Mistaken Punishment – CALSTAR

5 Mar

2F/2f; year: 2003; Time: 56 minutes

A bare bottom spanking given by mistake; we’ve seen a few examples of young ladies being spanked in error–they were innocent of the offense. The conclusion has always been that a spanked bottom is always the better for it, no matter the reason, and that it is pre-emptive payment for other undiscovered misdemeanors. That premise pertains here; a young student accused her female teacher’s husband, also an employee of the school, of seeking sexual favors. The teacher doesn’t buy it, accuses thegirl of “trying to bribe us because we won a lottery.” “But he pulled his willy out….”

OTK she goes, in her school uniform, skirt thrown up, for a mild handspanking. Both the girl and the teacher check the camera for cues, and the girl does not emote much during her spanking until the roving camera does facials. Panties down, over-the-shoulder views, nice enough, but the handspanking does not gain attention.

Fortunately for us, in walks the Headmistress, the actress “Lady Vernon,’  with some experience in these matters. She demands an explanation, understandable in that she walked into a bare bottom spanking in progress. She hears the sorry story about the male teacher taking out his “willy,” agrees it is preposterous, dismisses the teacher, and continues the spanking, an unexpected windfall for her. They reposition OTK, but incorrectly, because Vernon is a lefty. (CalStar is filled with these impromptu moments, because they kept rolling, or their editing machine was broken). Vernon strokes and fondles the girl’s reddening bottom, raking her fingernails over it.

She bends over the chair for the oval paddle–Vernon swings from above the shoulder and leans into it. “Arch your back and keep your bottom out.” The next implement is a medium-sized tawse, both Vernon and the girl seem to know that this one is going to hurt. Full swing strokes, the girl sniffles and begins shaking.

“I’ve decided to take this one step further,” declares Vernon, as she flexes the fiberglass cane like an executioner. “Please, miss, not the cane.” Lovely bend-over at the desk for about 20 strokes, with all Vernon’s weight behind them. Various angles, muffled cries and sobs. The student’s bottom is a mass of blotches, stripes, wheals, and bruises at the end. Vernon takes no prisoners.

The female teacher returns to the scene and reports her husband has admitted to the whole thing–that he had tried to seduce the girl. Veronon’s embarrassment at having just whaled the bottom of an innocent girl lasts only a second. She turns on the teacher. “You’re going to pay for this episode.” The thin short-haired teacher doesn’t object for long and is soon OTK, black skirt rolled up, handspanking on her thong. Vernon pulls the thong down; “Let’s see what you’ve got to offer your husband that young girls don’t have.”

Vernon sends the teacher to get her “equipment,” a full armload of spanking implements to choose from. She bends over a chair. “Spread your legs.” A big paddle-shaped strap is first–full hard swings. A big tawse–“Keep your elbows on the chair.” Knees locked, bottom up, very well directed.

“You may rub your bottom.” Cane flexing time. The teacher bends over the desk. “Keep your feet six inches apart,” which is actually 18″ and appropriately revealing. A lot of time is taken for posture and position. About 20 strokes, classic Veronon zingers. The teacher gasps, sobs, and quivers. Some of the most erotic misery we have seen in a while.

She is sent off, matters set square.

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