Penelope Is Whipped – NU WEST

7 Mar

M/f; year: 1993; time: 24 minutes

Exquisite bare fanny whipping, simple theme, perfect attention to detail. Penny is one of Ed Lee’s regular models and is to be whipped for her own pleasure (and surely ours). She stands on an Oriental rug, skirt up, panties on display, waiting. Lee starts right in and warms her bottom with a series of whip strokes. She jumps and cries out. She must place her hands on her head, sweet and submissive. A pretty smiling face eagerly awaits the next step.

She places her skirt and shoes on a chair, and who is not watching that pantied bottom as she walks? Back on the Oriental, she is asked to strip completely–off with a top, then the panties, then a black bra. Very nice. Lee circles with a whip and his cocktail, as he often does. In this video, he must play an annoying radio in the background, which detracts from Penny’s little moans and gasps to come.

She stands naked but for black stockings, while Lee fastens her wrists to an oversized contraption he has lowered. Some of his videos omit this binding process because of the time it takes, but  we happen to love those processes. It certainly builds the pressure. He keeps circling. She is marvelous, top and bottom, with a lovely thick bush.

Lee lay on 20 strokes, which Penny must count. Fast, slow, high, low–sexy.

A  scene change: Penelope is now strung up by her heels, supporting her naked self with her arms folded behind her. We always admire Lee’s wicked imagination. He then rapidly whips her bottom and thighs with the camera focussed on the subject. She seems to beg him to stop, but adds: “Oh yes, that was great.” Ed retorts: “You’re a weird girl.” It is over. We watch her sit naked and untie herself, Nu West always the voyeur.

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