hearted protests. “Pretty little pussy…spread those lips wide open.” Rebecca has to crawl in circles on the floor and kiss Peagram’s shoes.

Onto her back on the desk into the diaper pose. “You’re going to get a whipping.” Some mild martinet. Peagram spreads her vagina lips for a full closeup.

Rebecca stands at the wall, legs spread in the frisk position, for more whipping and a frigging sharp enough to get her up on her toes. Back on the desk, legs spread, Peagram gives her an oral job, details we can’t see.

To conclude, Rebecca is helped to bend over the desk, and then is fucked with a dildo, lubed, with a condom. Her orgasm, while not too convincing, certainly contributes. The last scene finds Rebecca naked, curled in Peagram’s lap, asking for punishment every two weeks.

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